Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

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Speed thrills but it kills. Vehicular accidents see a rise every year. Every year in India, majority of transportation accidents go in the kitty of Road Accidents. The world has numerous twisted, thrilling and enigmatic roads with have tempted many  to explore them. This list throws light on one of the most deadliest roads in the world. You may want to calm the adrenaline pumping through your body because these roads are not merely named “hazardous” , “dangerous” , they are indeed life threatening. Before you set out of your homes to explore these roads, think twice or maybe thrice. Here it goes.

10. Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass,italy

The picture itself testifies how convoluted the road is and that how risky it can get to drive on such a snake like road. The Stelvio pass is located in eastern Alps in Italy. It has as many as 48 sharp turns causing majority of accidents.It is one of the longest winding roads in Europe. Those who fear heights, please do not bother to look below in the valley from the top. You may faint. The view is breath-takingly scary. The Stelvio pass has not been revamped much in the past years. It is definitely one of the most dangerous roads man can traverse. Though highly risky, this pass remains a favorite amongst cyclists. Each year there are competitions held for cyclists. Every year, the pass is closed to motor vehicles on one day in late August when about 8000 cyclists ride on the Stelvio pass to compete for the best cyclist. Top Gear, the very popular Britain based automotive show chose the Stelvio Pass as the “greatest driving road in the world”. It must be noted that their search was concentrated in the continent of Europe only.

9. Siberian Road

yakutsk russia

If you are wondering that cars can now be smoothly navigated on waterways, you are undoubtedly wrong. This watery road is the road that links Yakutsk to Moscow which is called “Lena”. It also goes by the name of the Siberian Road. The road is not modernized. It does not have the conventional asphalt surface. One can imagine the condition of the roads during monsoon. It gets completely worn out in the rains making ravel a difficult endeavor. What makes the road even more dangerous is that during winter, it succumbs to heavy gushing wind affecting driver visibility causing a lot of accidents. Muddy sand causes tyre friction causing vehicles to skid. Avoid this highway if you plan for a Russia tour.

8. Halsema Highway

Halsema Highway

One of the most dangerous roads in the world .Halsema highway is situated in Philippines that connected from Baguio City to sagada which is approximately 150 miles long and takes about 10 hours to get from Baguio City to Sagada on a nice day due to sharp bends and bumpy roads. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads  which is also the highest altitude highway in the Philippines. Beginning of the highway starts slightly paved and quickly turns to dirt. The roads here are extremely narrow. Fortunately there are safety devices installed on the road. Traffic mainly consists of private cars and motor-cycles and few buses which are acquainted with every twist and turn on the road. Even though few number accident occur daily in the Halsema highways. So if you travel on the Halsema highway in Philippines first is sure to a travel guides for traveling through Halsema highway and you should be well prepared.

7. James Dalton Highway

james dalton

The road may appear a cakewalk but definitely it is not so. The dangerous peculiarity of this road are its steep downhill paths and equally wavy and steep upward paths. It is extremely difficult for truck drivers to navigate. The result is tragic, causing a lot of casualties. The road is like a no man’s land. A totally barren isolated path in terms of humans. It is difficult to spot human civilization. Make sure you have extra food , fuel and some entertainment equipment to keep yourself sane and alive if you unfortunately get stranded.

6. Leh Manali Highway

Leh Manali Highway in india

The above road is not a digitized NFS track displayed to intimidate you but it is actually so in reality. One of the highest and hilly roads in India, it is the major link between Leh and Manali. Prerequisites for this road trip are a really tough car. People are advised to stack oxygen cylinders as a preventive measure for oxygen deprivation. The snowy road is flanked on both sides by rocky mountains making it prone to landslides. What makes this path risky is water crossings, broken patches and glacier melts. Weather acts as a chaotic element disrupting visibility and making travel difficult. Acute Mountain Sickness is experienced by many travelers causing nausea, headache and other such medical discomforts.

5. Jalalabad road

jalabad road -afganistan

As far as life threatening roadways are considered, Afghanistan has considerable roads which are included in the most dangerous roads in the world. Afghani roads have distinct characteristics that make it prone to accidents like narrow bylanes, winding lanes, sharp curvy turns and wavy uneven roads. This is one of Afghanistan’s primary roads linking Jalabad to Kabul. Outsiders are acquainted with the hazards associated. As far as possible, avoid traveling on your own. Don’t try to be a schumacher here because the outcome will not be a favorable one. It is best to hire a local driver.

4. Fairy Meadows

fairy medeow 7

Ever heard of Nanga Parbat? Probably some trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts might have come across this. factually, it is the highest mountain in the world and  Fairy Meadows is one of the most dangerous road in the world.  Despite the fact it is a high risk road, people indulge in photography and trekking and enjoying the beauty of mother nature. Sharp turns are a peculiar characteristic of this pass. The above picture may retract many  but won’t deter the hope of a determined Khatron ka khiladi. Not all of the road can be covered by a heavy vehicle. The concluding sections needs to be traversed by foot or by a bicycle owing to the congested narrow lane.

3. Roads in Nepal

nepal 5

The above picture is not a bus driving on a water body but is the Nepal road which has been selected as the world most dangerous road in 2011 by BBC. Every year accidents occur because of faulty road conditions. There are hardly any well maintained roads in Nepal even though people heavily rely on them. Landslides and heavy traffic congestion make traveling unfriendly. Nepal has one of the the world’s highest rates of road accidents. People prefer air ravel even across cities which indicates how risky road travel is.

2. Guoliang Tunnel

Guoliang Road Tunnel - China 10

The image freaks you out, doesn’t it? Imagine what the actual scene would do! This tunnel is carved along the side of a mountain penetrating it. This deadly road took 5 years to complete. It is known as ‘The Long Corridor in Cliffs’. It is a meager 1.3 kilometers but you would wish this journey ended in 1.3 seconds. It is only 12 feet wide and can scary the crap out of the driver. It is compulsory to keep headlights on and drive at a slow pace. If you speed up, you will be sucked by the valley. A unique arrangement is the provision of windows to view the outside marvel. The heart-stopping structure makes this road one of the most dangerous.

1. Yungas Road


When it comes to deadly road accidents, Bolivia tops the chart. The Yungas  Road is known as the Death road because it is synonymous for deaths occurring due to accidents. It was built by the Prisoners of War in the early 1930s. Extremely  sharp curves and no barriers make heavy vehicle transport; life jeopardizing.  Yet daredevils practise mountain biking here. Though the death rate has declined now, it still goes by the name of ‘The Death Road’ courtesy the devilish appeals it throws on the tourists.



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