Top 10 Gifts you can give your Boyfriend this Valentine’s Day

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With the Valentine week approaching the market seems to be full of gifts like red/pink hearts, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears…in short a never ending list of so called girly gifts. But when it comes out to choosing gift for your man it turns out to be a real peculiar task. Shopping for men is not an easy task as available option may seem limited and monotonous to women. But there can be no better option to show your love, affection and care this valentine through a gift of his choice, rather than yours.

You must have felt blank while deciding valentine gift for your boyfriend. So to help you tackle your enigma we are here presenting you Top 10 gifts you can give your boyfriend this valentine:


10. Gadgets

No matter how simple or fancy, geeky or fun loving your guy is, there is one thing common to every guy in the world, they all love gadget. The only difference is that some may like it more and some less. So gadgets are evergreen gifts for men, no matter what the occasion it, the fact is they are going to like it! But shopping gadget is a task in itself for a girl. The first question is what to shop from the endless list of electronic items available? Now if you are planning to gift an electronic gadget to your boyfriend the first of all make a budget. Then look around and keep your eyes and ears open and try to find out his need. You can figure it out from his talks or ask his friend or better ask him! Few simple yet useful suggestion for gifting gadgets could be an ipod, Headset, Pen Drive, trimmer, Speakers, etc.


9. A gift Hamper

Make a personalized gift hamper in a beautiful basket consisting of his day care needs like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, body wash, cold cream, shampoo, after shave, shaving cream, Hair gel, his favourite cologne etc would be a nice, simple and sweet way to shove your love and care. Depending upon your budget you can go on adding items to your gift basket


8. Take a step ahead of him: Buy something he has been planning to buy for himself!

If I’m right everyone talk to their boyfriend daily. And if you are lucky enough you get to see him daily, so this time when you talk/see him just keep your eyes and ear open and look around to find out something he has been planning to buy for himself since long. For e.g. if he carries his laptop in shoulder bag you could buy a nice laptop backpack for him, he always loses his keys then buy a key chain for him. The gift is not about size or price it shows your care and concern. Apart from these, watch out for the scope of replacement to his small necessities like his wallet, belt or sunglasses and you can keep them every valentine. These small gestures will show your care and concern.


7. For a Day, Support his Interest

He loves you all the more in Indian attire but you find you find dupatta and saree too loud and tough to handle but atleast for one day you can wear something of his choice. After all valentine is the day of love, so on this day you can make your love feel special by doing some things the way he likes. If he likes playing video games then go on and play a game with him, so what if you lose you will give him the moment he likes. It is not necessary that your valentine gift should be materialistic; to gift him a moment of his choice is even great and appreciable in itself.


6. Scrapbook/Movie

You have been dating since years, so this is the perfect time to compile those innumerable beautiful movies into a scrap in a sequence to cherish those beautiful moments. You can make a handmade scrap book or can order one online in personalized section of several gifting websites. This will even make you recall those beautiful moments you both spent together in past and will indulge you all the more in love for this valentine. You can also make a movie from the pictures you clicked together and the poems you wrote for each other. Or you can also make a movie for him, provided if you are good at computers. Your boyfriend will undoubtedly love this gift.


5. Cook for him

There is an old saying, “The way to man’s heart goes through his stomach”. They say that if you want your man to love you then make him feel good by feeding him good. So this valentine instead of ordering his favourite cake, bake one for him. Or if you are in mood to put more efforts then you can invite him to your place and surprise him by serving dinner prepared solely by you.


4. Pen Down your feeling in a Poem/Love letter

If you are good at literature then what to wait for, rather wasting your time thinking about all the materialistic gifts in the world and sit down to pen down your thoughts for him. I personally love to get such gifts. It makes you feel really special. So this time take out the Shakespeare within you and compose a beautiful poem for him, so what if it’s going to take days, believe me it won’t take forever! Or you can write a beautiful love letter for him. And the best thing about this gift is that it equally and in fact more perfectly fits in long distance relationships too.


3. Personalized Gifts

The major portion of gift market is nowadays captured with personalized gifts. Online websites, photo studios are offering such services in which you can order a personalize gift, customizing it with your own details like a mug, t-shirt, pillow cover, or bed sheet etc with imprinted photo of you two on it, wallet with his name carved on it, collage frames, online scrapbooks etc. You find an endless list of such gifts online as well as in the market.

If you have those creative genes then you can surely look forward to give something handmade to him this time, like you can keep a note under every chocolate in chocolate box, you can replace every tablet of Orbit chewing gum with a note, you can paint something on a plain bed sheet for him, or you can even carve his name on towel or handkerchief. Men find such things appreciable as they require too much effort when viewed from their end!


2. Handmade Card

A handmade card is always better than those lousy cards loaded with hearts and teddy bears available in market costing several bucks. Take out some time, buy some art and craft stuff. It’s time to take a trip down to your craft class. Prepare a handmade card for him and see how much he is going to love it! Again, it equally goes well with long distance relationships too.

1. A Date to Remember

There cannot be a better gift for both of you two on valentine than to celebrate it with each other. If you are getting this privilege then take full advantage of it. Don’t sit around and wait for him to plan. Plan a beautiful dinner followed with a soothing walk or watching movies together, cuddling. Make this valentine special and make him feel special, instead of running behind materialistic thing look out for something which will bring you close to his heart in real sense.


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