Top 10 fun activities to pass time

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The war between being and nothingness is the underlying illness of the twentieth century. Boredom slays more of existence than war.
Norman Mailer
Activities are the most important part of the childhood. Varieties of activity is the most needful thing when a person gets bore, he needs various options to pass the time somehow as empty mind is the devil’s home, though boredom is blessing for the busy people but it becomes a torture if he remains free all the time. So here is the list of best activities one can do to diminish the boredom.

10. Playing Games:

Gaming is the one of the most exciting thing for both childhood and the adulthood. It’s a big question that it is a time spending or a time wasting. But if games are played in right manner and in sufficient time than it would be very beneficial for health. Games can be both either virtual or outdoor both give relaxation to mind and best thing to do in boredom. It also allows the body to remain fit and fine.

9. Surfing internet:

“Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,” Surfing is also one of the most interesting thing to do in the leisure time as one is able to find their answers of the doubts or can do any activity on the internet. He/she may also learn certain things through surfing or can see visual form of anything. According latest studies it is found that workers surfing net are aid to more productive than other as they see new and better ways of production.

8. Chatting or gossiping:

This is the only activity from which person cannot refuse to do and can be done till infinity time. It is said that it is the best activity for the females. For the current generation, Facebook and the watsapp like apps are used in bulk quantities to pass the time. Today video chatting through internet is also very common. This activity is the most commonly used by youngsters.

7. Sleeping:

Sleeping plays a very crucial role in the perfect health. So this is the foremost thing the person wants to do in his leisure time. In this century youngsters remain busy all day in the some or other work, they didn’t even get to take a proper sleep which results several problems in body. Sleeping is very necessary to re-energize the body, to reduce the dark circle and refresh the mood so each and every one loves to sleep in the boredom.

6. List of dreams/goals:

To create the list of dreams or goals is a very sensible way of passing the time. It is very important to create a list of goals or dreams as it will lead to successful career. If it’s already created then one should always update the list according to the need of future. Try to think about the solutions to reach the goals and make plans to complete them.

5. Exercise/Yoga:

It is a well-known fact that physical activity reduces the risk of heart diseases, obesity problem and many more. Exercise/yoga is the most important activity of human’s life, as it relaxes the body, helps to reduce stress and helps to keep the body fit and fine.Exercise like cycling, yoga and push-ups can be easily done in free time. It is the most beneficial way to kill time. It prevents the body from getting ill and sick. If the person does this activity in his free time then he is adding more years in his living cycle.

4. Movie:

Watching movies is also a very interesting and exciting way of passing the time. This activity gives a kind of joy to the mind. This is a necessary activity because mind becomes heavy after the hectic schedule of whole day so some entertainment is very necessary and movie is the best way of entertainment.

3. Reading novels:

Reading novels is the best way to pass time because it improves ones skills and give relaxation to mind. It’s a very interesting method to pass the time. It is found people reading novels have a better understanding and thinking capabilities. It improves the way of imagination and open the blocked parts of the brain. It is suggested by elders that books are the best friend, so each would like to pass their time with their best friend in their leisure time.

2. Shopping:

Shopping is one of most effective way to kill time. Particularly window shopping gives relaxation to mind and happiness, for girls it is like food for soul. It gives a chance to know more about brands, fashion and discounts, it helps to plan our spending for any events of functions.

1. Cleaning of room:

cleaning of room is rarely done by the youngsters because of their laziness and hectic schedule of the studies and classes so this is a very good idea to clean the room in the leisure time. Leaving in a clean room also gives a kind of relaxation to mind while messy room creates a dull impression on mind.


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