Top 10 Most Common Internet Slangs

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Internet slangs which are also sometimes called as internet shorthand or net speak or chat speak or cyber slang does not have a particular definition as it keeps on changing and also new slangs are defined based on the popularity of the slangs. They are basically used to save keystrokes or to save time or even to accommodate a long text in small character limits. They are not only used in instant messaging in the social networking websites but can also be used in texting and online games and video games. They provide a way to make the communication easy but it is very important that the other person must be aware of that slang, otherwise it may also lead to misunderstanding between the two. Nowadays, these internet slangs are even used in speech. There are not only letter slangs but many other types of slangs such as symbol slangs ( <3, (y), etc. ), emotion slangs ( :*, :), :(, etc. ) stylized slangs ( “haha” to indicate laughter, “muah” to indicate kiss, etc ) and many more types are also used. This article will give us the description of the top 10 internet slangs that are used nowadays and also the tips to use them with examples.



TTYL is the slang for talk to you later. It is used when while chatting something comes up and we have to leave the conversation and go urgently. When something important comes up and we have to leave as soon as possible, we then do not have the time to write complete “Talk to you later”, so we can use the slang “TTYL“ and can sign out from our account and go for our work. This slang can even be used when we are doing some important work and someone is continuously messaging us. This is even accompanied by “CYA” which is a slang for “See you”. Example – I have to go. TTYL, I am busy. TTYL, etc.



BRB is a slang for be right back. It is generally used when while texting or chatting, something comes up and we have to go but only for a few minutes. This slang is used when we give the assurance to the other person that we will we back and will continue with the conversation. We can thus use this slang to generate a pause to a conversation which we can then continue later after sometime. This slangs can be either used alone or can even be used giving the reason that why we are going. Example – Have some work. BRB, Wait sometime. BRB, etc.



XOXO is a slang which is used for Hugs and Kisses. It is the most used slangs by best friends and lovers to end the conversation. It is not only used during chatting or texting but is also commonly used in comments of posts and pictures that are uploaded in social networking sites. It is either used alone or can be used after a sweet message or after saying love you and at many more instances. Important point to remember is that it is mostly used at the end as it marks the end of the sentence since we only hug or kiss someone while saying goodbye or when we are ending the conversation. So, it must be used at the end when we are stopping the conversation. Also, since it is an informal slang, so it must only be used with very special people of our life and should not be used in formal relations such as our boss or our colleges, etc. Example – Love you! XOXO, etc.



SOS stands for somebody over shoulder. It is generally used when we are talking about something private and someone shows up. It is then not possible for us to continue the conversation in front of the other person. So, at that point of time, we can use this slang to make the other person make aware of the situation, so that he can change the topic and thus the privacy of the conversation can be maintained. This slang is even used in voice conversations these days. This is mostly used alone as the main objective of this slang is to stop the ongoing conversation without making the person over shoulder uncomfortable. Example – SOS!



LOL is a slang which used for laugh out loud. It is generally used as a response to a joke or to a funny thing which has been said by someone. It is basically a way of showing that we have found the joke funny and we are laughing over it. It can even be used in a sarcastic way. Since it is a way of expressing our emotions, so it is mostly used alone but it can even be used by writing a sound of laughter with it. It is also used in speech nowadays. Example – Hehe. LOL.

5. OMG – OH MY GOD !


OMG is an expression which is used for Oh My GOD. It is basically a way of expressing surprise, fear, shock and many more different emotions. It can be used when someone tells us something unusual which either surprise us or shock us. It can either be used alone or with a question regarding what happened next or with a sentence showing concern and care. If used with another sentence, then it must be used before the sentence, as it is an expression. Also, it must be used with an exclamation mark. It can even be used in vocal conversation. Example – OMG! Is she of? , OMG! What happened next? , etc.



MYOB is a slang which is used for mind your own business. It can be used either after or before the sentence. It is basically a warning for the other person. It is a way to make someone understand that he should not interfere in other people’s business and to keep his nose out of it. When written alone, it sounds very rude. It is thus mostly used with a justification sentence either before or after it. Example – Please understand and MYOB, MYOB and do not interfere, etc.



ILY is used for I love you. It is just a way of expressing that u love the person. Though we can write the full I Love You, but nowadays since slang are so common to use, people prefer to write ILY. It can be used alone or alone or after an emotional message. It is mostly used or written to someone special. It can also be used with XOXO. Example – ILY! XOXO!



ASAP is a slang which used for AS soon as possible. IT is usually used for some urgent work. When we want the work to be done as soon as possible, we use this slang to make the other person realize about the importance and urgency of the situation. It is one of the most popular slang which is used nowadays. It is mostly used at the end of the sentence. Example – Please reply. ASAP!



ASL stands for Age, Sex and Location. It is mostly used in chat rooms where strangers chat with each other. It is usually the first or the second question that is asked by the stranger. It is a way to start the conversation. Since in chat rooms there is anonymous chatting and we know nothing about the person whom we talking to, so that is why this question is asked because it is the least we can share about us at the first chat. It is advisable share the wrong ASL, at the first chat, if we want to know that what the person is like. But sharing right ASL is also not a problem since there is a no way a person can harm us by just knowing our ASL. Since it is a question, so it is used alone only but can sometimes be asked with a hi. Example – HI! ASL?


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