Top 10 Hassle Free Plants for Your Home

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A small garden beneath the porch or in your study, drawing room, must look great but you should know it’s not that easy to grow plants. It requires proper care and nutrition for a plant to bloom. To grow a hassle free garden we need to know about the fundamental entities of a garden, the plants. Plants purify the air; they eliminate the toxic contents from atmosphere and obviously look great. Right here we’ll be discussing top 10 hassle free plants for your home, basically it’ll be a combination of some herbs, flowers and shrubs and a few fruit plants. These plants may be are hassle free to grow but remember they always need your little attention to bloom.

10. Aloe Vera

The most revered of all the small plants, it has been used as an alternative medication. Aloe Vera is widely used for its cosmetic benefits and being herbal has lots of admirers. Aloe Vera is found only under cultivation with a very little natural population. Its succulence helps the species to survive in areas of low natural rainfall. Aloe Vera can be easily grown in a pot and is short in height. It’s hassle free and very useful. The fleshy leafs can be directly used to extract the gel.

9. Basil

Basil besides being easy to grow contains a fair amount of multiple minerals and some vitamins too. The plant is known to have positive effects on cell structure retaining. Basil is used to make herbal tea and various health potions. Basil is easy to grow, it actually needs only small amount water to grow and thrives in low light conditions, and Basil is hassle free to grow. Basil is known to have anti bacterial volatile oils, hence making it one of the most healthy hassle free plants to grow.

8. Marigold

Coming to flowers, a plant having flowers obviously is way more beautiful than an expensive bouquet, marigold is a flower plant growing and flowering yearlong. Marigolds are no hassle to bloom and too in abundance. They have a distinct aroma and are used to get a yellow orange tint for herbal colors. Marigolds can grow hassle free in soil type; all they need is ample amount of sunlight. The tallest of species are no taller than 3 feet making it easy to take care of.

7. Dahlia

This is one plant having large flowers. Grown from small brown biennial tubers planted in spring, it is rally hassle free to grow, generally grown in sandy soil. Full sun acts as the perfect condition for blossoming flower. From midsummer to first winters when all the plants are given their best, Dahlia is full of the unique “dinner plate” blooms. The flowers are in shades of red, orange, purple and white. One plant in one pot is ideal and you can arrange an array to different contrasting shades.

6. Lavender

Set out plants 12 to 18 inches apart in an open area with full sun and good air circulation. Plant lavender in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Lavender oil is widely used for its medical effects. Lavender has got a sweet, floral aroma which is soothing, which is why it’s used in making scent. Lavender also grows quite hassle free in containers.

5. Camellia

Making camellias year round garden are striking features like elegant shaping and brightly colored evergreen foliage. They are typically 6 feet tall and give a pyramidal shape. They grow really slow, up to a foot per year. Camellias are so hassle free in growing that they earned the title of most carefree shrubs and yet they give a range of different shades.

4. Cucumber

While living in India you came across a different culture of street food ranging from oil dripping pakoras to cucumbers, cucumbers? Well, yes! Cucumbers are sold across the cities by vendors, cut across its axis sprinkled with salt and lemon, but do you know cucumbers are so hassle free that they can be grown just beneath your porch. Cucumbers are one of the healthiest foods, having cold nature and enriched in minerals and anti oxidants. They need your kitchen compost and warm soil with almost neutral pH and regular trimming of tips can give you a rich harvest to eat in salad or cover your eyes with.

3. Lemon

For a delightful aromatic experience you can plant some newer breeds of citrus in pot. Although these are a little bit not-so-carefree to be called really hassle free, but to be truest is sense of a real gardener every fresh scent and delighting sour yield of fruit multiple times require no more than providing timely moisture and warmth to soil and branches. All you need is to give proper TLC and a plenty of room to grow.

2. Guavas

Guavas are self fruiting, in mild winter areas in presence of full sun, they yield really well. Guavas bloom throughout the year. Guavas have survived dry summers with no water which is enough to reason to call them hassle free and keeping them short is the key to get the pulpy fruit under your reach.

1. Blackberries

Blackberries have always been a hassle free, low-maintenance, easy-to-grow fruit and have many so health benefits. Although they are a little wild and thorny too but with a little care and attention you can confine them to specific area to make them available for easy harvesting.



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