Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals of the World

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Can you determine the nature of an animal just by a look of him? Can you tell whether the animal is friendly or dangerous? Can you judge that whether you can pet the animal or not? Well the answer to all these questions is a big NO. You cannot tell how the animal is, or how can he turned into when he is angry. When aggressive, an animal can kill even hundreds of humans and animals all together. You cannot decide what amount of destruction an animal can cause just by looking at his size and innocence. In order to know the actual harm that he can cause you, you need to know his nature. The destructive nature of animal can be hidden behind his cuteness and innocence. The live example of this is the polar bear. They look so innocent and adorable, but in actual they may even drag you to death. Also the size of the animal cannot be used as a deterministic factor for his nature. A small mosquito in his entire life, can become a reason of death of a large number of people. Given below is the list of some animals who are considered as the most dangerous ones in the world.

10. Mosquito


This small sized insect can become a reason of death of millions of people. According to a survey, mosquito cause a death of around 2 million people every year by the parasites causing malaria. Dengue, West Nile, plague, yellow fever, etc are some of the disease that mosquito cause to around 70 million people every year. One more thing that adds the mosquito to dangerous list is their ability to breed fast and rapid. They can breed even on smaller places, say for example on a cap of cold drink. Their ability of breed fast led to the transmission of disease more and more. They can even transfer diseases between humans and animals.

9. Deathstalker Scorpion

deathstalker scorpion

Scorpios are very poisonous animals and can kill thousand of people just by one bite. This special breed of scorpion is very poisonous. They are very aggressive and are responsible for 75% of the scorpion deaths around the world. These scorpions are found mainly in North Africa and Middle East. In adults, the bite of these scorpion may cause unbearable pain, while in small kids and children it may cause high fever then coma and convulsions, and in worse case paralysis before the lungs fill up and they may even die.

8. Stone Fish

Stone Fish

This fish is known as the ugly mass of destruction. It is probably the most aggressive fish in the world. It keep lying on the floor of ocean, covering himself with leaves, branches or green trees, so that no other fish can detect its presence. Whenever his prey or any other fish comes by, it opens its jaws and then consumes the prey in a real short time and at a speed of light. It take hardly 0.015 seconds for this entire process. If it attacks you, you may even lose your leg or at worse, your life.

7. African Elephant

african elephants

Elephants may look cute and friendly, but in real they may easily get aggressive and blow everything up. Their large ears, 11 pound brain, 4 feet tall trunk and big tusks are some of the features that makes them the most dangerous ones. These elephants are very smart and posses a very long memory. Their big ears makes them able to hear the sound from a mile away. They are able to tangle even the mighty lions, all because of their big sized body. They are very unpredictable and can sometimes attack for no reason even from around half a kilometers distance. They are very fast and posses a great strength, with which they can knock down many trees their thick trunks, and they can even flip a rhinoceros to around 14 feet into the air.

6. Box Jellyfish


These small sized fishes, having a salad bowl size are responsible for death of 5,564 people since the year 1884. They are known as the most lethal venom inside sea.These sticky little fishes have around 60 tentacles which may stretch to a size of around 15 feet and even a small sting of the jelly fish can cause you a great agonizing pain. If the victim get wrapped in any of the tentacles of the fish, his heart will stop beating within 3 seconds. A single tentacle has a large amount of toxin that may even kill around 50 people. When the jelly fish is aggressive, it emits a light that may scare the other creatures of the sea. They are found mainly in tropical areas like Australia and Philippines..

5. Inland Taipan Snake

inland taipan snake

While jelly fish was the most lethal venom inside the sea water, these Inland Taipan snakes are the most lethal venom on the land. This makes the jelly fish and Taipan snake as the counterparts. The great irony about this snake is that they have a  very passive temperament and are frequently used an aquariam pet. They do not attack until they are irritated and provoked to do so. But once they attack, then there are no chances that the victim can survive. The toxin that the snake contains is called the taipoxin, which is one of the most powerful natural toxin. The snake can inject around 111,000 micro grams venom, which may cause the death of a person within minutes, if not cured.

4. Cape Buffalo

Cape Buffalo

The cape buffalo is a very large sized mammal and can grow up to around 2,000 pounds. Despite of this large size, the animal can run very fast, at a speed of around 50 miles per hour up to 100 meters of distance. These wild animals may hurt you very badly without even giving any prior signs. They are very aggressive and are responsible for millions of deaths per year. Majority of the animal deaths in Africa are caused ny the cape buffalos. They may gore and crample you badly, that you even wish to die. The hunting of these animals are banned in Africa. Even if you go against the law and shoot the animal, and the shot is missed, the buffalo is then never gonna give you a second chance. So hunters usually avoid the cape buffalo hunting.

3. Shark


Sharks are considered as one of the most dangerous sea animal. They are about 20 feet long and weigh about 2.5 tons. They have an amazing ability of smelling blood, even from five miles away. They are able to detect even the smallest movement on the surface of sea water. This amazing capability of sharks has been provided by the sensory organ on the top of their head, called the Ampullae of Lorenzini. An adult young shark is able to kill a human within 3 minutes.

2. Polar Bear

polar bear

Polar bears though look very cute and adorable, are actually very dangerous. They weigh around 1500 pounds and are the largest bears of the world. They can cut off a human head, just by a single swipe of his one hand. They are native to Arctic. They are the most carnivorous among all the animal species present on the earth. They eat elephant seals regularly as their breakfast, and this tells the dangerous nature of these creatures. They fed on rheindeer, whales, and even other polar bears. They look very cuddly, but in actual they are opposite of that. The best thing is that they reside mainly in arctic region, which do not have any human population.

1. Saltwater Crocodile

saltwater crocodile

This large sized reptile is the largest reptile in the world. It weighs aroung 2 tons and is 15 to 21 feet long. It is mainly found in some parts of Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. This reptile has the ability to kill animals as large as the size of a water buffalo. It can eat up the entire body of the animal and even human within minutes. Its one style of killing animals, known as rollback kill is the deadliest one. In this, the crocodile grabs the human or the animal inside his mouth and then it rolls the body of the animal. The speed of movement of crocodile inside the water is same as the speed of a dolphin.


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