Top 10 Multitasking Household Items you didn’t know

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Life today has become short, fast and really hectic. Living in the 21st century has made us extremely busy with our tiring working schedules and late office hours. But returning back after work doesn’t ensure a relaxing time as you still got to do so much more work inside your house itself. From daily household chores to once in a while house repairs, you just cannot ditch them. Although you sure can make it easy by using some simple tools and techniques that are easily accessible for us but we fail to use them differently for a vast range of purposes. So have a look, pick up some amazing ideas, share them with others and make your and others life simple!

10. Potato Peeler for making salad

potato peeler for making salads

Peeler is something that we will find in every kitchen. We use it for peeling the potatoes or cucumbers. But have you thought beyond that? You can use your handy potato peeler not just for potatoes but you can even make salad using it and that too in few minutes. Everyone loves a healthy bowl of salad in summers but all the pain of slicing, dicing and chopping up different veggies and fruits, makes it so much time consuming. But now, no need to waste 30 minutes just for slicing onions with your knife. And chopping carrots or apples? You can use your humble peeler for almost every salad item. And every time it gives you thin and perfectly even slices which are almost impossible to achieve while using a knife.

9. Comb as a nail holder

comb as nail holder

Putting up a family picture in your room or hanging a wall clock? You have to deal with those sharp iron nails and hammer and no matter how careful you try being, you always end up hitting your finger with the hammer. But not anymore. This simplest of simple techniques will ensure that your fingers stay perfectly fine and you nail it just at the point! Use a comb and place it on the wall or desk or wherever you need to insert the iron nail. Now simply hold the nail in the tines of the comb and start hammering. The nails gets into the desired place and your fingers are still bruise free. Never thought of using your comb like this now did you?

8. Contact Lenses case for storing medicines

contact lenses for storing pills

While travelling keeping your stuff easy and compact is highly recommended and carrying whole packets of non prescribed medicines seems to be a not so dainty task. So why not eliminate the chunk from your suitcase by keeping few important pills in an extra contact lenses case.  All your headache, acidity, cold and other pills will be safely kept in the case. This way you can avoid carrying whole bottles or strips of medicines and can pop one easily out of your lens case.

7. Dental Floss for various things

dental floss

A very important element of your daily dental routine is the dental floss and one can use it in a number of ways. It can be used to serve the plumbing needs by twining it instead of Teflon tape, around the taps or pipes to make them leakproof. Or when you run out of kitchen twine and you need to wrap up food for cooking, you can use a dental floss but make sure you are not using a minty one. Also buying a dental floss is cheaper than buying garden twine and  you can use it in your garden to fence the plants and provide them a proper growth.

6. Lipbalm as a shoe lace securer

lip balm for tightening shoe laces

Tie up shoe laces and they get undone. Tie them up again and a aoh. It’s a vicious circle. But how about getting your own pair of waxed shoe laces? And no need for going and buying a new one when you can make yours while sitting at home for free. Just grab a lip balm and coat the part of your laces where you make the loop. And there you go. The knot will stay fastened now and your laces won’t keep bothering you anymore.

5. Nail polish for coding keys


Got a whole bunch of keys and find it pretty annoying to remember which key is for what? And one cannot try every key before getting the right one. There is not even a need for that. So, extricate all the keys by coating the top of each key with different colored nail enamel. Use red one for your house, black one for your car or any way you want and paint all the keys with your favorite hues. And finally you get a colorful bunch where each key has a different color code. If remembering the colors also seems to be task then one can also write up the initials at the top of key. For eg, H for home, C for car or L for your locker. Pretty simple eh? And you thought nail paints are just for the nails.

4. Clear nail polish as a screw securer

nail polish as screw securer

Another nail paint trick. Using a clear polish gives a shine and manicured look to the nails. But it can be a multitasking tool for much household stuff. A coat of clear polish can be put on to tighten the screws of spectacles and they won’t be left loose or come out with a little wear and tear. Plus using the no color base coat also makes sure that you don’t end up wearing specs with weirdly colored screws but have got neat and perfectly tightened ones. Not just for spectacles but this technique can also be used to fasten any other screws that you want to secure, be it your television remote or anything.

3. Ice trays for various purposes

ice tray

Everyone has a whole stock of ice trays stacked in their freezers storing plain water but these ice trays can also be used for plenty of other useful functions. These days we can find ice trays in many different shapes which make them even more pragmatic. While in kitchen, these can be used for making popsicles by filling them up with fruit syrup and putting wooden sticks in them. Or one can portion out baby food, snacks or herbs properly by placing them in different cavities. You can also freeze out wine, though I don’t recommend this for drinking but it can be nicely used for cooking. Ice trays can also be converted into your sewing kit. Put thread in one, buttons in another and needles in another one.

2. Multipurpose dryer sheets

 dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are a laundry essential that we use quite often. These can also be counted as a multitasking tool viewing their wide range of uses. A dryer sheet can be used to remove soap buildup on glass showers by dampening it with little water and rubbing against the shower door. They can be used as a duster to wipe off any accumulated dust on your computer or laptop screen without causing any scratch on it. A dryer sheet is also said to keep away the rodents or insects. You can keep them in your travelling bag to keep your clothes fresh or slide one in your pocket and mosquitos won’t attack you while you are on your evening walk in park.

1. CD rack for organizing lids

cd rack for organizing lids

Most of us have started listening and buying our music online and our old CD rack has become literally useless. Whereas while packing lunch for kids or for ourselves, or while stocking up leftover food in our fridge we need to look deep down in the kitchen drawers and dug up matching lids for our Tupperware. Here is where that CD rack can solve the purpose. Organize all your lids in the rack and place it in the kitchen drawer and you will save up on oodles of time and energy. Genius right?


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