Top 10 Most Kept Secrets in the World

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It is said that “secret” is something which everyone wants to know if it is of someone else, and wants no one to know if it is theirs. Although there have been many talks about transparency and openness, the importance of secrets cannot be ignored. There are certain things which shall always be kept secret, else huge problems may arise. Here we discuss 10 most kept secrets in the world.

10. Past Relationships
Past Relationships

It is said that a huge percent of people have been into a relation before being socially committed into a relationship. It has also been observed that the relations of the past have been traditionally kept as secrets from the new spouse. Despite the fact that a husband wife relation is considered to be the most transparent and without any secret, this is a secret which people usually keep.

Most of such couples have a stance that the relation of past is a buried history and can have no implication on present or future until it is dug out. They plea that this is exactly what they are avoiding, if the spouse gets to know about the past relation then there is huge chance that he/she might get an feeling of insecurity, or perhaps they might start comparing themselves. Both of these could have a negative effect on the relation hence it is definitely better to keep the past relations as a secret.

9. Crushes

We often hear a question – “Who is your secret crush?” The answers are generally asked with an assurance of anonymity. The aforesaid fact is sufficient to prove that most people have crushes, which they want to keep a secret from others, especially the person upon whom they have a crush.

Various surveys state that people try to avoid the discussions about their crush mainly because they are not their feelings.


8. Medical History of Patients
Medical History of Patients

Medical history of a person is one of his most personal assets, which should not be made public. This is because the medical history of a person is a part of their identity; a person can easily be identified by his/her medical history which in certain cases may be misused to the detriment of the patients.

Also any disability of the patient is his entitlement. It is his right to decide whether or not the facts about his disability shall be disclosed to the world or not. No one else “even the doctor” who is in charge of his/her treatment has any such right.

Hence it is both a moral and ethical obligation of the doctors and medical professionals to keep the medical history of the patients a secret, and fortunately this is what is done. Most hospitals have a rule to keep the medical history of patients a secret with utmost care.

  7. Bank account details
Bank account details

The citizens entrust their banks with their hard earned money and their confidential information. It is hence not just the responsibility, but the most important duty of the bank officials to protect their money. It is therefore that various banks have different methods to identify the customers (signature, finger prints, personal details or passwords). The records of these are kept confidentially in the banks. If these records are made public, miscreants may forge the information and thus the security of the people’s hard earned money would be at stake. This nullifies the entire purpose of depositing money in the banks.

Also the amount that is present in the account of someone is his/her personal matter. Banks thus make it a point not to disclose it to everyone. These details are kept secret with utmost care.

6. Secret Recipes
Secret Recipes

“Eating chicken was always a great fun, but KFC added another to level to it.” “All soft drinks are great, but coke incomparable.” We often people saying similar stuff. But did it ever occur to you what’s the secret behind it. Well it did to me, but for no vein, because these secrets have never been revealed.

KFC was started in 1930. It had a special recipe which distinguishes it from its competitors. This secret recipe has been kept under strict security at the headquarters of KFC.

Coca Cola has managed to keep their recipe a secret for over a hundred years now. Only two –three people in this entire world have the access to this secret. Till date the “Coke secret” is considered to be the biggest secret in the corporate world.

5. Oil Digging Locations
imagesOil Digging Locations

Unlike in India, most of the countries give its citizens a right to property. They can buy any land they wish for and have money to buy. The government has no method to stop them from buying any given piece of land.

In such a scenario, if the rich people are aware of the oil digging locations, they would buy it, and government would be in no condition to stop them. Such a situation is definitely not wanted in by even the most capitalistic economies in the world. Hence the government in those countries protect knowledge about the whereabouts of locations of such oil excavation sites with utmost secrecy.

4. Judicial secrets
Judicial secrets

Although apparently all the judicial proceedings are carried out with utmost transparency and rightly so, but there are some issues which is needed to be hidden from the public and opposite party for the protection of the evidences and smooth running & correct jurisdiction of the case.

Such secret involves certain tangible evidences which can be tampered, and the information of some witnesses whose life could be at stake if their identities are revealed. Although these are some rare occurrences, but if required, these information are kept in utmost secrecy, and are revealed only after the adjudication of the case.

3. Developments in ongoing researches
Developments in ongoing researches

In this present era of science and technology researches are being carried out in almost all the fields you can think of. People try to unveil the secrets of nature, secrets of history, theories of maths &economics and build up something which till then was present only in the dreams of the mankind, and probably not even there.

However this era is also of competition and jealousy. People who are incapable of carrying out such research on their own, and those who are unsuccessful often try to steal in the works of others or worse still, try to destroy others’ works. Hence it is important that until the research has been completed and published, it must be kept a secret from the public. And this is exactly what is done. Developments in the ongoing projects are one of the biggest secrets maintained.


2. Corporate and Trade Secrets
Corporate and Trade Secrets

As already stated, the era is of utmost competition, and if we discuss about the corporate world, stating that there is more than “cut throat” competition here would not be an exaggeration. Even the smallest of mistakes done here can turn fatal. In such a scenario when every competitor is waiting for you to make a mistake, it is necessary not to commit any, and at least not let the others to realize that such mistake has been committed.

Therefore almost all the corporate houses keep the specialized trades e.g. their patented research and the important information e.g. the quoted tender price as a secret.


1. Military Secrets
Military Secrets

Mother Nation is a pride for almost everyone on this earth irrespective of the fact that their nation is rich or poor, developed, developing or under developed, but if a person is in the national defense army of is country, Mother Nation is proud to have him/her as her child. The army of a nation prevents her from any foreign attacks and saves her children during the times of crisis within the country.

However if by any chance the exact locations of the army is revealed to the opponent force, the former will become an easy target for the latter. Similarly if the strength of the force and the details of the “arms” present with an army become public, there is huge probability that the opponents will try to attack with a larger and a better equipped army. Hence it is required that such information are kept confidential. Hence confidentiality is a spirit that is expected to be present in all the military officers, and no doubt that the biggest secrets in any country are the military secrets.


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