Top 10 Myths about Introverts

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It occurs to me that a person can best be indicated by categorizing him in either of the two labels- introverts and extroverts. But before I start off, let me ask you what do you mean by Introversion? I can be sure of getting hundreds of similar answers about it and the most common being that it is a kind of psychological disorder. Well, you are absolutely incorrect if you think so. Introversion is just a state of personality wherein a person is individualistic and s/he mostly remains absorbed with their own thought unlike extroverts who tend to be more talkative and outgoing. Biologically speaking, the neurotransmitter in an introvert follows a different dominant path in the brain unlike extroverts and hence, introverts are more sensitive to Dopamine. So, much of the external stimulation conks them out. It also turns out that introverts have a better and more blood flow to their brain. An introvert usually remains reserved and believes in his own thoughts. Now this creates a misconception about them. Society, over the years, have been labelling them with various names and they are being regarded as someone not belonging from the mainstream and view it as some sort of a disease and they have always been looked down by the society. This made a real tight compartment for the introverts to fit themselves in into a world dominated by extroverts. You have seen how they are being looked at by others and at times, they become a target for bitching. Oftentimes, I have seen people advising the introverts to come out of their “shell” and be one among the extroverts. But do you really think that being an introvert is in any way, a sin? I don’t think so. Make them practise for their lifetime to transit them into an extrovert but once an introvert, always an introvert. Unfortunately, the misconceptions attached with them seem to be never fading away, perhaps because of the less interaction between both the personalities and inadequate experience from the side of extroverts leading them to frame crass image about introverts. Listed below are some of the common myths that people have about introverts.

10. Introverts are aloof nerds-

introverts nerd

Accept the fact that you often regard introverts as aloof jerks who mostly keep to themselves. The truth is, introverts like to dwell and pay attention to their own thoughts since they look inward for their energy but that indeed does not mean in any way that they are oblivious about their surroundings. On the contrary, they are the most observant being and process whatever is occurring around them in their brain. Unlike extroverts who often express themselves through their behaviour, introverts like to play it silent without creating much hype. They have their own way of reaction to things and most of the time, remain engrossed in their faraway emotions and that surely does not make them a nerd.

9. Introverts hate public appearance-

public hater

Introverts are not public haters. People think that they hesitate to be out in the public among people but that is not true. They do go out in public but not AS LONG! They do not indulge themselves into any kind of public activities though they silently make an observation. Unlike extroverts, they do not want to be the centre of attention all the time since excess of external stimulation exhausts them. They hardly find the need to be out in the public needlessly or to stretch the amount of time being with them because they have a quick way of accessing things. It takes longer for introverts to recharge the information they receive on a regular basis and process them.

8. Introverts do not know how to relax and have fun-

intoverts relaxing

Introverts have their way of having fun and relaxing. They are not adrenaline junkies who would go after any kind of reckless stuffs for the sake of fun. Rather their definition of fun is to sit back home or someplace where there is not much noise and they can spend some time with their own self enjoying the nature or reading a book. Going out on a spa, dancing in a bar or a disco club or hiking and biking is not their cup of tea. This way, they re-energise themselves and feel fresh and good. Some even perform yoga or go out in a place that has much serenity and solitude so that their mind can focus on things they like without any disturbance.

7. Introverts are rude-

introverts rude

Introverts do not go about beating around the bush for social pleasantries. They are precise in what they say and most often are mistaken for their brevity. They are the people who are honest and real and expect the same from others. They dislike wasting time on something that has no pragmatic value which often the extroverts seem to be doing. They have a quick reaction to something they dislike and this leads to an incorrect exhibition of their rudeness by others. I hope the next time you encounter an introvert, you would not look upon him as a rude being rather someone who is direct and to the point in his nature.

6. Introverts are weird-

weird introverts

Most of the people believe that introverts are weird and eccentric which is absolutely not true. This misconception is rampant because most of the introverted people tend to be individualistic and are less likely to follow the crowd. They prefer to be respected for their own novel and non-trendy lifestyle, if at all. Unlike extroverts, they do not let public opinion hamper their own thoughts and beliefs and often make their own decisions and think for themselves even after processing and considering the opinions of others. This is the reason they stick out from all.

5. Introverts are shy-


Shyness has absolutely nothing to do with being an introvert. They are not afraid of people. They just need a proper reason for interaction and do not interact merely for the sake of interacting. They might appear to be shy considering their demeanour but once you start talking to them, you will be totally flabbergasted to decode their personality. Being shy and avoiding to have an unnecessary interaction are completely two different things.

4. Introverts can fix themselves and become extroverts-

introvert turned extrovert

Now this is something that sounds totally stupid. How do you expect a person who is born with a trait, changes himself eventually in accord with extroverts? Like I have mentioned earlier, once an introvert, always an introvert. They cannot change themselves for the sake of being an extrovert, something that they do not wish to become. And trying to fit themselves into the shoes of an extrovert would make them hate themselves since they would face difficulty in accepting the “new them”. And by saying the word “fix”, it connotes that an introverted person is wrong in his way and is suffering from a disease called “introversion”. This is again not something that they would like to embrace or being labelled as.

3. Introverts do not like people-

introvert hate people

Introverts are human beings and each human needs another human to talk and share things. They do not despise people. Rather, they maintain a group of few people with whom they are the most intimate and close. But society has always looked down upon them as anti-social which is not true. Most introverts require time to open up to people but once you have achieved it, you are there! Lucky you would be, if you have a friend who is an introvert by nature. He/she will have very scarce chance of losing you and your friendship will last long.

2. Introverts always like to be alone-

introverts alone

Introverts like spending time alone lost in their thoughts. But that necessarily does not mean that they always want to be alone. They too need people around them to share their feelings and thoughts just like extroverts. They like to be in the company of 2-3 people and have fun rather than going out on any public platform where they are most likely to be surrounded by noise which they honestly dislike since it makes them uncomfortable. They want to be with people who can understand them and make them feel themselves.

1. Introverts do not like to talk-

introverts dont talk

You have seen extroverts gibbering most often rather than talking which is not the case with introverts. It is not true that they do not like to talk. They just do not talk needlessly or anything useless and out of context. They usually hate small talks which oftentimes can be seen exchanged between extroverts. They prefer long valuable conversations with people they are close to. Just start talking to them once and you will find they are just the opposite of what you have thought earlier. Once they find any interesting thing to talk about, they won’t shut up.


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