Top 10 Games Kids Love to Play

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Do you remember Jadon smith from “The Karate kid”? If you think the article will relate to the film or boy, you are absolutely wrong, just like how jadon plays karate every kid has to play some or the other game, he/she has to be active in some extracurricular activities. Today’s kids are  very intelligent , they have great grasping power  and  memory power as well.  They are born talented  who can multitask and learn things very quickly.  Eastern countries education system is very serious and systematic unlike others. Then what is up to the games?  Games play a huge role in every kid’s life, it inculcates many qualities in child and it is both learning and entertaining medium.

10) Snakes and ladders:

Snakes and ladders

May be this is the easiest and the first game every kid comes across. The rules are very simple, all that the game needs is a game board, dice and icons. It do not need any skill or thinking ability at all as it has a kind of excitement and mathematical geometry . This game is generally played by young kids.The game was originated in India later it got popularized worldwide with different names. It has a psychological message that every ladder we hope to climb has a snake next to it . It morally teaches that life is full of ups and downs.

9) Building blocks:

Building blocks

It is one of the most skilled game and logical game as well. It also works on kid’s imagination. It is a mind game where you have to think and construct something with the building blocks. Generally, very few kids show their interest towards this game. But it is still a wonderful game which gets kid’s concentration, attention, creativity at one juncture. Blocks are made up of different material but mainly it is plastic and even wood as well. The alphabets are taught through block formed letters. It is the most often played indoor game.

8) Online games:


This generation is an online generation; “n” numbers of games are available on the internet. Even the PC games are available online in various versions. Sometimes YouTube helps as a guide, as it has many videos of that respective games. Many kids watch these videos on YouTube and take it as a reference.  Many exclusive game websites like mini clip and mind jolt cater to a child’s ‘game’ needs. All the field games’ e version  are available with decent animation works. Hence online has gone viral. The kids who can be called as digital natives live in the online game world.

7) Play stations and video games:

play station

After the invention of Disney world, Harry potter world and so many other exclusive game worlds, the kids are used to it and are very much fascinated about these game worlds, they dream to be part of it as well. The virtual gun shooting in video games created a huge amount of craze in children. There are separate cafes for all video game lovers especially in all the metropolitan cities, all the malls have a zone for games called “amoeba” or “game zone”. One can witness the huge crowd of video game lovers on weekends by visiting the malls, it is obvious that kids are more in number. It has become so popular that even adults have some mature games like snookers and bowling together along with these video games and play station.

6) Monopoly:

monopoly board

It is an indoor board game which has commerce and trade as a center theme. One can buy and sell world’s famous cities, buildt houses etc. This game  take days to get finished and needs a big team. The one who has highest amount of money compared to the other players  at the end of the game without any debts or mortgages is finalized as a winner.  The game is designed in different ways out of which one is full of football teams, another one with world’s richest countries called business “Business” which is an Indian version of monopoly.But the game structure and rules are same either. Multiple millionaires but one billionaire is what monopoly is all about. One has to be the winner. This game is meant for middle school/high school kids which also helps their mathematical skills and logical thinking. 

5) Hide and seek:

Hide and Seek Picture

A very common and often game played by the children. There is one thief and others hide from him/her in different places. The accused has to search for all and the first one whom he finds out of the whole group will be the next victim. . It is a suspense thriller kind of game where in you search for your friends endlessly. They hide in such a way that they play with you and they are out of your eye sight. It is one among the simplest games which do not need any prop yet entertains kids.

4) Treasure hunt:


Treasure hunt falls under same genre but here a group of kids have to hunt the treasure. It is very adventurous and exciting one! There are many TV shows which  have treasure hunt in it. The game in  particular  attracts the players as well as the observers, this game again focuses on the concentration and observation capacity. This game is recommendable to the kids of all ages. Now a days they conduct this game indoors for all the school kids at their respective schools.

3) Puzzles and word games:


These two are the indoor games and educational ones. These games are even recommended in classes and for academic purpose. A puzzle needs a lot of concentration. The word itself says that it is not proper it is messed up. The player’s job is to sort it out and combine it into the final image given as the reference. This game needs patience, skill and knowledge as well. These type of  Word games and puzzle games are meant for budding kids. It is nothing but an education provided practically which is interlinked with a theory. Even Chinese checker falls in the same group.

2)  Red light and green light(RLGL)and Hopscotch:

rl gl and hopcotch

Do you remember the show “Takeshis’s Castle”? This RLGL was almost played in all the episodes. The game is popularly called as statue. The game goes on a concept of freeze/statue. It has different names in different countries. in England it is called as “Grandma’s footsteps” whereas in Belgium it is known as “1,2,3 calabaza” . One player starts  out as the “curator”  and stands at one end of the field or any indoor space as well. Rest others playing have tp stand far from the curator( may be at the opposite end of the curator) .The utmost object of this game is for a “Statue” to tag the Curator, thereby becoming the Curator and resetting the game.

Hopscotch: It is a typical , where the rectangle boxes are seen and one has to hop on the field boxes and finish all the levels. The game is very popular in all Indian rural parts. It is the most balancing game where the player has to balance on one leg. It is the best logical, balanced and fulfilled game for all the kids. This origin  of this game is debatable  It was initially named as Scotch-hop” . The first game was played in 17th century.



Ring ring tring tring, let’s look out for something which is a small game and still an effective game. It guarantees humor and teaches the communication skill to the kids. Telephone, the game assures a lot of fun! This game is a perfect example of how a communication chain works. Players(Kids) are supposed to sit in a circle. The first kid starts and thinks comes up with a  word and whispers in the ear of the next kid. The process of passing continues in the form of circular chain. The best part it when it reaches the last kid and he/she utters it loudly hilarity ensures! It shows how a small word can undergo many forms. The actual rule is the word must not be repeated twice and it has to be whispered, if it is not clear the real game is on! This game is most often played by kids and sometimes even family members. But it is a perfect school game. All the kids need is a group and a few lovely and lengthy(it creates little confusion) words!

Conclusion: Games teaches the ethics of real life, the sportsmanship and it is the reason for sound body and mind as well. Kids must play as many games as possible, instead of sitting at home in front of system, it is good that kids get attracted towards outdoor than online one. Finally to all kids out there just play all the games, enjoy it and have the ultimate fun!


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