Top 10 Lowest Paying Jobs in the World

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We all need money for our living. Money helps us to buy food, clothing and shelter which are an important aspect for survival. Some people have access to resources and can earn money easy way, but situations are not similar for everyone and thus some people have to work really hard to get even a single meal per day. Education also plays an important role in earning money. Higher educated people can get good jobs with high pay and they even have access to pay raise and more career opportunities whereas people with less qualifying degrees do not have access to all these advantages. They have to put in a lot of hard work and have to work all day and night and even on holidays to earn their living. There are many jobs which even after giving in a lot of input do not give the desired income. This article consists of the top 10 lowest paying jobs in the world.


dry cleaners

Dry cleaners have to perform many duties such as they have to firstly sort the garments according to the color and then hang them accordingly. Then they have to look out for stains in the garments and have to perform stain removal techniques suiting the type and nature of the stain. They have to then perform dry cleaning and wet cleaning of the clothes without damaging or destroying the garment. Knowledge of operating the machines is essential. They finally have to iron the garment with care. They have to perform all these tasks as per the instructions given by the customers and also have to maintain the standards of their company. Customer satisfaction is very important in this job. Even after doing so much of hard work, they get very little salary.


amusement park attendants

Duties and responsibilities of amusement park attendants require attentiveness as even a small mistake can lead to big consequences. They have to make people aware of the rules and regulations of the rides, so that people enjoy the rides safely. They have to provide sports equipment to the people and have to maintain the record of all the sports equipment supplied. Basically, an amusement park attendant must have knowledge about the public security and safety and must deliver customer services with great quality and customer satisfaction. So, an amusement park attendant has to perform a lot of physical and as well as have to take care of our safety and most importantly have to make our visit to a recreational park enjoyable and memorable. But, the outcome that is the income after applying a lot of hard work is very less and thus this job is one among the lowest paid jobs.


restaurant hostesses

Since, the first person we interact with, when we enter a restaurant is a restaurant hostess, so it makes this job a quite important one as the behavior and way of treating the guests by the restaurant hostess will determines the popularity of the restaurant. Restaurant hostess represents the overall staff and service of the whole restaurant. Basically, her behavior gives an indication of the overall hospitality. It is very important, that the hostess, regardless of any circumstances have to be polite to the guests. She has to keep the record of the waiting list of the guests, have to book reservations, attend the phone calls, monitors the open tables and have to make the guests seated according to the estimated waiting times of the arriving guests and then have to take then give the responsibility of the guests to the food server. All these duties, though seems very simple but requires patience and dealing with different people having different temperament. But, regardless of all this, this job provides very less income.


counter attendants

Coffee shop counter attendant is one of the lowest paying jobs of the world. It does not require any educational qualifications of any type of experience. People usually do this job either as a part time to manage their expenses or to acquire customer service experience. Job description of coffee shop counter attendants requires standing on the feet for the whole time during the job and attending the customers with polite behavior and then delivering the orders accurately. They also have to occasionally lift heavy loads from one place to another. So, despite of requiring physical strength this job provides very little salary. Their wages can vary depending upon the tips, but even then it is very low.



Dishwashers are those persons who clean the dishes and utensils by their hands and then place those cooking utensils in orderly manner in the storage areas. They have to keep the kitchen clean and in proper condition by sweeping the floors. They also have to sort the trash and then place it at the pickup areas as designated. They also have to keep the garbage cans clean. There are many more responsibilities and duties that they have to perform, but even so much of hard work do not provide them with a good income and thus this job is one among the lowest paying jobs of the world.



Cobbler sometimes also known as a shoemaker have to perform various tasks such as repairing damaged shoes using either knife or hammer or tack puller or prying tool or any other hand tools. He also mends shoes by stitching the broken parts or by filling holes by using wax filler. Basically, he either replaces the damaged parts or repairs them so that the shoes or slippers becomes brand new once again and can be worn once again. Mending shoes is also an art and requires practice and talent. But, this talent does not pay off very well and gives a very low income.



Shampooers are appointed in beauty parlors and have to perform certain specified tasks such as massaging, shampooing and conditioning the customer’s hair. They have to treat the hair according to the nature and type of hair and have to advice the customer about the same treatment. They must be aware of the different treatment available for the hair loss and other scalp problems. Basically, they are in charge of the hair treatment and must possess knowledge about all hair problems. But, even after having so much of knowledge, their pay is very less which makes this job one among the lowest paying jobs.


bartender helpers

Bartender helper have t perform many tasks such as cleaning the bar and the bar equipments and refilling the bar supplies. He has to even mop the floor and remove the empty cans and bottles to the trash and then even have to empty the trash. Since this job do not requires any educational degree, so it gives very little income to the one performing this job.


fast food cooks

Fast food cooks are not only responsible for cooking but have to perform many other tasks. They have to keep the utensils and food preparation areas clean so that safety, health and sanitation standards at the workplace can be maintained and the food cooked can thus be hygienic and is of good quality. They also have to operate grills and griddles in large volumes. They even have to take orders from the customers and receive their payments. They have to cook the food according to the instructions given and also have to maintain the quality of the food. Regardless of so much of duties, they are not able to earn more and their income is thus very less.



Food preparation staff is the one which do the chopping and slicing of the vegetables and prepares food according to the instructions of the supervisors. Apart from this they also clean the dishes, serve the food to the customers and store the food to prevent it from spoiling. They basically help the chefs and follow their orders. But, all this hard work is not well paid off and their salary is very less.


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