Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

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Life on earth is really short and there is just too much too see. Let’s be honest all of us have one or more “dream destinations”, the places that we wish to visit before we die. And really we would consider ourselves very lucky and would consider our lives successful if we happen to visit our dream destinations one day. The beauty of a country depends on various factors and aspects. It is not only about the beautiful landscapes, mountains and rivers only. It is really a lot more than that. It is also about the people that inhabit there. It is about the history that is attached to various places of importance. It is about the streets and culture, the local food shops and street foods. It is also about the traditional dresses and the dialect. It is about the day to day lives of the people and learning about that. While some of the tourists worry ad care more about the sceneries and natural characteristics of a country, some on the other hand are attracted towards the human side of things. In this article some of the most beautiful countries on earth are listed. In ranking these countries several aspects have been taken in to consideration and not only the scenic beauties. This by no means can be said to be an exhaustive list and the rankings are not official. However the list presented here brings out the total beauty of the countries and therefore can be used as a guideline for prospective tourists and travelers  One can according to his or her interests feel free to add or remove items from the list and modify it to suit their needs.


10. United States of America


Many people would not consider the United States of America to be one of the most beautiful countries and to be honest; really, the first image that appears in mind isn’t that of beauty when someone pronounces the name of the United States. However one must not forget about the various treasures both in term of nature and in terms of history that this place possesses.  The true beauty in the US is, as in many other large countries is that it presents a plethora of a wide variety of climate and as a result, a wide variety of lifestyle, flora and fauna. The climate varies from the colder northern stares of New York and New Jersey to the hotter Texas in the south. One of the world’s most beautiful beaches are located in USA and it the Miami beach in Miami, Florida. The grand canyon of Dakota and the frozen lakes of Alaska are a treat to the eyes. Some of the must visit places in the United States are Las Vegas, Nevada; Hollywood, Silicon Valley (and golden gate bridge) in California; Liberty island in New York etc. Some of the places of historical interests are Dallas, Texas where the infamous assassination of John. F. Kennedy took place, Madison Square at New York and last but not the least, the capital, Washington D.C. And all these together just form the tip of the iceberg. All in all a trip to the United States is really a once in a lifetime experience for an outsider and those who have it on their checklist must never ever miss any opportunity to travel to the United States of America.


9. Australia


Dewayne Everettsmith revolutionized the Australian tourism industry with his much loved and hit song “It’s like love”. The official website and tag line of tourism in Australia is “Go Australia” and to be honest, Australia is THE place to go. More than half of the continent is inhabited and the majority of the population inhabits only in a few coastal cities but to be really honest, Australia has got it all: deserts, grasslands, rivers, coasts, beaches, modern cities, sky scrapers and everything else. One of the most famous and beautiful beach of the world is present in Sydney: The Bondi Beach. Not only does it attract millions of tourists from all over the world all the year round but also it has been the theme of a couple of television series. When in Australia one will be able to enjoy a variety of sporting activities. The most important part of a visit to Australia is its cuisine and a meeting with the kangaroos. Perhaps these fine animals are only found in the Australian mainland and nearby areas.


8. China


China is a mystique land and has a very vast cultural history. It is one of the most powerful nations in the world and is predominantly a communist state. There are a lot of places to visit in China namely the capital Beijing, which is very beautiful during the winter, Peaking, Guangzhou, and Shanghai etc. Nearby the Chinese mainland is the island of Hong Kong and is a must visit for some of the interested travelers. The wonder of Hong Kong is that it is a very powerful Capitalist economy set in the backdrop of a very powerful communist backdrop. It is the ultimate irony of policies and finance. The Forbidden City inside the capital, Beijing, is a one of a king place on earth. It was the place of residence of the king of ancient china and was closed for the common citizens. Also one of the most important contributions of China to this world is its cuisine. Everyone on this planet has eaten a variant a variant of Chinese food in their lifetime and we all have the Chinese to thank for that. But to get the true taste of the dish, one must have the original version of it and for that it is mandatory to travel to china.


7. India


India is said to be the land of magic. Like most other large countries India experiences a flavor of a variety of climate in its various parts. But the true essence of India is its people. It also has a very rich and diverse culture. Perhaps this amount of diversity is unique to India and can be found nowhere else in the whole wide world. For many years, India has been a place of interest for many western travelers. With new campaigns like “Incredible India”, the tourism industry in India is truly blooming.


6. South Africa

 South Africa

While listing some of the most beautiful places in the world, one cannot simply overlook the beauty of South Africa and especially Cape Town. With Table Mountains on one side and ocean on the other, Cape Town is ranked among the best cities in the world for travelling.


5. Brazil


Brazil is the football heaven of the world. It is also famous for its Rio Carnival that takes place in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. The symbolic statue of Christ the redeemer is also a place of interest in Brazil. The largest city of Southern Hemisphere, Sao Paolo is also present in Brazil.


4. Italy


No one can deny the fact that Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also the home to the fashion capital of the world: Milan. Other places of interest in Italy are Rome, Venice and the Vatican City. Every year millions of Catholics and other interested people travel to the Vatican to have a glimpse of the Pope, who is the spiritual head of all the Catholics around the world.


3. France


If every country were to be described in one word, the word for France would be love. Paris is a beautiful city and the Eiffel Tower is one of the most symbolic monuments of all time. Besides that the weather is awesome and the cuisine is mesmerizing.


2. Switzerland


Since time unknown, Switzerland has been rated as the best tourist destinations of all times. The beautiful weather, terrific sceneries with snow capped mountains and apple gardens are a treat to anyone visiting this beautiful country. The views are serene and the whole experience is very soothing.


1. Scotland


The Scottish bagpipers, beautiful hills and meadows and the awesome pubs and restaurants truly present what can be safely considered as the most beautiful place to visit on earth. The people are very friendly and yes it matters! Besides Scotland has also got a very rich cultural heritage and learning about them while travelling around Scotland, visiting the castles and other historical places there is truly a treat as well as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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  1. Hamza khayat

    January 31, 2014 4:37 am

    Spain should be in the list ! spain and greece should be top 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! one should never forget these 2 ‘beauties’ in a list called top 10 most beautiful countries in the world though !!!!!!

  2. yohanes

    March 8, 2014 8:28 am

    came to all corners of the world,u will know which country that diserves to be called as the most beautiful,there are some of the most objective measure to be devined as the most beautiful country :land area,vast sea,the number of islands,vast forest,biodiversity,the number of volcanoes..from some of the criteria that diserves to be called as the most beautiful country in the world is : 1.RUSSIA 2.CANADA 3.INDONESIA 4.BRASIL 5.AUSTRALIA 6.USA 7.CHINA 8.CONGO 9.INDIA 10.MEXICO 11.ARGENTINA 12.PERU

  3. marcemeno

    April 5, 2014 10:50 am

    First of all the most beautiful country in the world which you can verify on just about every other site is: ITALY!
    Also, Scotland which is extremely beautiful is NOT a country! It is part of the United Kingdom! At this point why don’t they just brake it up by region then!
    Yes, Spain and Greece should also be in the list (the top 5!)

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