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The Halo of angel replaced by the awe-inducing peacock feather and the melodious flute in place of swords and shields, fighter stance replaced by one foot on ground and other bent slightly. This is perhaps the most loved Gods of Hinduism. Lord Krishna is not just looked upon as a protector, he is a savior, friend, philosopher, fighter, romantic and everything you want from the One and lot more than you can ever dream of. Few of the Life facts of Lord Krishna are listed as follows.

10. Death


After the great war, Gandhari anathematized Lord Krishna that his kingdom will perish by flood with his people killing them. Gandhari was ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu ( and Krishna as he is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu ) and hence the curse was pre-destined, part of bigger picture. After 36 years of war, the wheels of time turned and true to the curse chain of events led to Yadavs killing themselves. This was again put into place by lord himself, for he prayed for a son like Lord Shiva, God of destruction. His son started the chain of events which eventually destroyed Dwarka. Seeing the destruction Lord Krishna went away with his brother and the river consumed Dwarka, as per the curse. Balaram vexed from the disaster sat in mediation and was taken away by Adisesha( Balaram was incarnation of Adisesha ) This lead Lord Krishna to move towards his end as human form. Krishna was killed by a simple hunter’s arrow. This arrow was part of the mysticism which destroyed Dwarka. The hunter was destined to be the one who ends Krishna’s human form. It was Lord Vishnu himself in his earlier incarnation, Lord Rama, had granted Angada the boon to kill his father’s killer which happened to be Lord Vishnu himself. The Equality in life and death is mesmerizing for the law is followed to the dot in multiple aspects, the more you think the more sense it makes.

9. Mahabharata


The King of Dwarka was a deadly and powerful ruler whom one would not want as a war opponent. In battle of Kurukshetra both kauravas and pandavas came to seek his help in war. Arjuna sat at lord Krishna s feet while He was asleep, Duryodhana sat beside him. When Lord woke up, he noticed Arjuna first and as Arjuna was younger Krishna gave him the option to choose first, either Narayan himself sans any weapons and vow to not fight or the narayani Army of over 10 Lakh Soldiers who could rival Krishna himself, with all their weapons. Arjuna chooses his friend philosopher and guide over the army. Krishna later became charioteer for Arjuna. Krishna guided Arjuna through his painful dilemma of fighting his teacher, Bhishma Pitamah, Uncles and cousins cousins. The Bhagavad Gita was this guidance and has been a powerful and all consuming answer for any question anyone may come across. Krishna helped Arjuna keep his vow of killing the killer of his son Abhimanyu, Jayadratha. Arjuna vowed to kill Jayadratha within one day of Jayadratha killing Abhimanyu and in case he failed Arjuna promised to kill himself. As the protective layers around Jayadratha were multiplied, Arjuna couldn’t reach him. Seeing this Lord Krishna used Sudarshana Chakra to create solar eclipse and assuming it to be after sunset Jayadratha came out and taunted Arjuna at this defeat. Krishna then cleared the sky and in presence of sun Arjuna came true on his words. The warrior Karna could rival Arjuna on field and Krishna, with help of Indra had Karna handover his amour. As Arjuna s charioteer he sunk the chariot down so that Karna s bharamastra could not reach its aim, i.e. Arjuna’s neck. The Mahabharata would have been different without Krishna is an understatement .

8.Wives and Gopikas


With 8 queens, Ashta-Bharyas or Patt-Rani, and over 16100 Gopikas, Lord Krishna has over 16108 wives in all. We have many different branches of thought here. The base remains that the 16100 were in fact prisoners of Narakasura. When Krishna defeated Narakasura the princesses were free. Having been ostracized from society the free prisoners sought Krishna’s help and He being the generous and righteous King gave them the title of his Queen. The branches are as follows, some people believe that Krishna never married the 16000 princes, they were his Gopikas. As nuns wear the ring as symbol of their commitment to their Lord, they marry the lord in a sense. The people of this thought believe that the 16000 brides are similar to the above ideology. Another set believes that as Vishnu-ji in His previous birth as Lord Rama were believer and practitioner of monogamy, Lord Vishnu blessed the women wishing to be Rama s wife with a boon that the wish would be fulfilled in their later birth with Lord Vishnu next avatar. Many sages thus prayed to be Lords companion and hence Lord Krishna had 16000 wives. The Belief in every thought is the same, it is that Lord Krishna is ideal example of giving women a stand in the society, as the evil they face are not their fault and doesn’t licence the social ban.

7. Kans Mama


Perhaps the most known and celebrated act of Lord Krishna was Battle with his maternal uncle.  Kansa was Prince of Mathura and brother of Krishna’s birth Mother Devaki. Kansa overthrew his father’s reign and settled on the throne of Mathura, arranged his own coronation and thus became the King. The father Ugrasena was thrown in prison. The Divine prophecy said that Kans would meet his end at the hands of his sisters eight child. Fearing the worst, Kansa imprisoned his sister and killed all her six children as soon as they were born. The seventh was Balaram and was shifted to Rohini’s womb. The eight child was Krishna and was saved and shipped off to Gokul to be raised by Nanda and Yashodha. As predicted, Krishna returned to Mathura, defeated the Kansa and reinstated King Ugrasena. Thus the kingdom of Mathura was safeguarded and destiny fulfilled.

6. Childhood victories


The fight with Kansa was ante-ceded by many other fights which are fondly looked upon as the Lords greatness. Few well known are as follows. The demon Putna was sent to kill Krishna as a baby. Dressed as a wet-nurse she approached Yashodha and asked permission to feed infant Krishna. The little boy then sucked the life out of her and hence Putna meet her end. The maternal act of feeding by Putna was rewarded by Lord Krishna and hence Putna achieved salvation. Snake Demon Aghasura was Putna’s brother . To avenge the death of Putna, Aghasura opened his mouth wide as cave mouth and lured the kids inside him. When Krishna came to know about this, he liberated both the kids and the serpent. Another victory was with multi-headed serpent Kaliya. Kaliya poisoned waters of Yamuna and when Krishna decided to end the terror the inhabitants of Vrindaban were apprehensive about losing the beloved Child. However Krishna being himself, tamed the serpent and rid the river of its poison. This is among few of the childhood victories of Lord Krishna.

5. Spells of Innocence and Mysticism


Lord Krishna was a mischievous child to say the least! Makhan-chor, as we fondly call him, the churned butter was tied high up to save it from the little tyke, nonetheless Krishna found a way around with sling-shots and continued antics to rile-up gopis. To save the village from the havoc that rain caused, courtesy of Lord Indra, Krishna picked up the mighty Goverdhan mountain on his pinkie finger. As a kid once Yashodha-maiya tried to tie him with a piece of rope to keep him from running away and getting into troubles. The rope wouldn’t fit him and fell short. This kept happening with every size of rope. Mesmerized Yashodha-maiya saw into Krishna’s open mouth to see the whole universe in baby Krishna’s mouth . No one escaped the innocent smile, disarming charm and beauty of the dusky child. Songs  are written today to celebrate the playfulness with the gopis, love with Radha and maternal bliss of Yashodha and Devki. Everyone smiles at the thought of Lord Krishna and that says everything about the lovable Lord.

4. Love struck Ladies.


Radha is well known to be the childhood love of Krishna. Every romantic artist worth his dime creates a testimony  to Krishna with Radha. However they were never married. Krishna left Vrindaban for his education and destiny and Radhe-Krishna became the backdrop of literature. Many women were infatuated with Krishna and fell in love with Him. History remembers Radha and later Meera. Meerabai was a princess of Rajasthan who became so en-captured by the statue that she never let it away from her sight till her last breath. Devotional songs and movies have portrayed these stories since then and till date.

3. The way we see Krishna


Picture Lord Krishna. Handsome posture, blue skinned, peacock feather on head, yellow dhoti, one feet firmly on ground and other slightly pointed towards the sky and of course the flute. Now let’s break it all down. Blue color symbolizes the endless and infinite sky. Our Lord is powerful beyond our comprehension in every aspect be it love or strength or compassion. The King has crowns decorated by jewels, the crown is responsibility and in itself is work of art and heavy because of the precious stones. Lord Krishna shoulders the responsibility of universe and the peacock feather represents the point of view of Krishna towards this responsibilities, feather light! The Flute is epitome of melody and calmness which is again seen by the tiny smile on the face. The posture is symbolic of being grounded and high flying at the same time. Its balance between dream and reality, the way of life taught by the Krishna.

2. Friendship


Famous tale of Sudama and boiled rice. In the learning phase Krishna and Sudama were fast friends. Once when they were in the forest together, having spent the whole day there, both children were hungry. Sudama however requested to finish off Krishna’s food as well. For his friend Krishna gave it up. In later phase of life when Sudama was ridden with poverty he approached his childhood friend on insistence of his family. Sudama took boiled rice for the King of Dwarka and as Krishna ate individual grains of rice, Sudama’s house is said to transform and fill with wealth. However Sudama felt guilty of approaching Krishna for monetary reasons and hence he spent his life outside the mansion, away from the wealth and sticking to the olden way of life.

1. Companion


The flute is always there when we picture Krishna. The flute is said to awaken the birds a melody so surreal that people stopped mid-way to just listen to the music. It is said that Radha herself didn’t like Krishna’s love for flute. The jealousy was well known and chuckled at. The different view of flute is that it always has seven holes. Krishna flows through the flute and they are an entity in them-self. Human is laced with seven deadly sins and when we fight the seven sins, Krishna flows through us and we get the sweet release after death. The flute is more than forest reed, it’s our way to ‘moksha’


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    February 5, 2014 3:05 pm

    please do not misunderstand gopika’s. they were his friends, aunt’s. Krishna left brindavanam by the age 13. so, there will not be any sexual sphere as some of us imagine. 16000 ladies were prisoners and given respect in the society as lord Krishna’s wives. the real wives of lord Krishna were 8 only.

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