Top 10 Futuristic Home Gadgets & Accessories

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 For those who love futuristic homes, the Jetsons cartoon series will be nothing less than worshiped by them. This cartoon series is based in the year 2062 and talking about futuristic homes, their home is in the Skypad apartments and raised pretty high above the ground supported on columns that can be adjusted. A robotic maid does the household chores and there are various gadgets that reduce human effort and the family lazes around for most of the day. Still, they can’t stop complaining about what a tiring day they had! Well, this is how a cartoon series portrays a futuristic home.

Two and A Half Men lovers (those who love the series post Charlie Sheen too!) can never stop loving Walden Schmidt’s renovated home. Apart from the fact that it is a Malibu beach house, the way Walden transformed the house into a home that reflects his computer technology work background is just awesome. Well, if you dream of having a home that is ahead of its time, this list is for you. Here are 10 ideas, some of which are obviously expensive at this point of time, you simply must have in your futuristic dream home. Even if you don’t plan on having an ultra modern home any time soon in the near future, you should go ahead and read this list. It might change your plans!


10) Door Handle with Self-Sterilization System

sterlization door

Self Sterilization! Well you got to accept that this is simplicity and innovation at its best. It is quite obvious and will not be surprised if someone tells you that your door handles are the most frequently touched object in your house. Have you ever wondered the mindboggling amount of microbes present on these door handles? It’s practically impossible that you wash your hands every time you open or close a door. Thus, you are becoming more prone to infections whenever you are touching a door handle. To prove to you the seriousness of the issue I am talking about, let me tell you that Influenza virus is spread through hand contact. Designer Choi Bomi realized this simple fact and put his mind to work and now we have a product you must have (if possible, today itself!). The cleaning work is done by a UV lamp which is constantly working when the handle is not used. It was honored by the Red Dot Concept Award. Self-sterilization ensures that your home has doors whose handles are germ free throughout the day.

9. Design Food Concepts

design food

The jaw dropping characteristic of this amazing product is the fact that it allows the user to modify food into a new shape and possessing a new consistency. For those who are calorie conscious, there is more that you can applaud this device for. This remarkable product will scan the user’s food and provide all the information about its nutritional value. It also gives you the luxury of having a biosphere for farming right in the middle of your living room! Genetic modification of the food, environmental degradation and the lengths the product has scaled before finding its place on their plates are some of the factors that people are getting increasingly concerned about.


8) Floating Beds

floating sofa

As the name suggests, these beds literally floats in the air. Have you ever looked at a cloud and wished if you could fly and sleep on a cloud? Well, you don’t need to fly to do that. It is quite justifiably named ‘Cloud’ because relaxing in it gives you the feeling of lying on a cloud. It uses the concept of magnetism to stay afloat in the air and provides you with the ultimate level of comfort and relaxation. We all have tiring days and bio-molecule of our body aches. This product is what you need to relax after such a long and tiring day. You can jump into this floating bed of yours, close your eyes and kick start your imagination and visualize yourself flying into the sky and escaping away from all the stresses of an earthly life.


7) Plug-less Eco Kitchens

eco kitchens

Why choose this Plug-less Eco Kitchen over a regular kitchen? Reason- it can fulfill all your purposes of having a kitchen and on top of it, this is an eco friendly kitchen. The waste products will be used as fertilizers for plants. Terracotta containers are employed for dishes to let dry and the dripping water, instead of dripping into a sink, is used by the plants. After years of causing harm to Mother Nature, taking care of our Earth is numero uno on our priority list. Plug-less Eco Kitchens are without electrical sockets and renewable sources of energy are substitutes for electricity thus catering to the need of sustainable development.


6) Futuristic Washrooms

futuristic washrooms

The world of toilets has seen a lot of changes as the years have rolled by and many more are yet to come. The innovative human mind always seeks to find ways and ideas of making existing things even better. Futuristic washrooms focus more on recycling water and self-sterilization all the while not compromising on the beauty of the washroom’s design. Used water from the sink, instead of being drained, moves into the flush chamber where it is stored and can be used to flush your toilet. Phytopurification is used too. Sand, reeds, water hyacinths, lemmas and a carbon filter form a mini-ecosystem in your washroom which will organically filter the water from the shower and the washbasin so that it is fit for reuse. Self-sterilization is achieved through steam and UV rays.

5) Hold The Line

Hold the Line

This stylish and ultra modern design is a must have for your futuristic home. One look at it and you will be astounded because of its twisting structure that will lead you to be lost in finding an answer to the inevitable question; how can anybody not get trapped in its body? The designer assures that it is not possible and it is completely safe. This design by Christian Percht is perfect for you to relax and enjoy. The entire length of its looping body has power supply as well as network cables. It also has an i-pod plug in and speakers too! What more can you possibly ask for?


4) Ecotypic Bed

Ecotypic Bed

This bed of the future is designed by Arthur Xin. The technology used in the bed makes your sleep time an eco friendly activity too. The LEDs in this bed is equipped with help the integrated plants to grow. It also has in built speakers that will play the music you want to hear in bed as you wait to be lost in the beauty of the dreams sleeping in this bed will bring. The reason this bed is a hundred percent eco friendly is it’s ability to convert all activities in and around the bed, such as weight-lifting and walking, into energy. The bed also comes with straps and pulleys attached to its sides. You can use them to involve yourself in a bit of exercise and as you do so, you will be generating even more power that can be stored by the bed.


3) I-Sopod


This is a flotation tank that you can use to relax your mind and body in its luxury and comfort. It is constructed using double skinned GRP moldings. It has its own mp3 player and a state of the art filtration system. The built in LEDs create the ambiance you need to let your stress flow away as you float and relax in this futuristic tank. Its hermetically sealed units minimize operation costs while maximizing insulation and sound. According to your comfort requirements, the door can be left opened, partially opened or completely closed. A LCD interface gives you the joy of controlling its session duration’s, music settings and even cleaning and sanitizing.


2) Brandt Aion Kitchen

Brandt Aion Kitchen

Antoine Lebrun’s design is a great example of the power of imagination and the heights of imagination it can lead you to. Special plants developed have filtering and cleaning characteristics. These plants assure you a constant supply of renewable clean water and vegetable soap. It comes with a splendid cooking surface and sink. The dishwasher installed in it cleans your dirty dishes like a pro. The striking feature of this product is the limited space it occupies. It is a multi functional appliance (a feature almost all futuristic gadgets should possess). It is sleek and stylish making you proud to own it. I can bet on you never getting tired of flaunting it in front of your guests!


1)  Arc Shower System

Arc Shower System

This is a design created by D.K. and Wei. Unlike a normal shower, this Arc Shower System works on an energy saving mode. If you have worked furiously hard and are thinking of taking a warm shower, you don’t need to worry about water wastage anymore if you own this marvelous product. As you take your relaxing warm shower, the system recycles the used water. This system makes large amounts of water that otherwise would have been wasted to be recycled. It is an amazing shower experience with minimal usage of electricity and water. It is cost efficient and is absolutely fine for mass production. This product integrates water pumping, filtering and heating as well as reheating water. The controls are touch sensitive along with being water proof. They allow you to control the speed and intensity of the shower to a great extent.


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