Top 10 Gifts you can give your Parents

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Your girlfriend is having her birthday next week and there is loads of stuff that needs to be done. A perfect gift and a surprise celebration for her must be done at any cost. Although, you gift her more often but this one needs to be more special than anything. Isn’t it? Have you ever made even half the effort for your parents? You would be rushing from one shop to another to collect the perfect gift for them… It’s a rare sight actually. No one bothers much about the old, frail guys left in the corridors of the house. In this busy world, we think there can be hardly much of your precious time wasted on them. But before foraying into this world, who was the one who taught you how to fight all odds and thrive? Who wiped your tears when you broke down? Parents are everything. Although you cannot give them back the same love, gratitude and care, at least make a small effort to cheer them up by these gifts.

10.A bucket list to be fulfilled:

A trip to the snows of Switzerland with family or to own a striking hot Rolce Royce bike!!! There can be umpteen things on your parent’s bucket list. You have to strike down the next possible wish on that list. All their life has been spent on your wishes. Now it’s time you fulfil some of their wishes and let them smile.

9.Respect them:

Most of the teenagers think parents are restricting them to discover the intriguing world and throw a fist more than often. They do put restrictions but that’s because they don’t want to find you amidst trouble land. Next time you throw a temper; think about how you feel if your child whom you showered with so much love would do the same with you… Respect them and their decisions.

8.Trust them:

They have seen the world more than you and have double the experience. So if ever they ask you to stay away from friends or try to keep away from certain things, do trust them. Mostly it will be in best of your interests.

7.A simple telephonic conversation:

Just make a simple call to your mother and ask about her health. You live in a different city and every day, calls might be possible. But a simple call a week can make the difference. They will be glad to have such a child who still cares for them amidst such chaos and work load.

6.Stand like a wall for them:

Parents need not be the only ones that need to be protective towards you. You should also return the favor. There will be times when they need your help, support who would stand for them. That would be the biggest thing any parent would wish for. Whenever they need a hand, yours should be the first to carry them up.

5.A small outing to a hill station:

Remember your childhood, when you loved simple outings with your parents vying for every toy you see. Of course, those moments are hard to come by. But reliving them is possible. Throw every stupid meeting list out of your window pane. Plan a trip out in the high mountains or a religious place for a peaceful ambiance. Have some clicks with them and cherish each and every moment to its epitome.

4.Own their dreams:

When you were a child, they plundered many dreams of theirs so that your dreams could survive. It might be the car he didn’t buy due to your higher studies expenses. It might be the office your mother left so that she could see to your every need. Now when you are standing on your own feet, it is high time to fulfill their untouched dreams.

3.Plan a surprise visit:

You have been busy in far flung place with loads and loads of work piling ever day. You haven’t met you parents like for eternity. Try for a week off from this work load and pay a visit to your loved ones. They need you more than your money. They might not ask for it but they need it. That surprised expression is worth more than every penny in this world.

2.Time is what they yearn for:

We live in a different city than theirs. No time to eat, how can you expect me to call them every day? If it’s what you think, then think about the time you waste on stalking the girl next door. Think about the time you wasted grunting about the people at your work place. No one is ever busy, just priorities make a difference.

1.Love says it all:

If there is someone who does not need any reason to side by you and ready to take upon every trouble for you that would be undoubtedly your parents. Even your love might question you at some point, but parents… Never!!! They love you with their whole heart. And loving them is the best gift you can shower upon them. No gift can match that. Take care of them when they are sick or listen to their advice they tell you. Just have faith in them and embrace them with open arms.


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