Top 10 Most Dangerous Fishes

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Different people share various different kinds of fear. Fear of height, fear of flight, fear of exams, fear of animals etc. Though this article is neither a description of those fear nor it suggest the ways to overcome them, but before starting the article I just wanted to warn all you people out there who have a fear from water to “brace yourselves” because if you are afraid of simple water alone because you think you might drown then this is going to be a hell of a roller coaster ride of horror for you.

10. Goliath Tigerfish


Length:- Up to six and a half feet
Weight:- Around 65 pounds

Also known as Hydrocynus goliath, goliath tigerfish is a predatory fish mostly found in Congo river which is in the central-western parts of Africa. They have yellowish blue eyes and a mouth full of two inches long sharp teeth to kill his prey.

It uses its long range of sight and good hearing abilities to find its prey and once detected it accelerates to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour to chase it down. Because of its phenomenal power and speed it is also referred as the “greatest freshwater game fish in the world.”

9. Goonch Fish


Length:- Up to 7 feet
Weight:- Around 280 pounds

This horrifying brown colored member of catfish family is found in south and south east asia, including countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia, with highest populated region being the kali river of India. It is believed by the researchers that because of hindu tradition of dropping off the ash and other remains of corpses after being burnt, in the river has led the fishes to develop a taste for human beings which is why there are often cases reported about missing people around the river kali.

The first known confirmed attack in kali river took place in 1998, when a young boy was pulled under water in front of his girlfriend and even after a rigorous search none of his remains were ever even found.

8. Piraiba Catfish


Length:- Up to 9 feet
Weight:- Around 550 pounds

Occasionally called goliath catfish, Piraiba Catfish is gigantically large, a blackish-blue demon like creature that resides in the deadly rivers of amazons and brackish habitats in South America and it roars as loudly as a wild lion. A grown up Piraiba can weigh up to 250 kilo and it takes at least three men to hold it straight. It is the largest amongst catfish family found in Southern America. This fish is a hunter in terms of its speed, agility and sharp pointy teeth which provides it with a firm grip to hold on to its prey, also it is a potential human eater.

7. Great Barracuda


Length:- Up to 2 metre
Weight:- Around 65 pounds

Found in warm waters worldwide most common being the parts of Caribbean, Mediterranean and Western Atlantic but it can be spotted in parts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, Brazil, Bermuda and the Indian Ocean. They are greenish in color above and white at the bottom, have conical shaped uneven teeth which are about 3 inches in length and are very attracted towards shiny object mainly metal. The younger ones travel and attack in groups but the grown ups rather swim alone.

Barracuda eat any fish smaller in size and are known to attack humans and cause injuries and even death, but only if we bother them.

6. Black Piranha


Length:- Up to 41 cm
Weight:- Around 2 pounds

Officially known as the Serrasalmus rhombeus or the Redeye Piranha, this creature is found in Southern part of America including Amazon, Orinoco river and Guiana Shield rivers, and also in some parts of the Brazilian rivers. They have an extremely aggressive behavior towards other fish and is famous mainly because of its very sharp teeth that are capable of a bite having a force more than 30 times greater than its own weight, which means that it can cut through the human skin like a knife through butter but a creature this small in size never attacks a comparatively big creature like a human.

5. Alligator Gar


Length:- Up to 10 feet
Weight:- Around 90 Kg

A creature brought straight from the horror movies. This brown colored alligator is found in northern american rivers like mississippi and the country of mexico. They have diamond shaped scales all over their body which earlier were used for making weapons like an arrow. What makes this creature most frightening are its teeth, of which it has a dual layer on its upper jaw. Though they are passive toward humans but they have been known to bite aggressively in self defense.

Alligator gar are known for their ability to survive without the water, they can last an estimate of up to one and a half hours above the surface.

4. Wels Catfish


Length:- Up to 13 feet
Weight:- Around 400 pounds

A creature of ungodly dimensions recorded to be 20 feet in size and weighting of over 3 tons in prehistoric times and still found with a stunning length of over 13 feet and weight over 400 pounds in the lakes of Germany, reservoirs of Spain and rivers of Russia. It has a very long fin that it uses to capture its prey and then simply engulf it down its enormous throat and is capable of storing an entire human body inside its greenish white belly.

This fish is not meant for human consumption and even the eggs it lays are poisonous enough to make humans seriously ill.

3. Electric Eel


Length:- Up to 7.5 feet
Weight:- Around 60 pounds

A relative of catfish that uses electric current of almost 550 volt to hunt its prey and also defend itself from its own predators. It is dark grey in color and its current is so strong that it can make an alligator unconscious and even cause death to humans. Since rubber is an insulator which means it can block electricity, so an electric eel can be handled easily by wearing rubber gloves. Unlike any other fish in this category, an electric eel never leaves any visible signs of death such as bites or wounds on the body of its victim which earlier was a cause of great fear and mystery among the people, also death caused by an eel is extremely quick, almost just a matter of seconds.

2. Great white shark


Length:- Up to 6 metre
Weight:- Around 2500 kg

Also known as white death, this fish is found in all the oceans and coastal regions across the globe. They are not actually white colored but range from gray to blue gray, have a torpedo like shape, have five gill slits and can have about 3,000 teeth at one time which can be up to 3 inches long. They have such great senses that they can smell one drop of blood in 100 liters of water. They are ranked first in having the most attacks on humans but though being such a great hunter and a predator the population of their species is decreasing day by day and they are now included in the list the of vulnerable species bu IUSC.

1. Bull Shark


Length:- Up to 12 feet
Weight:- Around 700 pounds

The most feared and undoubtedly the most dangerous sea creature alive on this planet is a shark and this is not just another shark it’s more aggressive and much more powerful which makes it even worse. A typical bull shark can be found almost all over the world though it can survive in both salt and fresh water but it is mostly found in warm fresh water regions. Also they have the most powerful force of biting as compared to any other species of fish alive.

They eat almost anything they see, including fish, dolphins, and even other sharks. Though they don’t like the human taste but they are not shy to grab a bite, and even its single bite is so strong that it can lead to death.


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