Top 10 Important Things Children Learn in School

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Most of us may claim that college days are the most wonderful time of our lives but I have a different opinion, for me school days are actually the most wonderful time we may ever see in our life again. It was all about being oblivious about almost all the thing except your home and your parents and going to see what the outside world looks like. The school only form the first stairs to our life, teaches us a lot of things, be imaginative, have lots of fun with friends, playing, screaming, learning new things and so on. there is more my list can tell you to convince you about my second opinion.

10. Deal with  Bullies

Though most of us are quite afraid of encountering bullies, but we learn how to handle them during the course of school-time. Sometimes, we even learn lessons of courage even when we are unable to face those big-headed and dominating bullies.

9. Discipline

Being a student, you must have followed certain rules and regulations in your school. You have to maintain discipline in and around the school. You have to be punctual for the class. In this whole process, you learn etiquette which later on become indispensable requirement in your office life.

8. Handle Pressure

No matter how much you abhor it, you are bound to face exams after every regular intervals. Again there are days which can become a surprise test. So even if you are not fond of studies (which most of you would be), the cumulative pressure to perform and of being judged ultimately compels you to do hard-work. This helps us to sustain the pressure and still excel in such a competitive environment.

7. Responsibility

A student has to stay away from home in a school classroom be it for 6 hours or 8 hours. Thus this helps you to leave your home aside on daily basis (except those Sundays). So you tend to link yourself with your other world out there in your school which comprises your teachers, friends, classmates, staff members. You have to anyway leave home when you will get into a job or even when you go for higher studies in future. Thus school teaches you to handle yourself in the absence of your parents. In a way, it makes you responsible for those working hours at school.

6. Knowledge

You are there to learn about the basic fundamental which makes you liable to live in society. The knowledge and awareness which is cultivated since childhood via teaching-learning process is no less than a heritage. Your judgments are all evolving from whatever you learn at the primary level i.e school which actually makes you the person you are.

5. Explore New Challenges

As an assignments and group work, projects are generally allotted to students which make them to be ready to face new challenges, to think beyond texts, to explore new ideas while handling the project. Again you have trips, excursion which is organized in school where you discover new things, understands them.

4. Learning

How are you able to learn something? How are you able to recall anything? How are you able to develop those tactics to do it more efficiently? Most of you would certainly say that you have been doing this for past ‘n’ years. Since this learning process go hand in hand with the teaching process, so you learn how to learn in the school.

3.  Socializing

Being social animals, it’s natural to us to mingle with others of our age. Thus we make friends, sometimes enemies too! But that apart, we spend time with each other, know each other and thus learn more. You learn sharing lunch, your notebooks, stationary stencils etc. This develops qualities like cooperation in us.

2. Body Language

Though this may seem to be a little heavy word to be used for school days, but we actually begin here. Well, the way you talk and behave puts a first impression on the listener’s mind about your class/level. By class, I mean whether the person is worth talking or not. It is the school level only where we learn those small and lovely words like “Thank You” when someone helps us or gifts us something,” please” when we ask for something politely,  “Sorry” on committing mistakes ; these all helps us to gain respect in other’s eye, to live in a civilized society.

1. Patience and Perseverance

They say patience ans perseverance can overcome mountains. Indeed it is the key to success, we learn these qualities during our school days. In spite of lots of difficulties faced while solving some problems, these two things keeps us determined and faithful in our deeds. Remember those days when we used to keep trying to solve some algebra or calculus problem again and again and not giving up in one go. Thus school life fosters patience and perseverance in us.

These combined with a couple of other qualities eventually builds our whole personality; who we are, how do we think, how do we take decisions, where to go in life, how to handle a given situation.


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