Top 10 Important Life Lessons we can Learn in College

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Somewhere or other, college is such a phase of our life which gives us a new meaning and a new direction. Some of us remember our college phase for the fun we had, some for the friends we made and some for the knowledge we acquired, some for the achievements and quite often some people have bad memories linked with it. But all in all, college period is a time which helps one to be what one is today. It is to an extent responsible for this. Here’s a list of ten lessons one can learn from his/her college life.


The P2s are actually the Personal and Professional life. It is natural to get busy in your life when you get in something whether it is college, job or any other thing. But one should not forget the ones who laid their foundation on the social front. Every person in your life plays very vital role. You maintain your professional as well as personal life in a balanced way as each life has its own beauty. As your professional life leads you to be successful in career,  personal life give you mental support and love. To be successful in life you need  loved ones, they are backbone for your future. Being in college , you understand what your family and friends really mean to you. Moreover when you see people whom you trusted the most, back biting you, you realize how special your loved ones are. And also you know the importance of your career and professional life. Thus college is where you get to balance the most important aspects of your life.


As it’s always seen quiet people have loudest minds, People who speak less achieve more and have more listeners as compared to who speak more. We all have learnt the quote “think before you speak” in our school life which is used in whole journey of our life. But all these sayings are well understood in college era. We get a better knowledge of what to speak and when to speak and where to speak. Also we learn being diplomatic in order to save ourselves from unwanted controversies. The college elections often help pupil to be the master of both words and silence. Working while keeping mouth shut is a good policy to carry throughout your life.


“One can cross an ocean without wetting his legs, but cannot cross the life, without wetting his eyes,” this is really a true quote. As we enter the college life, we meet many new people and lose contacts from many old. Some leave the cities, some move away, some change the streams and whatsoever. College helps us in coping with all such situations.
Taking the case of link ups for once, college helps to understand better on building relationships with teacher, friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend, seniors etc.
Talking about break ups, which really is not an easy task for many of us. College life teaches us a way to better adapt to these misfortunes and adjust with different people living around us and different conditions.


From celebrations to seminars, all things need to be planned. College is the exact place where you realize the real meaning of planning, its importance, how it can be done, its merits demerits and all. Starting from planning a birthday party for a friend, where to host the party, how to organize funds, managing time etc. All this helps us to learn the essence of planning which constitutes a great necessity of our daily life. You learn to plan effectively and execute accordingly. Sometimes, it’s the fests, sometimes it’s the reunions, sometimes the small college events and sometimes seminars- all this not adding just to your CVs but also to your skills.


It’s always good to play safe in terms of money. One should always plan their expenses before spending by keeping in mind how much your pocket allows. Being in college, you learn to manage your debts and finances in an optimum way. Sometimes, for managing the funds, college students opt for part time jobs, thus making them more responsible professional in some cases.


A famous quote says, “If you have an apple and I have an apple and we both exchange, then we both still have an apple each; but if you have an idea and I have an idea, and we both exchange, we both have two ideas each.” This exchange of ideas helps you to reconsider your thoughts and thus diversify your thinking. Sometimes being in the dilemma of thoughts, you talk to more people, surf the net and often land with different conclusions. You never know when your thoughts travel across minds, gender, regions, religion and often across borders.  this widens your thinking abilities, making you modern and open minded.


Problem never knock door before coming! They always come like a thunderstorm, so one should be prepared to face them. As we can’t calculate the probability of smooth path and rough path of our life, so we ought to be prepared for both. It is really the college life that teaches a person to handle such emergencies calmly without disturbing your whole life and people connected to your life.


‘Independence’ is what everybody desires and that’s what college life actually offers. This is because you have the freedom to do anything and nobody is there to stop you even. Such freedom not only allows you to make your own decisions, but makes you responsible too.
For an instance, being in a school, you would love to chose hanging out with friends than preparing for a class test; but being in college, you realize that entertainment is not just the way of life and thus you chose your freedom not to be misused, rather use it judiciously.


It’s true that personality plays a very vital role in our identity as a person. It’s true that Personality speaks for us. It is the college where the personality of a person takes an organized form, where a person learns to carry himself. Not just a person’s dress sense improve, but also the way he/ she ought to be, improves. One learns to communicate well, present himself well before others and many more.

1. YES, I CAN DO IT !!!

The best part about college is that it helps you gain confidence in yourself. College expands your knowledge not just theoretically but also it helps you to apply it in your lives. The projects, viva, presentations, competitions all help you to gain hold over your hesitation and develop smartly. its  is not realized  when compulsions change into compassion. This “I can do it” attitude nurtures and helps you to cross the various stages of life successfully. You learn to be bold enough in all that you say and all that you do. It helps you to recognize the ‘real you’. The college life actually lets you know that man has no limits. You can do all that you lust for, if you really work in the appropriate way. The college life turns ‘compulsory to do attitude’ in ‘passion to do style’.


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