Top 10 Famous Conspiracy Theories of the World

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Do you believe what you have seen? Do you believe what you have heard? Do you believe what you have read? Of course you do! How can you be deceived by your own senses, and your judgement?  But what if I told you that you that what you saw, or heard, or read about was a seemingly real act, performed to misdirect you! Shocking, isn’t it? Sometimes it makes you outrageous, that they talk nonsense and expect you to believe it! As if your intellect is a toy, to be tossed around and played with! I’m talking about simple, unassuming citizens like you and I.

You probably guessed it right! Yes, I’m talking about Conspiracy Theories! They’re so engrossing; they never fail to grab the headlines! Wait, is that why they’re there? Never mind! Let’s get back to the topic. Basically, a Conspiracy Theory is a theory that propounds that any event of great scientific, socio-economic or political significance occurs as a result of a conspiracy between few covert parties, with the intention of obtaining a great power, largely unknown to the general public. But it has also generally become known as any theory that is ridiculously crazy! Something that is a path breaking and amusing one that defies all logic. Today, we live in a world where there is absolutely no dearth of information! In fact, there is so much of an excess of information, that the source cannot be identified. One cannot even identify if the information is legitimate or not! Amidst such confusion, it is very easy to be misled.  Information is easily misrepresented. Then it is no wonder that conspiracy theories survive!

Almost every major event in history has had a conspiracy theory that shakes its very foundation. Some are so hard to debunk, for they seem very believable and are based on strong assumptions and evidences which indicate so. While the others are based on silly misunderstandings, and are hence debunked soon! But while they’re there, they create a whirlwind! There is a host of such theories, many heard and too many unheard of. This article lists out ten famous conspiracy theories of the world. There are plenty more, though! Read, and be amazed!

10. Area 51 Aliens (The Roswell incident)

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The Roswell UFO incident is by far the most popular, of all the alleged UFO incidents in the world. So much, that any UFO incident thereafter has been called the ‘Roswellian Syndrome’. It happened on July 7 1947, when the RAAF recovered a ‘flying saucer like thing’ on a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. Later, the US Government announced that it was a balloon. Suspecting a cover up, this led to many decades of arguments and conspiracy theories. It is believed that the crashed ‘spaceship’ had ‘extraterrestrial life’. Today, many theorists believe that the extraterrestrial remains are gathered and stored at Area 51, near Las Vegas. Many witnesses and evidences support this claim. The government had tried to debunk it, but it has been proven otherwise and the curiosity remains!

9. Princess Diana’s death


Diana, Princess of Wales died on 31st August 1997 due to a car crash. Her then boyfriend Dodi Fayed and chauffeur and driver Henri Paul died too, when the car crashed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Her death was mourned by people worldwide. What appeared as an accident has been suspected to be an assassination by many. There have been several conspiracy theories about her death. The MI6 was believed to have been behind it, as it was thought the Royal Family disapproved her alleged relationship with Fayed. The driver was found inebriated and negligent, which caused the death. But what really caused her death, the motive, is something that people will always be suspicious about!

8. Who is William Shakespeare?  


Yes, we all know who William Shakespeare is! He is the bard of Avon. He is regarded as English language’s greatest writer. Who hasn’t heard of his books, sonnets and plays? Even today, they are read with a great literary fervour. His plays are performed in many parts of the world. Then what is the conspiracy about? It is mainly about the authorship of some of his works. Many believe that it was Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe etc. who were the authors. There is no proof to support this. To top it all, very little biological information exists, about Shakespeare.

7. Origin of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)


 There have been many conspiracy theories about the origin of AIDS. Here’s the most popular one: It is believed that the AIDS virus was created by the CIA, for the Pentagon, as a biological weapon. It was used to eliminate the lower class citizens and the African Americans. The US Government was criticized of growing the virus in its military labs. But most scientists believe that the virus originated in Africa during the 1930s and a transfer of virus occurred between monkeys and humans.

6. Reptilian Aliens


The ‘Reptilian’ ideology was put forth and popularized by David Icke, a conspiracy theorist, who claims that shape-shifting reptiles take human form and gain political control over the world! These reptilian humanoids belong to the Alpha Draconis star system, and they have many hidden bases on earth. Many politically powerful people like George W Bush and Elizabeth II are alleged to be part of this race, which eventually wants to take over the human race! Even though this seems very bizarre and like a ridiculous fantasy, Icke has managed to garner a lot of support for his claims.

5. Man landing on the moon- hoax?


 Reports that NASA faked the moon landing began to be widely circulated all around the world. It is said that at the time of the launch, the technology was not feasible enough to pull off the mission. It is believed that it was a hoax and that Stanley Kubrick was involved in the ‘filming’. Edwin Aldrin planting the US flag in the windy environment set off doubts, for the environment in the moon is vacuum. Even after NASA has tried to prove its genuineness, conspiracy theorists stand by their claims.

 4. John F Kennedy’s Assassination


  On November 22nd 1963, one of the most famous political assassinations in history took place. America’s 35th President, John F Kennedy was assassinated. He was riding in an open Limo with his wife through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, when he was struck by bullets in the head. After ten months of investigation, the Warren Committee’s report found Lee Harvey Oswald guilty. But it did not go down well with the public. They found the report to be severely flawed. Apart from Oswald, who fired from the sixth floor of a school depository, it is believed that a second gunman fired from the Grassy Knoll. It is popular belief that there is a huge cover up behind the assassination, that the FBI and the KGB were behind it and the debates still continue!

3. The infamous 9/11 Cover Up


9/11 is a historic date! A day that will never be forgotten for centuries to come! It was the day that two hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center in Washington, and it was proclaimed that it was the brainchild of the Al Qaeda. But many people believe that it was a plan hatched by the US Government itself, to blame Islamic terrorists. Why did the military not intercept the planes? His is the question that sparked off all the controversy!

You can also have a look at some of the most popular 9/11 conspiracy theories here.

2. Is Global Warming a hoax?


With the whole world taking measures against global warming, there are groups that believe that it is a hoax, a gimmick! It is thought of as a conspiracy by few governments to exercise greater control over the lifestyle of its citizens. Fall in temperature recently has been cited. But many countries do not subscribe to this theory and they believe that global warming IS a threat to the planet.

1. Secret societies – The New World Order


Imagine this: We are all puppets, the strings of which are controlled by a few secret agents all over the world! What greed for power and control can do! There is a theory that many secret societies like ‘Illuminati’  etc operate covertly and control all the major political and economic occurrences in the world, with a motive to control the whole world and establish a ‘new world order’. They are even thought to have links with the alien world. Now that’s shocking!


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