Top 10 Most Irritating things about Indian News Channels

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Gauge news and updates that you get on Indian news channel have always been headache. The sufferers are the ones who are a die hard fan of glib news and want to coalesce as much as they can, but end up aggregating all the endorsements of Amul Macho and the daily soap operas.

Well, you open up your news channel only to come across those superfluous stories and the endorsements.

The quacking about the latest news can certainly never make you the best news channel! But it is tough to redeem this lesson for these TV news channels.

All they are up to is how to figment and beset the general public with their self-made news! More importantly, the news and the updates are frequently stereotyped and enacted! Many news updates are obnoxious and are acclaimed for hurting the society!

Well here are the top 10 things that stilt the minds of general public and make the society more nebulous!

10. Futile Advertisements

Well one can never let slip the Sages that appear in the news  lacunas endorsing about the various ways to clarify and brighten your skin , or making your husband disinclined to alcohol , effective machines to reduce weights , Amul Body warmer and many more impudent euphuisms! To overcome and tick away these ads have been a severe headache. Indian news channels have always been criticized, but with all criticism in vain! In fact many people have been trolled by believing these stuffs and spending their money on order to regain their weights or their beauty. It is of considerable interest how these channels can import such amusing ads that can make you fairer in just one week or can make your height double in just one month!

9. Top 10 news updates

Nothing can be horrible than realizing that all efforts are being made to over manipulate and make a motley fool out of you!  These top 10 news and updates are just an armament to rejuvenate your thoughts for that channel and to entice you. Latest news updates, once shown will never end and would continue to remain latest for more than two or three hours! The headlines that appear at the bottom are not affable, instead stupefy the whole arena of Indian news channels. It becomes irritating when you have to read the same news again and again! Rather than paying attention to the worldly phenomena, news channels have now developed a sense of competition and are struggling to make their news update as the latest news. Channels have been thriving to ensure the public that they are the first bringer of news to them, but how can every channel be the first bringer! It’s all a mascot to betray the innocent public and earn publicity!

8. Talks and Discussions

Talks and Discussions with renowned and important subjects have always been indelible for News Channels, but what if you find a few saints, priests, nuns and a handful of politicians controverting and mooting on a petty issue, or even some senseless talk among atheist agnostics, theists and scientists. Such trashing out of views have bestowed nothing but only to make the society more violent and disputable over petty issues.

7. Daily soap operas

I guess I may not be offensive if I raise my voice against the daily soap operas recap and updates that are being featured as the most important news in the Indian news channels. Addiction to Indian TV serials is not an uncommon thing, but to broadcast them on News Channels and allocate special news episodes for them can surely degrade the standard of Indian News and have already left their impacts on the minds of Wise men who still prefer to watch foreign news channels.

6. Lack of sensible news

Futile attempts to grab the public and admonish them have become an indistinguishable weapon! News channels are all busy nowadays to enrich their channel with news, no matter how ridiculous or impertinent it may be! Perplex minds and nonsense contents have all helped Indian public to lose interest in such news channels. News that lack information content have been widely accused by the society of wanting to gag the general public. News about petty issues of ministers achieve limelight but general public’s voice is still beneath the bushes!

5. Stereotyped News

No one can deny the point that Indian News Channels have attained their zenith in stereotyping the news and publicizing them. It takes no time for the India News Channels to forecast and predict the outcomes of certain unclear circumstances! Even a small dispute can be acquainted as a huge volcanic eruption! It is the speciality of our news channels to watercolor the news and present them in a false or nebulous way. Also many stories are forged in uncommon ways to convince people.

4. Matrimonial News

I still wonder why Indians are so addicted and relishing when it comes to Marriage! This marriage craze has certainly paved a path for matrimonial news episodes to upfront and add another chapter to the history of boredom in Indian News Channels! Live chats about perfect match and telephonic talks have further enhanced and applauded such news! The time has come to stop believing in such news and better to believe on more practical and affirmative ways to tie your children to the marriage bonds.

3. Holy Channels

Many saints are found preaching and giving advice on the current location of planets and the future of subjects! How to make your day more fruitful and what stuff to donate in order to improve your stars and planets location, such news channels are over brimming and making the public more superstitious!  Zodiac signs and Taro Card readers are very popular on Indian news channels. With the arrival of any festival, hordes mount over to advice you about the accurate and holy time of worship and the donation you ought to make in order to live your day peacefully! Even the advice is given on color of clothes and the hairstyle you should wear! Such things have only ensued superficial minds and nothing else!

2. Pathetic dubbed news

News that are enacted and dubbed have certainly left people with no more appreciation for Indian news channels! Pathetically dubbed and the irritating sound tracks they add during their delineation have forced the general public to switch over to other news channels. News do not cover the essential part of the information, instead focus on sound and that too is intolerable! The portrayal and the senseless way the news is covered is too far to par with the standard TV news channels.

1.Page 3 news

A lot of page 3 news channels are upcoming and achieving vogue, but this height of popularity among some needs to be demolished or brought down to a certain level. News regarding some odd celebrities and peripheral and inferior updates about the Bollywood actors and actresses have also helped in the deterioration in the quality of Indian news. ‘Why does Madhur gain weight when he is in Banglore?’ or ‘When was Aishwarya out with her baby’ , such news have no significance in the life of normal people and are not at all worth receiving importance! Stressing on personal lifestyle of film stars and other celebrities along with gossip affairs are making their place in the field of media! But still thinking keenly, it is all a worthless piece of nonsense that has nothing to do with the day to day lives of common people! Open your news channel and your mind will start revolving around these petty news stuffs!


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