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What makes us sad-break-ups, failed relationships, mishaps, loss of one’s dearies, movies? Movies are a great way of entertainment, watching the heroes fight for their lives, kicking some bad-rear people, fulfilling duties, enjoying a quiet rendezvous with his love and many more. Then why do some movies leave the audience catching for breath, wiping away their tears and telling each other about their mixed emotions. What makes a movie end emotional- a tragic climax, death of hero’s friend, solitary score or the profound performance of the actors? In all we feel ourselves identifying with some or the other role. Here is a list of the 10 emotional movies whose end made me think twice about myself and some made me embarrassingly cry.

10. Swades (2004)


Ashutosh Gowariker’s directed Swades is a Bollywood movie based on the backdrop of the pitiable condition of Indian villages. Though the film addresses many issues, we don’t feel that it cannot handle it. Untouched theme, music by maestro A.R Rehman and Shahrukh Khan dropping his SRK image; the film centers around an NRI Mohan Bhargava working at NASA. He returns to India to meet his nanny, gets along with the village people, brings electricity and does all he can to bring changes. But he has to return to work leaving behind his “amma” and his love “Gayatri”. Now coming to the ending of the movie, we see tinges of idealism and realism. On one side, Mohan resigns from his job and returns to India, but on the other and more positive side of it, he returns with a vow to answer his growing sense of responsibility towards his country.

9. E.T the extra-terrestrial (1982)


Who will forget Spielberg’s classic science-fiction, E.T and Elliot’s friendship? When the alien ship leaves, our hearts reach out to it. We wish for E.T. to stay and be a part of Elliot’s family but this world is too cruel. It would not let them. While auditioning Henry Thomas, the lead character in the movie, thought of the day his dog had died, it made Spielberg cry too and Thomas was immediately selected. The little Drew Barrymore grabs our attention too when she hands a flower to the alien to bid farewell. I must point out that if you are a kid and watch this movie, you will surely cry but being an adult will not prevent you from breaking down either. The end is supposedly expected but what strikes you is the emotion associated.

8. Into the wild (2007)


Based on the travels of Christopher McCandless, into the wild is a biographical movie set in the Alaskan wilderness. The movie catches our attention for the protagonist refuses to accept the family and the society and ventures into the wild. But in the end realizes that happiness has its meaning only when shared with family and friends. He wishes to return but the tragic death due to a poisonous plant leaves the audience to swoon and croon. The end shows the real Christopher sitting near his truck where he took his final breath. Before the credit rolls, her sister voice is heard in the backdrop.

7. Mother India (1957)


Mother India narrates the story of an ill-fated village widow who is left with nothing but poverty stricken situation and small kids. She raises them nonetheless and they live an almost happy life. The events turn to tragic when her son, ‘birju’ played by Sunil Dutt, resorts to childhood embitterment. He is shot by her own mother and dies in her arms. The film made a powerful impact showing the true inner strength of a mother.

6. Black (2005)


A Hindi and Indian English movie, black stars the gem of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan, a teacher to visually impaired Michelle played by Rani Mukherjee. The film is loosely based on the life of Helen Keller. A master piece of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, black is a movie akin to its name. It shows the harsh cruelty of the world as perceived by a blind and deaf Michelle trying to recuperate with her family. Her life takes a sudden turn when she sees herself being guided by a teacher. The film harbors no sympathy and uncovers the naked truth of such children. By the movie’s end, we see an old Amitabh Bachchan suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Michelle helps him to learn the word ‘water’ which was the first word he taught to her. A teacher struck by the harshness of old age becomes a student in the end.

5. Eight below (2006)


It took almost 7000 years to tame a dog and we don’t regret the decision. Dogs are considered to be the most faithful pets. Being a dog-lover myself, I try not to miss out on any dog movie be it Bollywood or Hollywood. And mostly all such movies are emotional, involving the demise of either the pet or the master. Eight below is one such movie. Dog’s faithfulness, human ingratitude and guilt associated form the center theme. The eight dogs bring more warmth and zeal than we could ever imagine.

4. Titanic


Love, romance, adrenaline rush, period drama, jealousy and a tragic end all packed into one- James Cameron’s titanic. The movie needs no introduction whatsoever of its actors or the plot. We awed when the pair danced, our hearts rushed when Rose stood on the ship’s stern, laughed when jack taught her to spit and cried hard when Rose tried hard to wake him up. Titanic is one movie which enthralls you till its end, when the secret to the heart of the ocean is revealed. In the end she takes out the rare diamond which had been in her possession all along, and throws it into the ocean. She had no intentions of keeping it, as Jack had taught her a life of adventure and freedom. Writing about the movie gives me goose bumps, imagine watching it over again.

3. Hachi: A dog’s tale (2009)


Based on the true story of a faithful Akita Inu, Hachiko is a heart whelming movie. Another dog tale, the movie is an unmatched one. One would cry ones heart out seeing how the movie ends. After the tragic death of his master, Hachi waits for him for 9 years without fail. Imagine watching that dog, run uptown and downtown daily just to receive his master but in vain. While waiting, one night an old, dirty yet vigil Hachi closes his eyes forever outside the train station. Before dying, he dreams that his master returns through the station doors to greet him. A statue of Hachiko in the Shibuya train station is shown before the credit rolls.

2. Milk (2008)


Eight academy award nominations, numerous accolades from film critics and guilds; Milk, an autobiographical film stars Sean Penn portraying Harvey Milk, the first gay person to be elected to public office in California. At a time when homosexuality was a cult, Milk rose as a gay rights activist and a member of the San Francisco board of supervisors. The scene where White points the gun at Milk, with the latter only able to yell no is anguished and appalling. What follows is a candlelight march by thousands of supporters of Milk and brief summaries of the lives of the people involved. It is a must watch if you want an emotional insight into his deplorable condition.

1. The pursuit of happyness (2006)


My laptop could not bear the fact that I don’t know the spelling of happiness and did not think of correcting it. Will Smith starring along with his son Jaden Smith, a cameo appearance of Chris Gardner, the movie is home to the emotions involved with homelessness. When Will learns about his coveted-full time position, all he could do was cry and run to his son’s day care, hugging him. We could only bring our lips to smile in anticipation and fighting back our tears, for it all turned out to be the best in the end. The movie all along showed no hope whatsoever, but the end was miraculous.


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    July 22, 2013 7:39 am

    another great list lipika.. altho some more great indian movies could have been included like those of guru dutt or v. shantaram.. neways great list as usual, great elaboration and the best part is surely The Pursuit of Happyness… one of smith’s best performance..

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