Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of all time

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Miss Universe pageant is the ultimate and the most important beauty contest in the world. The first Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach, California in the year 1952. In the year 2011, this prestigious annual international beauty contest celebrated its 60th anniversary. There has been sixty-one gorgeous Miss Universe winners till date, and it’s a real tough call to select the most beautiful from them for the top ten cut. However, we have tried as much as we could to shortlist the most amazing ten women on the basis of their performance, popularity, personality and poise and then have ranked them from one to ten. If you think that the reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is a real stunner then you have to go through our list of the “Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners Till Date” and then you can decide who is more mesmerizing.

10. Shawn Weatherly –

Shawn Weatherly

It all started for Shawn in the year 1980 when she won the title of Miss South Caroline USA, and in the same year she also participated in the Miss USA pageant. Shawn with her blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes defeated 29 beauty queens in that pageant. She was the only one to score a 9 in swimsuit and evening gown contest. Later in July, 1980 she took part in Miss Universe pageant which was held in Seoul, South Korea and again she stunned the judges with her charm and natural beauty. She was impressive in every round especially in the morning after-interview in which she said, “My job is not the exhibition of my body. Talking with people and making friends in all nations is my main duty.” At that time she wanted to be a sports commentator and having said that she not only won the title of Miss Universe but also the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

9. Irene Sáez –

Irene Sáez

The Miss Universe pageant, 1981 was definitely the year of blondes as all the semi-finalists were fair-haired beauties and Irene Sáez was the most beautiful face in the competition. She melted the tough judges with her elegance and charisma like the same way she did earlier that year in Miss Venezuela pageant. The 1981 was a Broadway show which took place in New York City and hence contestants had to rehearse twice as much as the previously help Miss Universe contests. The participants were forced to eat same cold food for 20 days, and when all were complaining about being drained and worn out, Miss Venezuela maintained her poise and never said a word about the tasteless food or the long tiring rehearsals. She was incredibly awesome that night and looked calm and composed throughout the competition.

8. Alicia Machado –

Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado was the winner of 1996 Miss Universe pageant after she staged her magic in 1995 Miss Venezuela contest. She was the 4th Miss Universe from Venezuela after fifteen long years, the last being Irene Sáez in 1981. Alicia Machado stole the show which was hosted in Las Vegas by miles and did amazing in the competition which made her one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winner of all time. With a glow on her face she nailed the competition and received an average 9.82 marks in all the three final rounds. The elegance and glamour Alicia was oozing throughout the pageant was such and even the judges fell in love with her and crowned her the Miss Universe 1996 title ecstatically. She is even considered the most spontaneous Miss Universe ever and the sexiest women of 90’s era.

7. Sylvia Hitchcock –

Sylvia Hitchcock

Miss USA 1967, Sylvia Hitchcock was the fourth American beauty in less than 16 years to win the Miss Universe 1967 title. Brazil played the host for the 1967 Miss Universe pageant before the finals in Miami Beach. In 1960’s Brazilians were not fond of Americans due to political acrimony, but Sylvia was so amiable and warm with everybody that her nationality was left aside, and she quickly became popular and favourite among Brazilians despite Miss Brazil being her major competitor. More than 56 countries competed for the title that year, but the breathtaking exotic beauty Sylvia Hitchcock was undoubtedly better than the rest. Her amazingly beautiful brown eyes, glorious smile, sophistication, charm and sensibility made her a true Miss Universe of all time.

6. Nathalie Glebova –

Nathalie Glebova

The 54th edition of Miss Universe was held in the beautiful culturally rich Kingdom of Thailand in the year 2005. It was a gala event in which 81 countries competed for the crown, but the title was bagged by the Russian Canadian beauty Queen Nathalie Glebova. For the swimsuit round she wore a white bikini in which she looked incredibly sexy and proved her point that she is in Bangkok to conquer the beauty pageant. Nathalie undeniably had that “it” factor in her which is an essential element present only in the one to beat. All the features on her face having a high proportionality; she has a perfect smile, intense eyes and flawless skin. It would not be wrong if I say she is an “extreme beauty”, and this is what makes her one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winner in the history of the pageant.

5. Mona Grudt –

Mona Grudt

In the year 1990, Miss Universe pageant celebrated its 30th anniversary on television. It was the 39th edition of Miss Universe pageant which was organised in Los Angeles, USA after going through a lot of controversies, dripping media interest and lack of sponsors. Nothing brought the interest of the viewers back in the competition. However, Mona Grudt, Miss Norway was a breath of fresh air. Her raw good looks, elegance and intelligence thoroughly impressed the jury. She nailed all the three competitions especially the evening gown round in which her walk was splendid. In the last round all the three finalists had 20 seconds each to answer the same question: “If you were a judge tonight, who would you vote for to be the new Miss Universe and why?” to which Mona relied instantly, “I would choose Miss Finland because she is always in a good mood, cheering for everybody” and by giving an unrehearsed honest answer, Miss Norway Mona Grudt was crowned Miss Universe 1990.

4. Dayana Mendoza –

Dayana Mendoza

Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada was the crowned Miss Universe for the year 2008 and was the big favourite of everybody who constituted the part of the competition. In 2008, Vietnam played the host of the beauty pageant in which remarkable 80 candidates participated, and it lasted for a month, being one of the largest in history. After 12 years since 1996 victory of Alicia Machado, a Venezuela beauty won the pageant; it’s a very long time for a country known for the magnificent beauty of its women. However, Dayana’s triumph was all worth it, she is the most sensational Miss Universe ever and performed all her Miss Universe duties phenomenally. Seeing this green eyed beauty in a yellow bikini, many jaws dropped and when she rocked the ramp in a gorgeous evening gown she became the real charismatic queen in the history of Miss Universe pageant.

3. Oxana Fedorova –

Oxana Fedorova

The contemporary, radiant, beautiful and intelligent Oxana Fedorovo was the first Russian winner in the history of Miss Universe pageant. Her reign was the shortest ever as she was dethroned after three months of the competition. San Juan, Puerto Rico organized the Miss Universe 2002 pageant in which 75 drop dead divas participated. Oxana was the most stunning and potential winner of the contest. She was the only Miss Universe to score a 9.88 in the swimsuit competition. Today, there exists only one Miss Universe winner who is decked up with a captivating charm and who is worthy to be called the “Goddess of beauty”. Everybody has a right to look alluring, sensational and beautiful, but Oxana has abused this right to the extreme and now it doesn’t matter even if she was dethroned; she will remain one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners of all time.

2. Angela Visser –

Angela Visser

She is beautiful, she is smart, she exhibits classic beauty and she was the winner of the “Best Miss Universe Ever,” which happened in 1999. She was the first Miss Universe winner from Netherlands and the world knows her by the name Angela Visser. When she participated in Miss Universe pageant 1989 in Mexico along with seventy five beauty queens, she in no time became a heavy favourite of the judges and pageant fans. Angela lived the moment of glory when she was declared the crowned Miss Universe 1989. In the year 1988, she won Miss World beauty pageant and bagged the title of Miss Holland. The delegates who met her personally during the pageant couldn’t stop talking about the warmth and charm she exudes. She was a virtually unanimous choice of the judges’ right from the start and today, even after 24 years of her victory, she rules the heart of millions of people worldwide.

1. Jennifer Hawkins –


The Australian beauty queen and Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins is the sexiest, hottest and most beautiful Miss Universe till date. She is divine, sensuous, astounding, and it would be not be wrong if I say she might be an incarnation of the Greek goddess “Aphrodite.” Since the very beginning this piercing blue eyed blonde was seen as the one to beat. When she was crowned she broke many traditional patterns, enchanted the world and commenced a new era for Miss Universe pageant. She has a perfect body and an extremely pretty face which graced the cover of many international beauty magazines. There has been many beautiful Miss Universe and will be many in the future, but Jen is here to stay for a considerably long time. She is and will be the reigning queen in the history of Miss Universe pageant.


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