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Top 10 list of Superheroes!  It seems exciting list to every age group as everyone has gone through childhood with these all superheroes. First in form of mostly comics and now by movies with all awesome effects! Anyways, we all love superheroes, and each superhero has his specialty. Hence it’s really hard to find out who should top the chart. Also some of them from my list can already be in your mind because they are the best everyone knows already and I don’t think giving other names excluding them will bring that much fun while reading out the top ten superheroes whom that we love a lot right from our childhood. Almost all of the great superheroes are published to us by two publishers mainly that is “DC COMICS” and “MARVEL COMICS”. So now go ahead and find more interesting facts about your favorite characters…

10. Captain marvel


Captain marvel origins from the “Kree Empire” where when he comes to earth people call him captain marvel and he is being attracted to help people and develops quality of humanity. Afterwards as the incidents take place he gains more and more powers and different qualities. Also in his journey he encounters the Mighty thor, incredible hulk, etc and later joins the avengers like all other superheroes.

9. Thor


Thor is the one superhero associated with gods. His storyline encounters with many fights with other gods itself in his journey. Thor is the god of thunder, the mighty one. As he is himself a god, he has much greater super powers like he can track objects moving faster than speed of light, he can hear voices across the other planet, he eats golden apples of Iddun that eventually keeps him alive for million years not only that much he has the ability to travel through time. Now you tell me what does a superhero needs in his powers more than all of these? Hence, these powers of “Thor” are apart from his all weapons like the one always seen in his hands that is his “War Hammer”. This superhero is the gift to us of creation by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby through the publisher, “Marvel comics”.

8. The green lantern

The Green-Lantern

This new character is created by John Broome, Gil Kane, bill finger and Martin Node. Though Green lantern is not that famous but he is amazing. It has an interesting storyboard to its character, where the green lantern is passed to the appropriate one’s and again the story continues.  Kayle Rayner is designated as the last surviving Lantern or Guardian on the earth. It indirectly tries to explain us the importance and strength of will-power. Also he recites that powerful oaths to be taken always that is little dramatic but it is one extra and different characteristic than any other superhero.

7. Wonder woman


She is famous for making position in most of the superheroes as one of them, this has led us to Gender equality and has made “wonder woman” as a feminist icon. She is an American fictional character created by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston. In which her story says that she was in love with a man, and hence to work and nurse for him, she replaces another woman identical to her as Diana Prince and hence it becomes her secret identity for wonder woman. She is described beautiful, stronger and wiser than anyone. However later “crisis on infinite earth”, changed her story altogether. And so the character goes on with its power of her bracelets, the crown and much more.

6. Iron man


Iron man is published by the famous marvel comics and again created by Stan lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He has been much famous in youths. He is a different character shown as a rich brat of industrialist and also having protecting shied and other powers which makes him a well settled superhero. He has also been appeared in the famous movie “the avengers” where he saves “Captain America” a famous superhero. The real name of Iron man is depicted as “Anthony Edward stark”. He has superpower including his armor, healing factors, and many more scientifically involvement in his powers.

5. Hulk


Whenever any one hears the name of hulk, naturally the person imagines a great and grand dark green colored figure much bigger in its size that has superpowers yet a human. Yes! Here is the superhero with a unique as well as incredible personality. So big, so huge! We can judge him as a superhero from his appearance itself. “The incredible hulk” is created by Stan lee and jack Kirby again in the superheroes list by marvel comics. Hulk is a transformation of a scientist Bruce banner who transforms into huge hulk when under some emotional stress which makes him angrier and a huge figure with anger, strength than anyone. You can humorously say him as “an angry young man”. This transformation of character has its scientific background where the character is faced to over exposure to gamma radiation while saving a boy.

4. Wolverine


Oh my god! He was one of the most famous among superheroes. Many of you must be remembering the X-men series, much famous even all superhero fans like to watch the movies featuring Hugh Jackman too. The heroic figure with his blades or you can say his claw is so cool and awesome. Trust me it was really hard to put wolverine on this number of my list. The character’s original name is “James Howlett” aka “Logan” which was created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein, John Romita and Sr. Herb Trimpe by publisher again Marvel Comics. He has an outstanding power of regeneration of damaged tissues or faster healing of wounds and his powerful claws. The character was ranked as the 4th Greatest Comic Book Character by Empire magazine in July 2008 and many more rankings in other media sources. He is also shown to struggle and use his superpowers in the hell.

3. Spiderman


We all love Spiderman. Nobody in the world is unknown of this superhero. He is fantastic. Of course he is a fictional character, but whenever I watch his movies I wish that such superhero would have been existed in reality.  He is also called as “spidey”, “web slinger”, etc.  He was been created by Stan lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko.  Spiderman entered into children’s life through its comics featuring as a boy named peter parker lived with his uncle Ben  and aunt may, who was bitten by a radioactive spider and then got superpowers like a spider, like clinging to any surfaces. Hence, he had a secret identity in which Peter Parker lives in his little not properly constructed rent house being a photographer for a newspaper. Also he has his girlfriend, Mary Jane and his friend Harry Osborn. And many of his stories continue by which he becomes superhero by saving life of people.

2. Superman


You may blame me to put superman on the second position on this list because he is too old and stale now, but come on guys!!! Who doesn’t like superman? We have loved him right from our childhood. Every child wishes that he could be like superman, fastest, strongest of all… Man of steel and much more!  He has a polite and kind behavior towards everyone. He works in bounds of law without breaking them is really a motivating thing for today’s people. Hence, he seems loved by everyone for decades now. So no one can beat him, at least his body is unbeatable. 😀  Funny enough now let me provide you some technical information about this superhero. He is created by Jerry Siegel and Joe shushter. He has an “S” shield on his chest. And Clark kent is superman’s real name.

1. Batman


Batman is a true superhero in my sense. I agree that he doesn’t have any superpowers like other superhero’s but that’s what makes him the best superhero and we need many like him in today’s cruel and selfish world where crime is on high stake and people are not bold enough to help the sufferer. Batman uses his skills , talent and scientific methods, technology, Judo and more fighting skills and use them as weapons also he includes his detective skills to banish the crime. I think this one is not fictional and can be real one plus he is as famous as the great superman! He appears in the dark thus called as batman and I don’t think any superhero is more powerful than him without their extraordinary and fictional powers. He lives in reality and hence he is the real superhero and yeah also Number one in my list.



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