Top 10 Important Tips for College Freshman

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You might be a topper in school. You might be a School pupil leader; you might be a member of honors club in school. And you might have passed your school with  92% or above marks. Does it matter when you step into the new place called “college”?  Actually, who dam cares about all your achievements, all they need is how you are in college at present. No one wants what you have done in school times neither wrong things nor good things. Remember the good deeds of your school do not apply automatically to your college.  College is entirely a new environment that has new set of rules and lifestyle.

You have to start your college with a clean academic certificate and in a happy note. You must start your new college life with a lot of confidence, courage and independence along with a myriad combination of critical decisions, because it the crucial time where you make your transition from child/teen to the matured adult. The way you respond, the decisions/oaths that you take and finally the actions that you implement in your first year will mark your college life indelibly. Here are some tips that might be helpful to you as a college freshman.

10) Do not Neglect beginning Orientations:

College oreintation

If you really want to learn and know interesting facts about the place (college) you are in, you must attend the orientation classes. You get that attachment and feel with the college and people out there, and even new friends who will be there with you forever.  So always get close to campus, people etc and also attend orientation classes.  Get to know the rules and regulations of the college and give a kick-start to your college life. . Ultimately by attending these classes it actually creates you an impression which will influence and affect you throughout your college life.   .

9) Find an ideal place:

Ideal place

Don’t take it other way. It is completely for study purpose. Yes, there has to be one favorite place of yours where you can spend both your good and bad times of your college life.  It may be a solitude place, haunted place, library’s corner place, canteen or elsewhere. Make sure it’s far away from all your distractions! It has to be your favorite place where you can share whatever you feel like be it happiness or sadness. Look for your favorite spot/place to share all your experiences, a place for you that gives you a sense of relief and happiness. Mind you! Find it fast.

8) Make friends and exchange numbers:


Always be a friendly. It is always good to have a confined group of friends to share your gains and bare your pains. So, interact with all your classmates be a good of all. Even though there is dangerous gang/group in your class. Just be a like a touch me not. You neither encourage them nor harm them. Stay away from their company and enjoy and spend some valuable time within your circle.  What’s next? Exchange your numbers; it not only gives you new friend/contacts but you will have someone who can help you out when you miss any classes or any other confusion related to academics. At the same time you must reciprocate and return the favor when they need it from you. Always share your notes. Sometimes, go for combined studies and discussions with your friends it helps a lot!

7) Stay in campus for a long time:

AG4CJ1 ASB79430 Sophia college building in Bombay now Mumbai Maharashtra India

It might be home sickness, a part time job, a relationship issues, etc. Try to stay in college for long time. Please do not sit and loiter in and around college, instead spend time wisely. Go to library read some books, gain knowledge as reading books widens your thought process. One best thing is be a part of sports team, play any game or sport. Stay fit and strong because a sound body is a sound mind. And another one is be a part of any forum where you learn something and develop new skills, especially social service organisations, wherein you get a chance to meet the people whom you can never meet again. By this you get socially aware and can become more honest and responsible student!

6) Be aware of academic adviser:

Academic advisor

He is the only important person who can play with you. He might be able to make your life fruitful or he may even ruin it. Because he is the only person who will help you with your course/academic conflicts, attendance issues, scheduling your timetables, classes, adding or dropping subjects, taking a stand on major and minor issues related to your academics. He or She is a key person for you in your entire college life, because he is whole and soul guide and head for you. If in case, you are not at all fine or adjusted with him, be open and free and take your trouble to you next higher authority and request him for change giving some valuable, true and genuine reasons.

5) Have a good relationship with your professors:

Professor and students

There are always positives and negatives in a professor. Ideal professors are rare just like ideal students. So take positive energy from them and ignore the rest. Always meet your professors, because they have hell lot of experience and the guidance from them is the best that you can ever get, meet them after your class hours, share your thoughts, happy moments and difficulties if there are any. But remember never take too much space as teacher is a teacher and a student is student. In precise, always build a strong bondage with your teachers and crate a good impression. Try yourself to be a best student and keep it up.

4) Balance your college life:

Balanced College life

College life teaches you everything. And it always has both good and bad, and always takes you towards the good way and try to learn something. College life is a building path for your later achievements. Life in college is a mixture of academics, extracurricular activities and social responsibilities. Hence always balance it, do not be tipped on any side. Stay normal, balance your works and manage your time. Our motto must be study hard and play hard.

3) Keep up your good grades or strive for it:  

Grades and marks

You are here to study right? One must continue the flow and rate of scoring good grades, marks and percentage. You might have topped in your in your entire school life. Every time it may not may be the same. Education gets tougher as it goes higher and higher. If you are the one who was moderate in school level. Then you can prove yourself more by achieving good grades and getting into good projects.  So try to get good marks and do some good projects. You are judged by your marks and the works you have done. So always set some goals and work on it. Give your best shot and prove yourself. You have to start in 1 year itself but not at the time when you are leaving college.

2) Money, don’t spend too much:

Too much money spending

Just that you are into new place. Do not spend your money like that. You should have a track on what you are spending and why you are spending. Create a small budget book and count your expenses frequently and timely. This is how you create a small budge, self budget.  If you have never done this, it is time for you to follow this. Remember you are spending your parent’s money and not yours. Do not spend it for unnecessary things; instead spend it for things which are really helpful to you no matter what cost it is for certain extent. Depend on notes than on plastic cards. Paper matters a lot than plastics cards. So spend wisely and effectively do not waste your money. Instead save it and use it for some good needs!

1) Health is wealth:

Health is wealth

It is a very common for first year students, home sickness in other words. The food is the spoil spot for this health issue. Sometimes it is very difficult to get adjusted to the food. In beginning it is very tough, as a fresher you should get out of this as soon as you can. With the adaptation of mind adapting your body to a new place also counts a lot. A lot of first year students suffer and some even leave the college and go away because of this reason. To overcome all this, sleep well, take a proper diet food, avoid junk and rat vitamin and protein dominated food anywhere (hostel, canteen or outside) and be happy. Never get addicted to bad food habits. Health matters a lot for each and every freshman. Once you overcome this you will have a fruitful and healthy college life! If possible manage your time and go to gym. Stay fit, eat well, be healthy, be happy and cherish your college life.


Conclusion: This article is all about some tasks and certain tips we need to follow not only to survive as a freshman of the college, but to have a fruitful and memorable college life. These are some rules which have to be followed always to lead a better, effective and successful college life. After all, college is a life of its own!


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