Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Lakes in the World

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Natural beauty has no comparison and cannot be built by artificial means. Lakes are the part of all the natural diversity we have in the form of landscapes. The view of the still water in the lake surrounded by greenery and plants gives relaxation to one’s eyes. The effect of sunlight and moonlight on a lake looks totally worth the visit. Here is the list of top 10 natural lakes of the world.

10. Five Flower Lake in China

In south west of China is located a Jiuzhaigou Valley where you will find this very beautiful lake by the name ‘Five Flower Lake’. Also known as Wuhua Lake, it is one of the many lakes found in this valley. There are leaves of various colors such as green, blue, light yellow, dark green, etc. Such leaves are gathered at the entrance of the lake giving it its name.

9. Reed Flute Cave Lake in China

Discovered in 792 AD, Reed Flute Cave Lake is an example of ‘old is gold’. The lake here is located inside a cave made of limestone. There are artificial lights added to the cave of multiple colors to make the lake visible. There is a very special kind of reed which grows outside the cave. It is used in making flutes and it is therefore named so.

8. Dal Lake in India

Dal Lake is located in the capital city of the state Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar. This lake is surrounded by gardens and parks which are historical and were built by the Mughals. In the lake, they have colorful Shikaras, meaning house boats. They help you relax and at the same time enjoy the pleasures of a lake. The lake freezes in winters and yet looks beautiful.

7. Shangrila Lake in Pakistan

Shangrila Lake, also known by the name Lower Kachura Lake and is situated in Skardu, Pakistan in Shangrilla Resort. It is a very famous tourist destination in Pakistan. There was an airplane that crashed in the lake and over its body, there is an extra-ordinary restaurant. All the passengers of the crashed plane who survived the crash were saved by Buddhists monks and the monks took them to a place, looking like heaven, full of fruits and flowers. This gave the lake another nickname – ‘Heaven on Earth’.

6. Lake Bled in Slovenia

In Slovenia, there is only one natural island known by the name Bled Island. This island is located in between Lake Bled which is in Julian Alps. Also, the oldest castle of the country Slovenia is located here and is famous by the name Bled Castle. On the Bled Island, there are many buildings and a very famous church. This lake is so big that it has also hosted boating rowing sport championships on international levels.

5. Peyto Lake in Canada

Peyto Lake is located in the Banff National Park in Canada. It is named after a trapper and guide of the same park, Bill Peyto. During summer, the lake takes on a bright green color making it more attractive and beautiful. The lake looks stunningly beautiful from the highest point in that area, Bow Summit. That is also a great spot for pictures and photography.

4. Lake Matheson in New Zealand

In South Westland, near the Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson is situated. There are two mountains surrounding the island- Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, whose images can be seen in the lake. The flora and fauna of this place makes it even more beautiful to look at. This lake was formed about 14 thousand years ago and is a glacial lake. There are white and red pine trees to make it prettier and a popular tourist spot.

3. Yucatan Cave Lake in Mexico

It is amongst the most beautiful lakes in the world for not just its beauty but also the mystery. There are a lot of facts and myths associated with the lake making a mysterious lake. Located in the Yucutan Peninsula, the lake is more than two million years old. It is inside a cave made of limestone and is a holy place as well. There are frozen fountains, underground spaces, dry riverbeds and a lot of other wonderful sight worth discovering.

2. Plitvice Lakes in Croatia:

In Europe, the most beautiful lake is located in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia. This is the largest and the most ancient national park of Croatia. There are 16 lakes in all and 12 of those are called upper lakes and the remaining four are called lower lakes. Each of these lakes has an individual appearance which will take your breath away. They have variety of colors like grey, blue, green, etc. which appear as per the sunlight and water conditions are.

1. Melissani Cave Lake in Greece

On the Kefolonia island, amidst all the forests, sea and mountains, is located the Melissani Cave Lake. Found in the year 1951, it has many myths and stories about it. There are brown stones in the lake visible from the clear sky blue water of the lake. There is wonderful growth of colorful flora and the plant species here is available in different varieties. This is one of the best places to visit and is the most beautiful natural lake.


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