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Feeling tired? Don’t feel like working? Many people get exhausted soon after continuous exercise of working or studying. They are in no mood of working anymore but the reason behind it is that they are left with no more energy within them. So keeping in mind, there have been lots of energy beverages and eatables that have been introduced for the kind of people who like to work for late night hours and work out on a daily basis. Many of you surely prefer having caffeine drinks such as coffee and tea along with cold drinks such as coke, pepsi etc. to boost up your energy but as it is said caffeine causes deterioration of health if taken in excess. So why risk your health? Why not take something healthy? Many type of energy drinks are a hype these days in the market which are not only of low calorie and very less caffeine but also boost your body providing you energy. Although the tastes of some may not suit you but they may be of great benefit to you. Below is the list of  best top 10 energy drinks that may prove healthy to your body:


Created by Vemma Nutrition Company, situated in Arizona, USA, Verve energy drink is a light carbonated beverage with great taste and an insanely healthy drink. It provides with B-12 complex vitamins which are synthetic and over 65 major herbal minerals. This energy shot drink delivers 80 miligrams natural caffeine that provides a smooth healthy energy to your body as a part of dietary supplement. Verve flavours consists of citrus, tangerine and mangosteen which leaves a light bitter tea after taste. It is also available in low natural sugar or sugar free version.


Developed by GURU Beverage Company which is situated in New York, USA, GURU energy drinks serves 6 different flavours: GURU Energy, GURU Lite, GURU Juicy Tangerine, GURU Juicy Superfruit and GURU Full On Lemonade. These do no contain taurine ,no preservatives and are non-carbonated but only its original form and sugar-free are carbonated. According to health experts GURU energy drinks taste similar to organic fruit juices which are different from the other health energy drinks that contain the bitter and sweet flavours. Because of this GURU energy drink is highly recommended for the health conscious people who can replace any organic juice with this energy drink.


Owned by the Coca Cola Company, it came into the market inn late 2004 in both USA and Canada. Full Throtle energy drinks contains active ingredients like caffeine, ginseng, taurine, guarana, carnitine, B6 and B12 vitamins. It has a citrus like flavour often mixed with some other alcohol flavours. According to a consumer, after drinking this Full Throttle he experienced an energy break down and it consists of synthetic chemicals. So, this drink is good for those people who want a quick energy boost and are not viable to caffeine content. There are 5 different flavours of Full Throttle along with a sugar free flavour.


Manufactured by Logic Nutrition, company in California XS energy drinks are sold by Amway/Quixtar. These energy drinks are low in carbohydrates and calories and most of them have no sugar except the Gold Energy Plus flavour. The main form in XS energy drinks that boosts your energy comes from the B complex vitamins which gives the consumer high endurance energy. According to health experts, its B-12 vitamins are of high level synthetic chemicals where most of them are 4,900 per cent of the per cent daily value whereas XS Gold Energy Plus provides 8,000 per cent of daily value. All the XS energy drinks consist of sucralose which is many times sweeter than sugar but has very little calories. There are currently 11 different XS flavours with 3 non-caffeine versions that means you get choices for around 14 different flavours.


Co-created and launched in 2004 by creator of Grey Goose vodka, Sidney Frank along with Lil’ John as its Chief Brand Advisor, Crunk energy drink includes pomegranate juice, high fructose corn syrup, B complex vitamins as well as natural herbs such as ashwaganda, ginseng, guarana etc. It currently has 3 different types of flavours which are original, citrus and sugar free respectively. While the original is pomegranate that tastes like grape and cranberry, the citrus flavour tastes like lemon. The sugar free drink tastes better than other sugar free drinks. The original Crunk energy drink’s energy is intense that lasts up to 3 hrs. It not only provides you with energy boosting but also provides your immune system a support and is great mixture with other alcohol flavours. Though not recommended for health conscious people but can be consumed by those who want to stay awake till long hours and boost their energy quickly.


Xyience was established in 2004 in Las vegas, Nevada as a sports and nutrition supplement company who later in 2006 launched its energy drink by the name Xenergy. Xyience xenergy is now the official energy drink of Ultimate Fighting Championship having great taste with 100 % natural colours and flavours. Contains B complex vitamins providing enduring energy to the consumers which is little less than other major drinks but has no major side effects as it has no sugar and is low in calories. It currently has 6 different flavours: Cran Razz, Citrus Clear, Big Apple, Mango Guava, Blu Pom and Pink Lemon. All these drinks contain artificial sweetener in them so only people who need to quickly boost their physical energy can have it.


Made by Living Essentials in Wabash, Indiana, 5 Hour energy is a flavoured energy shot drink. The ingredients include taurine, malic acid, caffeine, citicoline etc. but no sugar or herbal stimulants and zero net carbohydrates. As a result of this, it gives the ability to provide a high degree of energy. 5 hour ENERGY shot has been referred as a dietary supplement which is vegetarian. This energy drink introduced by the company in 2004 comes in a small container containing only 2 ounces shot which gets in your system fast in seconds and within minutes provides you with full energy to be awake for hours. It is non-carbonated and has 4 calories along with B complex vitamins and amino acids. Since it is sugar free, 5 hour ENERGY drink wears off gradually. Different types of 5 Hour energy shots are Original 5 hour ENERGY shot, Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot, Decaf 5 hour ENERGY shot.


Monster Surges After WSJ Reports Coca-Cola in Takeover Talks
Launched by Monster Beverage Corporation in 2002, Monster energy drink contains caffeine, guarana and glucose which are known to provide high energy. It even has low carbohydrates with B complex vitamin sources. Like some energy drinks that come with a lot of caffeine and sugar, even Monster energy drink consumer experiences energy break down once the sugar boost ends. But its smell and after taste are much stronger than the other energy drinks. Earlier version of Monster had a medicine like taste but the new version tastes much better like carbonated sweet citrus flavour. There are around 6 low carbohydrate versions of Monster with 8 different categories of coffee versions: Originale, Nut Up, Irish Blend, Lo-Ball, Chia-Hai, Russian, Loca Moca and Mean Bean. Monster has now become popular among youth because of its different flavours along with new Java series.


Joined the market in 2001, Rockstar is the 2nd largest energy drink brand being sold in USA after Red Bull whose main company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This energy drink includes ingredients such as ginko, milk thistle, guarana and ginseng that leads to the increase of your energy level. Rockstar has 3 different sizes along with 3 coffee versions and 1 alcoholic version. The original drink tastes like carbonated cotton candy whereas all the other flavours are too sweet in taste and is even available in sugar free and zero carbohydrate version of its original flavour. As of 2013, Rockstar energy drink has more than 12 different flavours in the market making it popular among the youth and is now being sold in more than 30 countries.


Topping the list of the most well-known and healthy energy drinks in the world, Red Bull energy drink is sold by 1987 established Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. With the famous slogan “it gives you wings” it is considered to have started the craze of energy drinks among the younger generation. The energy drink has a bitter-sweet citrus flavour and a lighter bitter after taste. Red Bull contains synthetic ingredients along with B complex vitamins, caffeine, energy supplements and sugar which gives you the extra energy to work the whole day or wake up till whole night. There are only 2 types and sizes of Red Bull which is with sugar and without sugar respectively. In spite of no choices, it is popularly used in bars and night clubs as a great alchohol mixture.


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  1. Bryan L. R. Benner

    December 2, 2013 6:01 pm

    I do not know if I would be calling all these drinks healthy. Some of them are definitely better for you than others, but to classify a “healthy” energy drinks, it requires some more research. A great article to start with is about healthy energy drinks and antioxidants. –

  2. Ash

    January 15, 2014 10:47 pm

    red bull and others healthy? As far as healthy goes, i would rate xs as number 1!…. But hats off to you guys at XS Energy is listed here unlike other blogs who try to ignore the great market it has created. Check out the XS Energy Drink at if any question email me at

  3. Gonzalo Roldan

    December 4, 2014 11:08 pm

    Hi! I’m from Spain and I have been doing some research about healthy energy boost, have anyone tried power coffee products? It is a Californian based company, their website is and it looks like a sugar substitute,100% healthy. I checked all the ingredients and it looks great but I’m not able to find reviews…. I would like to try though…Thank you!

  4. Adam Laird

    March 24, 2015 4:19 pm

    Itworks energy drink just launched. It is healthier than any other energy drink on the market today. Go to and do some research on the new product. You can order them there as well.

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