Top 10 Highest in Demand Engineering Streams

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The biggest question for engineering aspirants before facing counselling is which branch to chose? With the ever fluctuating trends of the market this question takes an even more intense form. Opting for the current highest in demand engineering stream may direct to land you in a problem as you will be facing market with your degree only after completing your course i.e. 4 years ( or 5 years (Dual degree programme) and the scenario after four years is quite hard to predict.

As per my opinion a wise idea to decide highest in demand engineering stream would be analyzing the market and deciding the needs of future market rather than going behind the number of vacancies in different sectors. Here I would like to remind my readers one very important thing that it is not at all bad to study the trend and watch for most in demand stream of the course you are going to pursue but making your choice based on this demand would be an injustice to yourself. Go for your interest even if it does not matches the trend because then only you will be able to bring out best out of you. Remember, do what you like and the success will follow your footsteps.

Here is the list of Top 10 highest in demand Engineering Streams:


10. Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is applied in the production of food, drugs, fuels, and the testing as a part of research and development programme. Demand for the Chemical engineering grows at a slower rate as compared to the demand of other branches of engineering. The demand is quite fluctuating, as the economy improves and degrades it subsequently rises and falls.

Chemical engineering is applied in the production of food, drugs, fuels, and the testing as a part of research and development programme. Demand for the Chemical engineering grows at a slower rate as compared to the demand of other branches of engineering. The demand is quite fluctuating, as the economy improves and degrades it subsequently rises and falls.


9. Industrial and Production Engineering

ndustrial and production engineering, available in handful of colleges is gaining popularity nowadays, as there is more demand of employees than supply. Industrial and production engineering deals with the development, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the whole industrial process. This branch of engineering is used in manufacturing and production unit of the industries in order to increase productivity as well as efficiency of the system. There is ample of demand in public as well as private sector for industrial and production engineering graduate.


8. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Aeronautical and astronautical engineering are the two classification of aerospace engineering. Aeronautical engineering deals with the design, construction and development of the aircrafts operating within the earth’s atmosphere on the other hand aeronautical engineering deals with design, construction and development of spacecrafts. Now there is not much need to elucidate the application of these two in the current society. In the developing countries like the demand for Aerospace Engineer will keep on rising as presently there are only a handful districts which are connected through airways, also the air force defence system also needs aerospace engineers for the constant development, implementation and improvement of their designs.


7. Petroleum Engineering

Considering the significance of fuels in today’s’ world there is huge demand in this sector. Petroleum engineering not only deals with extraction and purification of the fuels but it is also responsible for finding the location of availability of fuel as well as exploring  the new dimensions in this field.  The demand for petroleum engineering is restricted to specific places due its dependence on the availability of petroleum reserves.


6. Civil Engineering

One of the most prominent branch among core engineering streams, Civil Engineering serves as a backbone of the entire infrastructure of any country. Right from the bridges, huge dams, to the endless highways connecting entire countries and the beautiful creation of real states which you find hard to lift off your eyes type are the result of civil engineering. There is a boom in demand for the civil engineering and the good thing is that it will continue to be boom in demand in near as well as far future making it an evergreen branch to opt for. This is the main reason for civil engineering stream to make it to top beside it’s on site working condition and rigorous schedule.


5. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering has been proving itself an evergreen stream by showing least fluctuation in demand during economic fall. The demand for mechanical engineering has been rising ever since its evolution. Now you must be thinking why an evergreen branch is kept at number 5 and 6 position? To clear you enigma I would like to remind you the comparative salary, working condition and growth for scope. The fact cannot at all be denied that Mechanical and Civil engineering are two strongest contenders in the race of evergreen engineering streams but their demand curve has been and is going to take a linear shape forever making it lose in race of job oriented streams. It is among the best choices for the ones who want a safe and steady future.


4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering, another core engineering discipline has made it to number four due to the constant rising demands for electrical engineers to fulfill the power requirement of nation. Seeing our infrastructure it is totally clear that our entire system is running on electricity and hence there is constant hike in the rise of demand in private as well as public sector making a lot of students to opt it. One of the high rank official of IEEE, Michael Buryk has stated that, “Even electrical engineers, especially those who work as power engineers, are in short supply, especially given the growth in the fields of alternative energy and Smart Grid.”


3.  Information Technology

Although ever since Y2k problem its charm has quite degraded in India but when practically seen at international level it is still the same, filled with tremendous opportunities. There may be slack in demand in public sector but once you excel it private sector has endless leverages to offer. It is true that this field has surplus aspirants yet the work environment and benefit like salary and growth opportunities has grabbed 3rd position for it. with the increasing dependence on worldwide connectivity and the dream of globalisation there will always be an ultimate hike in its demand no matter how frequent and abrupt the fluctuations are.


2. Electronics and Communication Engineering

A blend of computer science and electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering has been raising its flag in almost every field right from public to private, software to core. Ever since the wake of computer revolution this stream has seen a constant hike in demand making it to top 3. Electronics and communication engineering owns a strong hold in software engineering along with its own identity. It would be completely fair to state the computer science and electronics and communication engineering are dependent on each other and hence are their demands. But as stated above, this stream is a blend of Electrical and Computer science engineering thus has an identity of its own hence faces lesser fluctuation when compared.

1. Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science is the ultimate hero of engineering disciplines, and the backbone of entire software industry. Seeing a mobile or two or more than that in every ones pocket, a laptop or a tablet hanging in a bag on every professional’s and students’ shoulder, and endless examples of technological dependence we can easily predict the importance of this stream. We cannot imagine our world without computers, right from GPS, to our mobile phones; this has strengthened its root in our lives like an old banyan tree. As long as computer will continue to exist among us the need for its engineers will also encounter constant hike. There is a constant demand for the computer science graduate to meet the global needs, making it the most in demand engineering stream.


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