Top 10 Hottest College Fests in the World

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Every person who has attended college in his/her life must be very familiar with college fests. College festival is a cultural event usually held annually which is organized by the college and its students. Students work as a volunteer with non-profit motive to organize the fest. Also known as culfest or cultural fest, it is a long awaited event every year. Most of the fests are two to four days long and students from various colleges and places come over to participate in the fest. A typical fest includes various kinds of events like literary events such as quizzes, public speaking, debate, cultural events such as dance, drama and also some professional events like case studies etc. Along with the events, there are live performances by great artists, bands; stalls and much more. Here are some of the hottest college fests of the world:

10. Merle Fest

College: Wilkes Community College, North Carolina


Merle Fest is a “traditional plus” music festival held every year in Wilkesboro, North Carolina inside the campus of Wilkes Community College. One of the largest music fests in the United States with a crowd turnover of around 79000 people, Merle Fest is hosted to raise funds for the Wikes Community College. The four day festival promises non-stop music and excitement by offering a genre crossing mix of all traditional and contemporary music. Along with the world class music that is offered, the fest also presents crafts and arts for children, various workshops for students and more than 70 vendors providing unique shopping experience. The festival was hosted by Doc Watson before his death and is name after his son, Eddy Merle Watson. Doc named the fest as “traditional plus” due to the unusual combinations of music. Another thing that adds to the plus of the trademark traditional plus is that the performers willingly come out of their comfort zones and perform differently. The fest impacts northwestern North Carolina economically by contributing over $10 million and also the college by contributing nearly $9,000,000.

9. Rendezvous

College: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Rendezvous is the annual cultural fest of Indian Institute of Technology. It is a four day long fest and is one of the largest and hottest college fests of India. Every evening one mega competition is organized in the open air theatre which includes choreography cum dance competition, Spectrum; Fashion Show, Kaleidoscope; Indian Musical Performance, Dhoom and the rock band competition, Blitzkrieg. There are also fun and adventure filled events like Zorbing, blind dating, Go-Karting, Street Dancing, Mr. and Ms. Rendezvous, and much more. Big shots from entertainment industry are invited to perform every year from India an abroad. In the past, performers like Tom Alter, Deepika Padukone and bands like Mindsnare, Rockfout, Parikrama have performed in the event. Over 350 colleges from all over the country participate in the fest with a footfall of more than 50,000. With major sponsors and wide media coverage, the fest is organized by the students of the college.

8. Harvard Arts First Fest

College: Harvard University, MA

harvard arts first festival

ARTS FIRST is the annual festival of the world’s largest, Harvard University. The festival is a four day nonstop festival organized by the students and faculty of the college.Harvard University’s Board of Overseers sponsors the festival and is produced and guided by the Office for the Arts at Harvard. More than 225 music, dance, theater and art presentations are showcased in the fest. There are over 6000 participants in the festival and is open to the public. All the events at the festival and most ARTS FEST activities are accessible to handicapped. You should definitely be a part of this fest, especially if you love Capella or medieval chansons, ballet or contemporary from of dance, art or theater, existential drama or comedy, you will love ARTS FEST. The festival highlight includes celebration of Native American song and dance, barbeque picnic with music and dance festival.

7. Downtown Brooklyn Colleges Fest

College:  Downtown Brooklyn College, NY

Downtown Brooklyn Colleges Fest

This fest by the students of Downtown Brooklyn College, New York, United States, is a perfect blend of top artist performances, exciting crowd, tempting food and engaging college activities and games. This festival is definitely something that cannot be missed and is a go all out school spirit event. To draw the attention of the public, iSee Promotions has come up up with an event called The Downtown Brooklyn Colleges Fest, which is more of a back-to-school party. The event takes place at the BAM South Site, and performers include Pusha T, Biz Markie, Joey Badass, Action Bronson and more.

6. Summer’s Best Music Fest

College: State College, Pennsylvania

summers best music fest

Summer’s Best Music Fest (SBMF) is a one day event held at Allen Street and along Calder Way. If you love music and it runs in your blood, then this is something that you should not miss. This annual event organized by the State College does not only offer you great music but also street bazaar spanning five blocks. It is a great occasion to explore the shops and buy stuff while listening to music. Summer’s Best Music Fest caters to the young’s as well as adults by featuring local as well as regional acts. One amazing thing about the fest is the concept of selling SBMF Wristbands. People with these wristbands are given discount in the market and the amount collected through them is used for the young musicians of the State College. So, summer’s Best Music Fest offers you a day full of excitement, attractions and music.

5. Fiesta San Antonio

College: St. Philip’s College, Texas

Fiesta San Antonio

Since 1995, St. Philip’s College has been hoisting its cultural fest. The Fiesta San Antonio event is the cultural fest is celebrated to mark St. Philip’s College as one of the San Antonio’s most diverse institution in ethnic terms. The institution is known for its higher learning and is distinguished historically. The cultural fest opens up with a battle of parade and is more like a tradition in the college. Admission to the fest is free and open to all. Along with some entertaining stalls, fest offers live music, concerts, games and finger-licking, tempting and traditional food like turkey legs, cakes, sausages, corn on the cob etc.

4. Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival

College: Santa Fe Spring College, Florida, Gaines ville

santa fe spring arts festival

Voted by Times Magazine as the best arts and crafts festival, Santa Fe Spring Arts Festival of Santa Fe Spring College offers wide range of fun filled activities to all age groups. The fest is known for its standards along with high quality artwork and is amongst the top three cultural festivals of Gainesville. With a footfall of more than 1.3 Lakhs, the fest includes free jazz, concerts, and unique artwork from all over the country and other places. More than 250 artists come in the festival to showcase their talent of painting, wood work, drawing, photography, 2-D and 3-D mixed media and sculptures. In 2013, it is the 32nd annual downtown festival featuring creativity, entertainment, music and excitement.

3. ASB Polyfest

College: Hillary College, New Zealand


This annual event was started in 1976 in Otara at Hillary College by Michael Rollo and Mata Raela. During the initial period, the participants increased every year in the fest from 26 schools in 1981 to 38 schools in 1991, ASB Polyfest has now become the largest Polynesian festival. The festival’s main purpose was to make students aware and find pride in their cultural identity and heritage and bring together different cultures along with the schools. Few years later, the festival became so large that it was beyond the capacity of the school to accommodate the entire crowd and the venue was shifted to Manukau Valedrome where it was likely to manage the public and events easily.

2. Mood Indigo

College:  of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

mood indigo

Mood Indigo, commonly known as MoodI or MI, is the annual cultural fest of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. In the race of being the largest festival of Asia, MI has a footfall of around 90,000 students with more than 700 colleges participating in it. It was started in 1971 by a group of students of college who run a non-profit organisation. Stars like Shankar Ehsaan Loy, Hema Malini, Vidya Balan, Mani Ratnam, Ayushman Khurana and Parvathy Omanakuttan have been associated with Mood Indigo. The main motive behind the fest, as the name suggests, is to promote creativity and rationalism amongst the students. The other justification to the name is that the color Indigo is a mixture of red and blue. Red indicates creativity, warmth and blue indicates being intellect and original, making Indigo. The fest has a huge fan following on all social networking websites like facebook, orkut, YouTube etc.

1. College Fest

College: Boston, United States

college fest

College fest is the most largely attended festival in the United States. It is held in Boston at the Hynes Convention Centre, since 1985 with over footfall of 50,000 and more than 30 colleges participating in it. It is one of the largest festivals of United States and is a two day annual event. The fest is a perfect blend of music, entertainment, artistic performances and experience of brands which are recognized locally and nationally. The main purpose of the fest is to make students familiar with the various local, regional and national businesses and their products and services. With sponsors like Apple, Coca cola, Microsoft, General Motors and Proctor and Gamble, college fest is known for its association with artists. Students from universities like Harvard University, Boston University and other colleges from the New England era come to participate in the fest.



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