Top 10 Most Famous National Parks in the World

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Hello people, Wanna get some fresh air? Then go and grab some works of Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, and other nature poets. Because they are the ones who actually cherished the real fruits of nature. Dwelling in this world of concrete, fresh air has become a rare thing at this juncture. Children immersed their childhood into continuous T.V watching  that gradually ruins their eye sight. Can we blame them? Of course NOT. Parks which were meant to be the unique place for children and old people to relax in their own had turned into multistorey flats and malls. But hold on. No need to become so very anxious. The world is still alive with its utmost natural beauty in some places.

So here is the list of some world’s famous National Parks for you to go and enjoy with your nearest and dearest people.

10) Yosemite National Park, United States:-

yosemite NP

Designated as World Heritage Site, Yosemite is world famous for its amazing five waterfalls. It’s an apt place to sooth our eyes by the sight of excellent hanging valleys, lakes, polished domes and a great variety of flora and fauna. There are varieties of species found which adds on to the beauty of the site. “Half Dome” is the famous landmark of Yosemite national park which is the best place for hiking. We can usually get beautiful and affordable hotels to reside and cherish the beauty of nature. Lying in the heart of California, Yosemite has turned out to be a well known tourist destination. Just grab a Yosemite Travel guide and start off to enjoy the beauty of nature.

9) Guilin and Lijiang River national Park, China:-

Guilin and lijiang NP

Have you ever seen colorful hills with amazing names? If no then it’s high time for you to visit Southeastern China’s famous Guilin and Lijiang River National park where you will find hills such as Elephant trunks, Dragon heads, five fingers etc. You will find the description of these hills in the works of famous poets who got influenced by the nature’s beauty. Also a boat trip in Lijiang River and the climbing waterfall in Guilin are never to be missed. Guilin thus served as a best city in China with utmost traditional values.

8) Swiss National Park, Switzerland:-

Swiss NP

Strict Conservation of nature is followed in Swiss National Park thus making the site a perfect place for tourist attraction and a part of UNESCO biosphere. It’s a well known educational place for youngsters where they get to know nature in a better way and can build awareness. If you are a bird and animal lover then it’s the best place where you will get to see almost 100 varieties of birds and 60 types of mammals. Swiss national park reintroduced the bearded vulture for the first time. Accommodations are also easily available on an affordable price.

7) Kakadu National Park, Australia:-

kakadu NP

Are you in love with historical places? If yes then Kakadu National Park is the best place to quench your quest-thirst. It’s easier if you travel from Darwin or Katherine. With passing of seasons the land turns into different colors. Amazing right? Yes this is how Kakadu is where we get the richest flora and a huge variety of wild animals and birds. To know more about the history of Kakadu national park, please pay a visit and hear the stories of the lands from the aboriginal traditional owner. They would love to serve you.

6) Galapagos Island, Ecuador:-

galapagos island

The oldest national park in Equador, Galapagos Island serves as the most visited UNESCO World heritage site. If you are craving to see large tortoise, land iguana then Galapagos is the ideal place to encounter such species. But while visiting Galapagos, we need to be very careful as it is a place which remained isolated since millions of years and thus the animals are not much acquainted with human interactions. But no worries as such. You can also have opportunities to swim with the penguins. You will get utmost fun while exploring the entire island with local people. So just go and enjoy the world’s most extraordinary wildlife sanctuary.

5) Fiorland National park, New Zealand:-

fiorland NP

Have you ever heard about Takahe, the bird which was thought to be extinct for more than forty year? Visiting Fiorland would turn your life meaningful when you will get to see this bird moving around you. Fiorland also earned the reputation as “walking capital of the world” which has wonderful walking tracks connecting many beautiful sites. Also to satiate your desire for nature’s elixir, you must drink from a waterfall in Milford sound. To know about this park you must pick up the work of a well known author who described the stunning beauty of the park in “The Mountain of water-The story of Fiorland national park.”

4) Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal:-

sagarmatha NP

Situated on the highest point of earth’s surface (Mt. Everest), this national park is highly maintained and supported by the government of Nepal and also the local people. Increase in population and tourists could not hamper the serenity of the park. There are beautiful cottages and hotels in Khumbu and with increase in altitude the availability of accommodation and prices gets easier. Also you can have the opportunity to interact with the Sherpa tribe. Please do not forget to show the passport and buy the gate pass to enter the park.

3) Machu Pichu, Peru:-

Machu pichu

Do want to know more about the empires that ruled decades ago? Machu Pichu national park serves as the world’s famous archaeological site and would satisfy life with all minute details of Inca Empire. Train services are there to roam around the entire site but it can be more cherished if you walk around and smell the occurring of the past. But it is advisable to be in groups as old monuments and buildings are always hazardous. Machu Pichu national park has become one of the famous tourist spot in Peru and recent survey has shown that the number of tourist visiting annually has risen from 200,000 to 500,000 which have posed serious threat towards wildlife conservation and other necessary preservation.

2) Kruger national park, South Africa:-

Kruger NP

The world famous African Safari destination is Kruger National park. Animal lovers, this is the best place for you to enjoy your weekend with lions, tigers and various wildlife around you. You will get the most luxurious accommodations ever in this park. Also there are various safari packages, and elephant safari is the most unique to add on more flavor to your excitement. Daily flight from Johannesburg, Cape Town, or Durban is available. But to get more  you should travel the park at your own pace through self drive. While walking you will get to interact with the tribes and get immersed in their culture to discover the world in a different way. Ultimate wildlife adventure it is, so pack your bags and set off.

1) Yellowstone, United States:-

yellowstone NP

The first National Park in the world and  famous for its wildlife and natural beauty. It’s a sort of a living museum where we get the glimpse of how the continent looked liked decades ago. There are iconic spots such as Old Faithful, Lowers Falls, and Yellowstone Lake which add on to the beauty of the park. There are huge varieties of wildlife found and the area is quite car friendly except for the bear jam which occurs often. There is also plenty of dinning and lodging option around the park making the trip more pleasant. During spring you will get to see wild animals in abundance and thus if you are wildlife lover then spring is the best time for you to visit. Else summer serves as the ultimate time for tourists to hang around. The park has five entrances and the entry fee is very nominal. So there is no point waiting. Just plan a trip to Yellowstone and enjoy the beauty of nature.


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