Top 10 Fun Ways to Spend Sundays & Other Holidays

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As you work tirelessly through the week, Sunday is nothing short of a treasure, a day when you can relax and recharge your body. There is nothing worse than getting up to the sound of the alarm in the morning and bidding goodbye to the cozy sheets and the comfort of your bed. The only thought that rushes into your mind is, “When on earth will Sunday come?” As tiredness sweeps over your body, you take a break from your work and close your eyes. You can imagine yourself sitting by the shore of a lake, your feet in the water and the shimmering rays of the setting sun cast a golden glow adding to the beauty of the landscape. You picture yourself walking along the beach with your girlfriend and sipping coconut water finding pleasure in listening to the cries of the seagulls. Before you know it, a knock on the door brings you back to reality and you grunt in despair.

This article is not for those who are looking for a magic spell that will make the clock go faster and bring Sunday or other holidays. No, the work-free days will come when they have to, you can’t alter time’s speed. But what you can do is plan; plan the way your Sundays and other holidays can be more productive and this article is going to help you do exactly that!


10. Sleep


In today’s hectic world, sleep is what most of the working people are deprived of. Money can’t buy happiness, that’s true. Money can’t buy sleep too and there’s absolutely no doubting that! On the days that are off, you can enjoy the luxury of throwing the alarm clock at the wall (you’ll have to buy a new one soon though!) and bask in the warmth of your bed. Sleep disorders are a major challenge one has to face if the daily requirement of sleep is not fulfilled. At times, sleep disorders may even go undiagnosed and interfere with your daily activities and performance. It’s not just adults but children too these days feel drowsy and lethargic. This fact proves how tiring our schedule is these days. So from now on, sleep well on a holiday but keep it in mind that you do not just stay in bed for the whole day because I have nine more suggestions for you!


9. Friends


We are influenced by people who surround us. Working throughout the week, we are influenced by the people around us. Negative energy in the form of stress, tension and fatigue build up inside us. We need a way to remove this negativity and replace it with positive energy and the positive influence of our beloved friends is exactly what we need. Go fishing, discuss about a book you recently read, talk about your favourite football team, hang out at your favourite café (you know, like the hit sitcom FRIENDS). After family, it is the wisely chosen friends who’ll always add joy to your life. You don’t get to meet them daily but it’s healthy to meet them whenever time allows.


8. Relax



As I have already stated before, holidays are all about regaining the energy and getting all powered up so that when you return to work, you can perform at the top of your capabilities. It is very important that you spend your precious time off, in a sensible and productive manner. A great way to do that is to do something that relaxes your mind and body. In other words, get a hobby! Books, writing, gardening or any other thing that suits you, do that in your leisure time. It has been proven by science that involving one’s self in a hobby has a positive impact on his/her emotional and mental health thus leading the person to a better lifestyle.

7. Social Service

social work

Using a few hours from your vacation time to help others is not only a noble gesture but also helps you in improving your self esteem. Volunteering for social service will bring with it new acquaintances. This is not much different from being with friends apart from the fact that you’ll be feeling better about yourself and the impact you are making on the community. It will make you a better person. In the race for being the best at your workplace, we tend to forget that there is much more to the troubles in the four walls of our offices. Some baby out there is abandoned, some girl is becoming a victim of domestic violence whereas some people on the streets are hungry while we gorge on junk food. You can’t help all the people struggling in the world, but you can help some people. The reward in the form of blessings is the best reward you can ever get for any of your actions.


6. Exercise


Escalators, elevators, cars, taxis, etc. have commendably managed to eliminate a major portion of our physical exercise from our lives. No wonder more and more people have fallen prey to the beasts that are obesity and cardiovascular disorders. If you like sports, you should play on the days you get off from work. It’s really important for your body to get some physical exercise. If you are not really a person who likes sports, you can go on a walk early in the morning. Try to sleep two to three hours earlier than usual and get up at four-thirty or five in the morning. An early morning walk will energize you for the day ahead and the cool morning breeze coupled with the chirping of the birds will be an enjoyable change from the loud horns and the roaring of engines you generally hear when you are out.


5. Motivational Media


This is one important thing that misses from most of the people’s lives. Motivation is the fuel that propels us towards success and happiness. Without motivation one can simply NEVER SUCCEED. Listen to songs that motivate you. Listen to the audio clips of success stories of famous men who faced innumerable struggles to finally be immortalised in human history. Read books authored by well renowned motivational authors. Watch your favourite inspirational movie that never fails to give you goose bumps no matter how many times you watch it. On Sundays, make sure you get enough exposure to motivational media so that you can face all the challenges that lie in wait for you in the coming week in a spirited manner.


4. Visit your parents and in-laws


Nuclear families are fairly popular throughout the world. It’s very lonely for parents whose children do not visit them regularly. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that people get so busy with their lives that they simply do not care enough to visit their parents. A new law has been enforced in China which requires people who have parents more than sixty years of age to visit their parents and it also gives the parents the right to sue their children if they do not follow this new law! What surprises me is that China was forced to create such a law. No matter how busy you are, you do have time during vacations and on Sundays. Visiting your parents and in-laws will not only make them happy but also give your kids to bind better with their grandparents. Spread as much happiness in your parents’ life as you can. Remember, when you were a baby and you were helpless, they used to take care of you. They deserve your love and visits!


3. Children


If you hear that both the husband and wife are employed, you will not be surprised a bit. Children hardly get to spend time with them. Parents do not have the time to talk to their children, know what’s going on in their lives, how is school going for them and before they even realise it, their child is a virtual stranger to them. If a child does not get proper guidance from the parents and there is nothing that can even come close to quality time spent with the parents, he/she is likely to make wrong decisions in life and might even face emotional problems. So, it is really essential for you to ensure that you take an active part in your child’s life and play an actual role in his/her development instead of just providing financial assistance. Talk to your children, take them out for an ice cream, play with them and do all you can to make them believe that you really love them and care about them.


2. Spouse


Your spouse is the most important person in your life. You simply can’t deny this fact! You should make the most of your holidays by making the moments you spend together extra special. Plan romantic evenings for her. Take her out on a surprise shopping spree (yeah, she’ll surely love you more for that!). If you can cook, ask her to leave the dinner to you and let her relax. Instead of just sharing your problems with her, be a good listener and let her share her problems with you. Your spouse should be the reason you breathe. Have you ever wondered why it is said that marriages are made in heaven? Well, I believe it’s because God knows whose best for you and if you dedicate your life making that person happy, you will be living a content life. Spend your time being the reason behind her happiness. Do what she likes. After all, if you truly love her, the smile you bring on her pretty face is enough to make your day!


1. Spirituality


Being spiritual is very essential if you want to lead a life that is full of happiness and satisfaction. Every religion, if followed properly, has the solution to all your problems you will ever face. Believing in God is the first step in differentiating between good and bad. Being religious does not mean that you are not modern. It means that you believe that you are God’s child and whatever you have is because of God. The most useful way to spend a day off is to invest an hour or two in religious activity. Pray, read more about your religion’s teachings and share them with your spouse, children and the rest of your family. It’s important that you keep your faith in God alive. God is the light of your life. Your wife, your kids, your parents, your job, your achievements, your failures and everything else you have is because of God. God knows what’s best for you and you must spend a bit of your time acknowledging whatever He has done for you.


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  1. Willow Rose

    May 26, 2014 4:48 pm

    Your spouse (wife or husband) should not be the reason why you breathe. And they also should not be the most important person in your life. I appreciate the sentiments but the most important person in a person’s life should be themselves. People rarely know how to love other people or the right person to spend their life with without loving themselves and taking care of themselves first. Then after marriage, you put the other person’s needs before your own but that should not include loving them more than you love yourself. And it is not arrogance. It is however self respect. Never expect any other person to love you more than you love yourself. Because that should never have to happen. And lets face it, once children are created and become involved, the children are the reason why the spouses breathe and that is rightly so. They’re your own flesh and blood that you brought into this world with the help of the almighty Universe.

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