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Born February 1988, Jiah Nafisa Khan was an Indian Actress.  She was brought was up in London but she moved to Mumbai, India in order to pursue her career as an actress. She made her debut with the movie “Nishabd” starring opposite to Amitabh Bachan in 2007 at the age of 18. Her role in the movie was quite bold and her performance was highly appreciated. Next year she appeared in Aamir Khan’s movie Ghajni, which was the biggest blockbuster ever. In 2010 she made a guest appearance in the movie House full opposite Akshay Kumar. This was her last appearance in the film industry. She did not appear in other movie after that. Her career in bollywood was short lived and very brief just like her life. She ended her life by hanging herself to death in her own apartment on June 3rd 1988.

Suicide note was neither found nor any other evidence. It was her mother who found Jiah dead in the apartment, when she was taken to the hospital it was announced that she is already dead. Her death remains a mystery, a horrible haunting mystery. The police have investigated the maid, watchman and her friends but were unable to find anything. There are can be two possible reasons for her death, either it can be her dooming career in bollywood or it can be the end of her relationship with her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. Nasifa wanted to be an actress since she was a child, but seeing that her career was going nowhere had made her very depressed, she had recently given an audition in Hyderabad which did not go very well. Sources also says that she was very upset that her relationship with Suraj as she was very possessive about him.

All these things are just assumptions; no one knows what were those things which drove nafisa to such extremism that she actually killed herself. People who remember her remark her as a very charming, happy and full of life girl. She was very beautiful and talented; her death is a very big stigma on bollywood, for one big reason for her death is her failure in bollywood. Though her life journey was very brief, yet she lived it in a very beautiful way. The qualities which she had were remarkable and people yet do not know what nafisa was like. The top 10 Jiah Nafisa Khan facts are:

10. She was a trained opera singer:

Apart from acting, singing was something jiah was very much found of. She was a trained opera singer and she was so talented that only at the age of 16, she had already recorded 6 pop tracks. Also she wanted to release an album of her own which she wanted to be a mix of Madonna and Britney but destiny did not approve of it. This wish of her was left unfilled due to her sudden death.

9. Expert Dancer:

Nafisa was an expert dancer; she took dance lesson from an early age. She was highly skilled in many genres of dances including Belly dancing, Lambda, Salsa, Kathak, Jazz and Samba. It’s a pity that such a skilled dancer could not make her place in bollywood and was urged to take such a massive step.

8. Always the first choice:

Many people do not know about this jiah khan was to make her debut at the age of 16 with the movie “tumsa nhi dekha”opposite to Imran Khan but then she thought that the role was too mature for her and passed it on. She was then replaced by Dia mirza. After that for the Movie “Dance pe chance”, she was the first choice but due to some reasons she was then replaced by Genelia Dsouza.

7. Background:

Jiah Nafisa Khan was born in New York on February 20th 1988 but she grew up in London where she attended Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Manhattan. There she studied work of Shakespeare and learned advanced skill of Acting. She then quit the institute when she received a movie offer and came to Mumbai. She has 2 sisters. She lived in Mumbai with her mother, who had come from London to live with her few months ago after jiah’s first suicide attempt in November 2012.

6. Her mother was an actress:

Her Mother is Rabiya Amin who was once a bollywood actress but her career was very brief. Rabiya is only remembered for the movie “Dulha Bikta hai” by Tahir Hussain in which she appeared. The story of the movie revolves around a guy Deepak who decides two marry two girls in order to get enough dowries so that he could marry off his own two sisters. He also plans to carry on with his own girlfriend.

5. Boyfriend Suraj Pancholi:

Actress jiah Nafisa khan was in a relationship with her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi for the past one year. Suraj pancholi is an upcoming actor and is the son of the actor Aditya Pancholi, Sources say that she was very possessive about suraj and she was very sad due to the end of her relationship with suraj. When police investigated her phone, they found that Jiah has spoken to him a couple of times before her death. The last call lasted 2 minutes which was made few minutes before she hanged herself to death, Suraj remains in the serious suspect behind Jiah’s death, he along with his parents was questioned for hours in the juhu police station. It is also assumed she had a romantic relationship with a jeweler Neelu as well but he is no suspect in jiah’s sudden death.

4. Nominated for best debut actress:

She was nominated for the best debut actress after her appearance in the movie nishabd. But the competition was really tough as many other young and talented actress made their debut in the same year. Among those actresses, one was deepika pandukone. Jiah lost the best debut actress award to Deepka pandukone. There is no doubt that nafisa was a brilliant actor, but the competition which she had was very tough.

3. She was PETA ambassador:

PETA stands for people for the ethical treatment of animals, it is an American Animal rights organization, and it is lead by Ingrid Newkrik. PETA is non profitable organization with 300 employees and has 3 million supporters. It was founded in 1980 by Ingrid and Alex Pacheco. It is one of the active animal rights organizations for they also work undercover to find out how exactly the animals are being treated. Jiah was the official ambassador for PETA and appeared in various advertisement of the organization.

2. She was depressed about work:

Despite the fact that she was a thrilling actress, her career was not on the right track. She had a very nice starting making with the debut with amitabh bachan and then appearing in the movie Ghajni with Aamir Khan. The third movie in which she appeared house full went very well. But after house full she did not appear in any movie and did not receive any decent offer. It was now more than 2 years that she had not done any movie and she was very much depressed about it. She very badly wanted to return to the film industry as acting was the only thing she ever wanted to do.

1. Real name:

Her real birth name was Nafisa khan, but in her debut movie nishabd she played the character of a girl named Jiah. It was after the movie that she changed her name to Jiah. But last year in 2012 she switched back to her birth name Nafisa khan. But she is still remembered as jiah khan in the heart of her fans.


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