Top 10 Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon

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Nature has its own harsh and sweet truths, its own rules and its own characteristics. No doubts nature is powerful and more powerful than any living being. Probably nature is the only force that surpasses human beings in power. No human being can ever be supreme to natural forces. Nature plays its own games with its own policies. These are clustered together to be called natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon is not an engineered event manufactured by humans, although it may affect them. All of what nature has is obviously magnificent and brilliant. But it has its own share of the best attributes and processes. Below is a list of the Ten Most Amazing Natural Phenomenon

10. Pathogens


Scientifically a pathogen is a microorganism in the widest sense, such as a virus, bacterium, prion, or fungus that causes disease in its host. The host may be animals, humans, plants, or even another microorganism.Keep a piece of bread uncovered, untouched for a few days and see nature’s magic. It catches Fungus. A virus or bacteria can make you fall terribly ill. You will hardly know when it affects you. Fungus, Virus, Bacteria, etc are microorganisms that are nature’s one of the most amazing and strange things. They are harmful generally but also useful sometimes, like yeast is used in food preparations of some sorts. This diversity and effectiveness of pathogens surely make it an amazing natural phenomenon.

9. Water Cycle/ Thunder and Lightning

water cycle or thunder and lightning

Another remarkable and one of its kind of natural phenomenon is water cycle. The process of evaporation, condensation, cloud formation, rain and rainbow is simply amazing. Thunder and lightning add to its uniqueness. These are processes happening ever since the world was formed. The amazement in this phenomenon lies in it orderliness. The whole process had being occurring since the world was created and the order has been uninterrupted and undisturbed. It is wonderful to see how the process is naturally scientifically organized. It happens day after day endlessly in the same manner. And this makes it an amazing natural phenomenon.

8. Sunrise/ Sunset

sunrise or sunset

If you ask people generally what is that they love the most in nature, many nature lovers will come up with the same answer, i.e. sunset and sunrise. The way the earth revolves and with its rotation occurs day and night, and the universal rule that the sun rises in the east and sets in west is phenomenal. This whole process of day and night is one of the greatest things in the nature. It occurs naturally and like the water cycle this too is a very planned, sensible and scientific natural incident. The yellowish orange hue of sun that spreads across the sky during both sunset and sunrise is beautiful. The beauty with sensibility of this natural process makes it an amazing phenomenon of nature.

7. Water/Waves/Snow

water or waves or snow

The entire North Pole is snow, the area being 4,261 m deep as measured in 2008. While water covers 70% of the earth. Snow in itself has many incredible forms like snow rollers, snow donut, snowflakes etc and water is there in the form of seas, oceans, glaciers, rivers etc. Water bodies in themselves have amazing characters like waves and tides. All these are just forms of water, frozen or liquid or semi frozen. This variety of water and extensiveness of its presence makes for one of the most unique and unbelievable trends of nature.

6. Eclipses


An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer.Eclipse is another marvelous happening of nature. It is natural and strange. Eclipse is a phenomenon one of its kind. It is of two types. One is solar eclipse and the other is lunar eclipse. The solar eclipse is the process when the moon passes between the sun and earth and blocks the sun completely bringing darkness to the sky. While Lunar eclipse is the process in which the moon passes behind the earth’s umbra. Certainly these events take place naturally. These are totally behind control and anticipation of human beings. Though it has its own share of scientific reasons the incredulities of its genuineness cannot be escaped. Thus making it another amazing natural phenomenon.

5. Stars/ Comets

stars or comets

Stars are one of those rare things that fascinate little toddlers and grown ups equally. For kids stars are a fascination, for lovers stars are a romantic thing, for dreamers stars are an inspiration, for artist stars are a muse and so on. Stars are not mere celestial bodies far away in the sky but they have various significances in our life. For instance, stars are in clusters called constellations and we all have a unique astrological relationship with them. Also nature sometimes shows its miracles when a star falls i.e. a comet occurs.  Stars are uncountable. They are wonderful. Stars therefore are no doubts one of those natural phenomenon that is distinct and amazing.

4. Reproduction


The Scientific definition for reproduction can be – Reproduction is the biological process by which new “offspring” i.e. individual organisms are produced from their “parents”. It is another major natural phenomenon. Every living being has their own methods given to them naturally. This is the process of origination and continuity of life. Every living being, be it human beings, plant or animals have their own way of procreating. This course of life giving, is unquestionably something that is a gift of nature. Nature has logically endowed and embellished every living being with their own reproductive systems and methods that is exclusive and appropriate. Hence reproduction is a natural phenomenon that is surely amazing.

3. Natural Disasters

natural disasters

The recent mishap in Kedarnath, the nine years old mishap in Andaman and the twelve years old incident in Bhuj, are enough to remind one of nature’s power and strength. The massive destructions that a natural disaster like flood, tsunami, earthquake, landslides, cyclone, avalanche, drought, hurricane, volcanic eruptions etc can cause are mournful yet unavoidable. These times remind us of how we are trapped in nature’s powerful claws that are otherwise negligibly visible. Indeed Natural Disasters are one of the greatest and unparalleled natural phenomenons.

2. Ageing (Life Cycle)

ageing (life cycle)

William Shakespeare’s monologue speech from As you Like It, famously known as a poem called Seven Ages of Life, talks about the stages of a man’s life, namely, infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, pantaloon, and old man which leads to consequent death. Ageing is what every living being has to face. We come in the world and live our life but with each day that passes by we age and eventually die. This is life. This is the fate common to everyone who takes birth. We all know we have to grow old with every passing minute. This is the truth of life. Life cycle therefore is a natural phenomenon like none other.

1. Death


What is the truth everyone surely believes in? Some may not believe in science, some may not believe in philosophy. Some may not believe in god, some may not believe in destiny. But there is only one such existence that everyone believes in. It is Death. The concept of death is that we all have to die one day, we are all mortals. Nature has established this truth which everyone follows. Death is nature’s only phenomenon that is exact, unargued and absolute, hence, making it the most amazing natural phenomenon.


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