Top 10 Most Important Events in the History of America

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Although the world is distributed into many countries but there is always a superpower, a country which has the strongest hold on the economy and finance of the world. America is the country which is the super power of today’s world, the country which can easily stimulate or manipulate all the other countries. There are other countries that are equally powerful and capable as America, but they are not yet the super power. America did not come out of blue, one day you sleep and then you wake up to a see a very power full country standing on its own. America is created out a very long enduring battle, this nation came into being as the result of the hard work of many leaders. After going through many disasters, mis happenings and terrible things America today is capable of manipulating every country.

A person becomes strong when he goes through many herculean Task and adversities, when he experiences things and learn from his mistakes, similarly a country or a nation becomes strong when it learn from all the mistakes done in the past. We have seen many great nations who managed to touch the skies, the same nation which was once completely destroyed morally and physically. But they instead of weeping stood up again and made their situations better. America is among those nations which have risen from the ashes, America is created out of many circumstances. In a nut shell we can that fate has played a very important part in making America a better country. These events America went through, be them horrible or good but they played a vital role in making America what it is today. The top 10 most important events in American history are:

10. World war 2:

The second world war was the most horrible thing that has ever happen to humanity, in this war soldiers belonging to 30 different were at war including many major countries such as Japan, china, united kingdom, united states, France, Canada, Australia, Germany , Iraq and many more. The only result was the death, poverty hunger and complete destruction. United States was also a part of this war and as a result it suffered very badly. The war lasted 6 years but America was a part of it from 1941 to 1945.

9. American Revolutionary War:

The American Revolutionary war or the war of Revolution was a war which spanned over a period of 8 years 4 months and 2 weeks starting from 19 April 1775 and ending on 3 September 1787. The war was started between the United Kingdom and 13 colonies which later developed into the war between the newly formed US, Netherlands, France, Spain and Mysore. As a result of the war the American independence was recognized.

8. Independence of America:

The declaration of independence of America was passed on 2nd July but America got its independence from United Kingdom on 4th July 1776. It was after the independence that America start to blossom and today has managed to become the super power of the World

7. Assassination of John F. Kennedy:

John f Kennedy was the 54th president of United States of America; he was assassinated on November 22nd 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. After the investigations it was found out that Lee Harvey Oswald is the culprit, he was then also murdered by Jack Ruby before his trial.

6. Louisiana Purchase:

Louisiana territory is the portion of America which is today known as the west of the Mississippi River, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa Missouri, Nebraska, and several other cities. Altogether this is an area of 828,000 square foot and in 1803 France claimed that the territory was their so America paid to France a sum of 111,250,000 $ and cancelled the debts which were worth 3,150,000 $.

5. Manhattan project:

Manhattan project is basically a project at the times of World War 2 when the Americans became sure that the Nazis are developing a very deadly weapon. In order to protect themselves United States along with United kingdom and Canada carried invented the first atomic bomb, the project was headed by Leslie Groves and it took 6 years from 1942 to 1946 for its completion. The Bomb was invented using uranium 235 using a gun type fission weapon.

4. American Civil War:

American civil is another very important event in the history of America, the four years war from 1861 to 1865 between the union and north state of America. A number of 600,000 soldiers were killed and the south wing was affected badly, main reason for this war was slavery. Abraham Lincoln played a great part in taking the nation of this bad and darkened time because after the war the country deeply suffering from economical and moral crises

3. Apollo 11:

Apollo 11 was the spaceship which landed the team of three consisting of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on July 1969 on moon. The space shuttle was sent by NASA and it was a very big achievement for America, it was after this victory that man became capable of making so many other discoveries. A very big barrier was removed and pathway towards the space became crystal clear

2. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of United States of America; he is the man who played a great part in making America what it is today. He is the man who freed America from hunger, Poverty and dooming economy. It is because of him that America was able to liberate itself from the traces of America Civil war. He was assassinated by a stage actor John Wilkes Booth; he shot the president on the back of his head with a pistol during his own play at the Ford’s theatre in Washington DC in April 1865 for he believed that Abraham Lincoln was responsible for the poverty and hunger in America. He along with George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell and David Herold planned to assassin the president, vice president Andrew Johnson and the secretary of state William H. Seward but only booth was able to complete his task by killing the president.

1. 9/11:

America has never been the same after 9/11, this event exist in the pages of history as stigma which still horrifies the citizens of America. It was on 11 September 2001, that 19 hijacker (people brainwashed by Osama bin laden) hijacked 4 American air line planes, two of those were flown in to the two towers of World trade centre complex in new York, one was crashed in Pentagon (head quarter of united states department of defense) while the fourth was targeted to the United States Capitol but it was crashed into the water when the passengers took control over the hijackers. The attack on the world trade centre did a massive damage to the 10 other buildings in surrounding.  In 2004, the responsibility of this catastrophe was claimed by the leader of the Islamic terrorist group Al – Qaeda. A total number of 2,977 people were killed in the attack, 19 of them were hijackers, and 246 were the people on the plane while 2,606 were the civilians.

After 9/11 America has never been the same, people are still horrified. US forces immediately started the investigations and every suspect was dragged out of his houses for the investigation, the US forces did everything possible to find the people who were responsible for this massive destruction, search operations were started in the Afghanistan and several other parts of world. The security was made very strong so that no plane could ever be hijacked again; the damage done was emotionally as well as economically. The economy of Manhattan was manipulated badly but the greater loss was of the lives and the peace of the innocent citizens. On 2 may, 2011 Osama bin laden was found in Abottabad, Pakistan and was killed by the US forces. Even though the man responsible for this mass killing has been punished but the war against terrorism continues.


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