Top 10 Hacks & Tips about Facebook you should know

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What is there in logging onto face book strolling through your newsfeed, tracking someone you met recently, chat with a few people, see some photographs your friends have uploaded and then log out

Seems like much of any of ours daily routine. But listed below are ten things, you probably didn’t know about face book.

10) Tag Review

tag review

Picture this, someone tagged you on a movie poster you hate, someone tagged a photo of you holding a cigarette and you relatives are on Facebook, can’t remember the stupid dance moves you showed previous night well someone clicked them and put it on Facebook, one of friends clicked a notorious link without much thought and the next thing you know you are tagged on an obscene picture. You go into bout of paranoia but by the time you remove the tag the damage is done and it definitely can’t be undone with an apologetic status update.
If you thought about the issue whilst reading then the tag review is just for you. Control what people can tag you on and review them when you log into your account in the worst case scenarios you can report the picture without having to go through that “I saw your photo in my feed” ordeal

9) Subscribers


You went to a college fest and attended a gig by some college guys with whom you have no connection what so ever, though you absolutely loved their music and would want to know what they are up to and what’s their latest jam. You dig them up on Facebook but they don’t have a page. The vocalist however is quite active on Facebook posting about latest recording and future gigs. How do you get informed, send him a friend request, send him a message well if you have ever faced this dilemma then turn on the subscribers or subscribe. You will get notification in your news feed of all his future public posts and you don’t even have to worry about missing out.

8) Changing your location

location (2)

Made a plan, told your friends that you won’t be in touch because, you are off to some distant enchanted land. Some sadistic divine plan turns up and you end up being stuck at home, with a bowl of popcorn watching movies. And now when you see people checking in al over the town and putting statuses about it you don’t want to be left out. Don’t deny it, I won’t either and who will? In their sanest state of mind deny a weekend avoiding friends and outlandish theme parties, sitting in the sweet confines of your snug home without even having to tell them that you enjoy the company of your laptop and PS4 more than you do theirs. Put on a status @ so and so place (privacy option: only me) your next status (privacy option: public) will automatically be updated from your presumed and preferred location.


7) Creating your own device


Your parents/ NRI relatives sent you money to buy an I-Phone for your birthday. You on the other hand instead of chasing the typecast rat race decided to settle down for something more sensible. Now you can’t tell them that you dropped your plan and used that money for some other purposes, which you never intend to reveal.  Make your own iPhone app upload and icon file and voila your next ‘thanks my second cousin’s mother in law’s aunt for the phone’ status will be followed by the chic from iPhone tag

6) Spam folder


Alright to be very honest I believe everyone has seen this folder next to their primary inbox, but recently I encountered a few friends who never noticed it was there. See when an old acquaintance you met on a trekking trip ten years ago while you were in college tries to track you down on Facebook and think of sending you a message prior to a friend request out of sheer decency then voilà it ended up in  your spam folder. It just stays their till someone tells you about a spam folder. Well you get the picture I was the acquaintance and I found it very rude. So save the miscommunication and see if someone tried sending you something.

5) Hash Tags

It is official hash tags are here and soon we will run dry of all the meme ideas about twitter wannabes who try to make hash tag work on Facebook. Well thanks to Zuckerberg and team they will work now. So be ready for this new feature and just be careful about the capital letters lest you want to be invited to yet another   #susanalbumparty

4) Graph Search

Yes! stalking has achieved a rather sophisticated and ethical pedestal.  Consider this (disclaimer# not that am an official stalker or the NSA is looking forward to hire me) but it’s this simple I went to see a movie recently and in the next row a guy caught my eye wearing a game of thrones t-shirt huddled midst his friends . He claimed aloud that he was going to check in ‘all of us’ on Facebook. All I had to was to look for all the males in the city within the age group of 18 to 22 who liked the particular movie and the famous T.V show and had recently ‘checked in’ that cinema hall. My search came down to two people and they happened to be friends. Just to prove my point. It’s a powerful tool you can use to your own devise


3) Inspect Element

inspect element 3
There is no way this can be used for any good. But for all you folks who think screenshots of Facebook messages are enough proof to judge a situation then my sole advice for you is ‘Grow up’ . Select a conversation and inspect its element (or press F12) give it a right click and edit the conversation in HTML. Get a screenshot and you are done.  You can use it in a creative by changing the welcome screen of Facebook with motivating quotes or you can cause world war 3 (*figuratively)

2) Seen notification

When Facebook introduces new changes I can totally imagine their team huddling over a huge blue table coming up with productive ideas with some mischievous undertones. Now exactly who came up with the idea of ‘seen’ feature?
Mostly (before I discovered the trick) my conversation went like this. I know that you have seen my message … so reply or I know that you know that I know that we both have seen that our messages has been seen…so it’s over. But those days are long gone thanks to Google chrome with it’s absolutely amazing add on


1) Security Question

Hack w0rm FB Security Question hacking

Now, even Facebook is rather unhelpful when it comes to this and If you ever use it make sure you return back to thank me for I had to sacrifice my Facebook profile for a week because I experimented with it, a couple of times just to make sure it worked

When you first came onto Facebook,  you took it for any other site because back then Orkut was the real deal ( *sigh* that century) so when it came to a security question you didn’t give much thought to it. My first pet’s name umm k Alex. Few years later your life became Facebook and vice versa. As you uploaded Alex’s pic online; of his first birthday, of his first kill ,his first Christmas …. The whole world got to know. Oblivious to this you lived a sanguine life until one day your profile was hacked. How did it happen? Do I really need to put my finger on it? So if you chose a question that you now regret I have the answer.
Get rid of all the associated ID’s of your Facebook account, save the primary one. Then make a new email id. Tell Facebook you lost your password, they will ask you to give them a new email ( which you just made, go on give it) answer your security question ( laugh , laugh some more) then open the mail id you have just made and go all ‘What?’ say  it wasn’t you and don’t remember making such changes. Now Facebook will go under the guilt trip and let you change you security question. Choose something good this time and wait for 24 hrs. to log in.

Hope the new Facebook experience is much better and more productive. Do not shy away from exploring



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