Top 10 Hottest Politicians in the World

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We come across politicians all the time be it on television, newspapers, in every conceivable form of media and now, also in the social media. The growing cynicism about the role of the politicians in the society more often than not compels us to paint them with the same brush making them look-alikes of each other. In the world of politicians, where most of them look like clones of each other in their formal attire there are those who still succeed to stand out with their magnetic personality. With charisma oozing out of every pore, these politicians have something about themselves that can draw in our attention almost instantly even when they are donning formal clothes. Now, with fashion making a foray into every walk of life, it has become a common sight to see politicians, especially female politicians, in designer clothing carrying fancy handbags. Although these politicians have made more news due to their glamorous appearances than their social or political activism, they continue to hold their ground in the political world. It is quite possible that in the process of compilation of a list like this, one may give in to the temptation of allowing the personal choices to ascertain the top 10 Hottest Politicians in the World. However, this list has been compiled after a considerable amount of research to appreciate the charismatic appeal of the politicians who have made the profession of politics more glamorous than ever.

10. Rania – Queen of Jordan


Rania Al Abdullah, currently the Queen Consort of Jordan is the wife of King Abdullah II. Rania has been an ardent social activist in her public life working on issues of global importance throughout her political life. Her primary focus in the variety of causes she supports has been education. In Jordan, she has concentrated primarily on the quality of education of children while on global level she has been instrumental in getting the global leaders on the same page in their pursuit of the second Millennium Development Goal i.e. Universal Primary Education. For Rania, social or political activism and fashion go hand-in-hand. Her unique dressing sense certainly qualifies her to make into the list of the hottest politicians of the world.


9. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)


Yulia Tymoshenko, currently the Prime Minister of Ukraine has been deemed as the Joan of Arc of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine which brought the country to a standstill in 2004 after the rigged elections backed by the Communists. Her active role in the Orange Revolution has made her to get her name twice in the Forbes list of most powerful women. She is famed for her beauty and braid which almost looks like a crown. Since, she came to power she has been dubbed as one of the most beautiful women to have ever entered in the world of politics. A Ph.D. in economics, Yulia still has a dream to make to the cover page of the Playboy magazine.


8. Hina Rabbani Khar (Pakistan)


Hina Rabbani Khar, currently the foreign minister of Pakistan came into the limelight when she made into the National Assembly of Pakistan and subsequently went on to become the youngest and first External Affairs Minister of Pakistan. She is best known for wearing fashionable and adorable outfits giving glowing account of her style and fashion quotient. She has been at the center of media attention due to her dresses and handbags in her public appearances particularly during her foreign trips. She was in news for a long period of time when she was on her maiden official trip to India as the Foreign Minister. She received a great deal of adulation in the print as well as electronic media for the adorable display of handbags and dresses.


7. Kashmala Tariq


Kashmala Tariq is another Pakistani politician who is known across the world for her dressing and outspoken nature. She is among the very few women who have made it big in the politics of Pakistan despite her unconventional nature. Despite the severe criticism of her choice of clothing in the political discourse of Pakistan, she has kept going strong in the Pakistani politics without paying any heed to the criticism. She created quite a furor in the Pakistani media when she was spotted cladding scanty clothes at a beach while she was on vacation.  Kashmala, an LL.M. degree holder from London School of Economics is considered top among the most ambitious female leaders on the political arena of Pakistan.


6. Sitrida Geagea


Sitrida Geagea a Lebanese politician is best known for her beauty as a media celebrity in Lebanon. She proved her political and administrative acumen by running Liberal Forces(LF) political party for 11 years while her husband was jailed for 11 years after the civil war in Lebanon. This is also probably the reason why she is considered among the most eminent leaders in the middle-east region. For Sitrida, political sense and fashion sense come together making her more than eligible to feature in the list of the top 10 hottest politicians of the world.


5. Ruby Dhalla

ruby-dhalla 7

Ruby, currently a member of a member of the Liberal Party took the political discourse of Canada by a storm with her golden beauty when she entered with her ravishing and seductive looks and continues to hold a strong foot in Canadian politics. She had formerly been famous as the runners up in the Miss India Canada in 1993. A graduate in biochemistry, Ruby also had a brief stint in movies when she acted in “Kyun Kis Liye” in which she gave many intimate scenes with her co-actor. She first came into limelight when her letter to Indira Gandhi regarding the killing of some Sikhs by Indian soldiers was made public by none other than Mrs. Indira Gandhi herself.


4.  Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin was a phenomenon in the US Presidential Election of 2008. From being a mayor of a small town in Alaska to being the Governor of Alaska and then being a Presidential candidate, she has wore many hats keeping her foot strong in the U.S. politics. She was the center of attention of the media when she was running for the office of the President for her looks. Although one may disagree with her political views on most of the issues but one just can’t help adoring her.


3. Orly Levy

orly levy

Orly Levy, currently Deputy Speaker of the Knesset has not been there in the foray of politics of Israel for quite long but her charisma has made way for her to pave way for herself. It is often said that she is perhaps the most angelic creation in the political Diasporas across the world. Orly is also a proud mother of three children and also has the unique accomplishment of having served in the Israeli Air Force.

2. Alina Kabaeva

alina 3

Alina Kabaeva, currently hold the position of State Duma Deputy in Russia. She has had a successful carrier in Gymnastics as she has won two Olympic medals along with more than 25 world championships before making her mark in politics. Despite all the gossip about her secret relationship or affair with President Vladimir Putin, she has shown the grit by continue to hold her ground in the political world of Russia. An attractive gymnast, Alina joined the United Russia Party and became the member of parliament in 2007.

 1. Mara Rosaria Carfagna


Mara Rosaria Carfagna, currently hold the rank of Minister for Equal Opportunity in the Italian government. Popularly known as as “Mara La Bella” (“Beautiful Mara”), she has had a successful carrier in modeling in which she was particularly famous for her “topless model” image. In 2008, when she was appointed in the government as the Minister for Equal Opportunity by Silvio Berlusconi she took international and Italian media by storm due to her background. Although she has faced numerous allegations of secret affair with Berlusconi when he was the Prime Minister, she has simply refused to give in to the demands of her ouster from politics.

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