Top 10 Lucrative Jobs that Students take to Pay for College

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If you set back and think about it college is perhaps the most euphoric phase of one’s life and the ground reality is that is also the most expensive because your bank statement shows more debits in a week and credits make a monthly appearance. No one quite frankly would opt for a debt weighing them down on their graduating ceremony. This is a universal problem then and students all over have devised new ways to pay off their college debt or at least tame those bills. Here are 10 things starting from a normal ones and ending on the one society labels as ‘extreme’


10) Ghost Writer


Ghost writing is one lucrative opportunity to put your writing skills at work and fish out some capital from the burgeoning publishing market. The celebrities, Political leaders, business executives and whoever that is extremely influential and too busy to be able to pen down one aspiring autobiography (which is also deemed to be as some sort of landmark of a successful life) and need someone to convert their rambunctiousness rants into something that strikes a chord with the readers and their followers, hire professional ghostwriters. But if you are just starting you could easily land up an $4,000- $5,000 deal for a 250 pages book, if you have had some prior experience. And the only drawback? If it gets famous you won’t be called for or you might get yourself into a mess akin to Robert Harris’ ghost. But hey whatever pays for that degree.

9) Food Taster


The palate rules and no it doesn’t like Ramen three times a day or the cold pizza on day-offs. When you can’t get the sumptuous home-food to gorge on and you take to eat out and make it a point to try what is new on the menu of your favorite diner, every weekend because it is the best you can get closer to home-food, then being a food taster could be your call.  And it just doesn’t include sumptuous delicacies but drinks as well. You will probably need to work on your sensory skills (read odor and taste recognition). An amateur food taster may not get much but saying no to ‘Free Food’ in college could very well be labeled as a gross blasphemous act. Wait did I add you could be an ice-cream taster too? See now that got you thinking.

8) Sperm donor


Just imagine how many dollars passes through your hands every-day. You can get 50$ for something you do in the privacy of your room. And if you are not that outgoing then you could get yourself a DIY kit that is easily available in any leading medical stores and auction your sperm sample on the internet. College going students makes approximately 70-90 % of the sperm donating group. So if you thought it’s an outlandish suggestion you probably underestimated it. Although Sperm donation still falls a bit behind surrogacy and hymen auctions on capital grounds but being paid for every time that you get bored and went for a left hand internet surfing spree is a way better deal than the emotional meltdown  the fairer sex has to undergo.

7) Mystery Shopper

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Getting paid to spend seems about right to explain the mystery shopper. If you are a shopaholic and shopping is your only stimulant and drug then you could try registering yourself with any mystery shopping site and guard your watch for opportunities that suits your need. Once hired you just have to carry out the exact procedure set up by your employee and give a detailed feedback at the end of your experience which is what you generally do whenever you step out of the store either to yourself (am not coming back what a horrible staff) or to your group of friends (The have such out of fashion clothes), so you get the idea, Right!. Although from a monetarily perspective Mystery shopping might lack a bit on your expectation scale but if you have been taking your wallet for a number of expensive dinners then this might just be thing for you.

6) Body part model


Can’t get enough of people complementing you on how mesmerizing your eyes are or how photoshopped your abs look oh and what’s the secret being your smooth locks following your command and never go astray? Go ahead and model that most complement fetching body part of yours. Print media and TV ads are on a constant lookout for that one perfect feature. Flawless, unblemished and sans- scars Hands, Torso, Feet and Facial features are the most commonly captured body parts. You can get anywhere around $600 dollars for a day’s shoot. Take Ashly Covington for instance, she is a hand model and earns $1,200 a day and she doesn’t have to lift a finger. Although, she did lift an apple, for the popular cover of the infamous Twilight Book series. She charges her fans $30 for one photograph of her well *hands.

5) Freeze Modeling


Ever sat straight faced through a lecture struggling not to fall off your chair or descend into the 40 winks. Then you should definitely try Freeze Modeling because if that’s what you are good at why wouldn’t you rather make money from it?

Live mannequin was a brilliant idea, remember those hot Abercrombie & Fitch models although they interacted with swooning girls so it won’t really come under the rubric of Freeze modeling but live modeling not only provides an edge in advertising but it can also be labeled as a fresh approach for interacting with potential customers. It doesn’t take much effort or time. All of you have to do is stand poker face for an hour in a position that you find aesthetically comfortable, while you could choose shades for a more frozen look. It can get you paid a minimum $100 for putting up an hour’s show.

4) Egg donation


Despite the racial disparity in seeking eggs donators, egg harvesting continues to be a remunerative option. While the Asian women get paid around $10,000 to $20,000 dollars, see now where those straight As can get you, those belonging to other ethnic groups can easily make around $6,000. Although there are a number of women who do it for pure altruistic motive but in most of the case it is backed by a monetary need. A business major at San Diego Mesa College claims to have donated her eggs thrice for a total of $26,000. Moreover if you are Chinese and pursuing a majors in a subject that demands a higher intellectual level then you can easily call for a $50,000 to $1,00,000 bet deep down everyone wants their children to be Asian(ically) multi-talented.

3) Surrogacy


Late pregnancies almost seem to be a prevalent trend owing to the hectic lifestyles and weak sperm-counts thus; surrogacy naturally becomes a viable option. Moreover it even proves to be afeasible option for the same-sex couples. It is basically an arrangement to carry and deliver for an individual or a couple on selfless grounds or for some compensation. Those lobbying against however simply deem it as a callous womb renting act. But the compensation provided and added preference for young women has made it a productive opportunity for those driven by monetary motives. While a new surrogate can get a compensation of $30,000 with added allowance like life and health insurance and other surrogacy related expenses, an experience surrogate can command a compensation of $65,000. South East Asian countries seem to becoming a whole new surrogacy market which is indeed a disturbing trend.

2) Virginity


Virginity or hymen auction as the media termed it started when the Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini put up her virginity for auction in order to pay for her college fees, it created a furor and many an eyebrows were raised beyond the scalp threshold. Although it was meant to be a part of a documentary and she said the donations would go for her tuitions and the rest straight to charity (these claims were to be countered by her sister later). Her virginity was finally reported to be sold at an staggering $ 7,80,000 to a mystery man who went by the name of Natsu although there were rumors of a fallout between her and her agent regarding the authenticity of the deal and she switched to playing a duped victim. Nevertheless it inspired a lot of people to consider it, including a man named Alex Stepanov, for whom the bidding only reached $ 3,000.

1) Be a Lab rat


Being a lab rat is a lifestyle people are increasingly opting for in the harsh economic conditions and it pays you gracefully for it as well although there is no price tag on one’s life. A compensation of $6,000 for a month and all your medical expenses covered is apparently what the pharmaceutical companies compensate you with. Mckinley-Campbell did a 14 days stint at pharmaceutical’s R & D facility for drugs  and by the end of it had $ 3,000 for his GRE prep course and university’s application fee.  Although you may find it a little meddlesome to tackle the glances thrown at your track marks and may not want to sleep everyday feeling like a guinea pig and wishing to wake up safe next morning.



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