Top 10 Organic Products that are Good for Health

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The present world in which we live is a health-conscious one. The food that we consume is carefully chosen so that we take in right nutrients and that too in right proportions. So keen are we in selecting food items that we ought not to take even a small chance of being sick. When it comes to a healthy life, the word that just goes synonymous with it all  is ‘organic.’ Gaining a lot of popularity in the yesteryears, organic food seems to have become the staple food in every household. It is being produced in abundance using the method of organic farming, which involves minimal usage of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. Devoid of techniques such as irradiation and addition of industrial solvents, organic food is free from all kinds of additives. Not just those, these products show high resistance to infectious diseases thereby increasing its demand in the market. The cost of these organic products make one wonder if it is really worth to consume them. The simple answer is a big yes as organic farming is usually done in safe and healthy soil conditions. With all these methodologies, products tend to give a fresh taste and contain either minimal or no pesticides at all.

Let us flip through some of the organic products that prove beneficial to us.

10. MILK

What is more nutritious than a glass filled with milk? In the present situation, milk is not all that healthy as it claims to be. The prime reason for this is the presence of many additives in order to increase the quantity as well as the quality of milk. That’s exactly where the purpose of using organic milk is served. It is worth shelling out that extra rupee from the pocket for organic milk. This food is known for its high shelf life and is prepared using sterilization at a very high temperature of 280 degrees Fahrenheit. With a high shelf life, organic milk can stored easily for a period of two months. There is absolutely no more need to feed children with adulterated milk; instead one can switch to organic milk for proper nourishment.


Known for their high nutritive content, organic vegetables help in building a strong immune system. Studies have revealed that these vegetables are abundant in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals when compared to ordinary vegetables. It is also ideal for all those weight-conscious people as it is made up of low calories. Free from all kinds of toxins, these vegetables should be a must-include food in our daily diet. Some of the most commonly used organic vegetables include cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, avocados, onions, potatoes and carrots. Onions and potatoes, being the routinely used vegetables, contain a huge variety of nutritious elements in them. It is ideal to incorporate the organic versions of these vegetables in our diet.


This is something that no one would wish to compromise with. We try hard to give the best possible nutrition to our kids. But, considering the present scenario, it is almost difficult to feed them food that is devoid of pesticides and toxins. That’s exactly where one needs to depend on some sort of organic food specifically produced for babies. These products suit the baby requirements well and can be chosen from a diverse range. Some of the baby organic food products include formula milk, cereals, puree pouches and food for different stages of baby’s development.


A common ingredient of our diet, greens refer to those leafy vegetables that provide us with an umpteen number of benefits. A lot among these have been detected with pesticide residues in them. It is always ideal to switch to organic leafy greens that can give us benefits without harming our body. Some of the most common ones of this lot include spinach, lettuce, collard greens and arugula to name a few. The presence of toxic materials disrupts normal functioning of body. Then, why take risk by consuming such pesticide-prone greens? The wiser idea would be to consume as much as organic leafy vegetables for a healthy life ahead.


Kids just drool over the word ‘peanut butter.’ What could be a more exciting breakfast with a toast of peanut butter not just for kids but even for adults? With its rich texture and high content of proteins, peanut butter is an all-time favourite food. The richness of protein helps to satiate one’s stomach. As we all know, proteins help repair worn-out muscles and tissues and also make them still stronger. Completely packed with nutrients, the organic peanut butter is rich in fibres as well. The most astonishing fact about peanut butter is that it is made up of healthy fat thereby helps keep a check on one’s body weight.


Meat is a very common food mostly loved by all. But, the sad part is the presence of chemicals that makes it difficult for consumption. Amidst all these, such chemicals inhibit the normal functioning of the body by getting accumulated. Though devoid of residual pesticides, these toxins in the form of chemicals are more than enough to cause havoc in our usual metabolism. When we mention ‘organic meat,’ it means the animal, from which the meat is derived, has been nourished under well-fed conditions. These animals are not fed on antibiotics or not exposed to any kind of artificial drugs. And, there is absolutely no compromise on the nutritive value of organic meat as well.


When eggs are produced using organic means, these are generally referred to as organic eggs. When we say ‘organic means,’ it means the poultry used for producing eggs are provided with organic feed. Devoid of drugs and chemicals, such eggs prove beneficial for health as well the environment. All sorts of organic eggs would have been certified with an USDA organic certification. Not just those alone, hens are reared on farms devoid of fertilizers and pesticides. Though slightly expensive than normal ones, it is always advisable to consume organic eggs.


Nuts, which are consumed in raw forms or used in cooking, form a part of our normal routine. Composed of unsaturated fats in high quantities, these are known to minimize the risk of heart diseases. Also, nuts are good sources of minerals like zinc and magnesium and vitamins like Vitamin E. Be it almonds or cashews, the ideal choice would be to go in for organic varieties. Studies have revealed the presence of endosulfan in cashews, while almonds contain high amount of pesticides. The phosmat in pistachios is capable of causing cancer and liver tumors. Therefore, it is better to eat healthy in order to stay fit.


Though not commonly used, brown rice is loaded with an umpteen number of nutrients. A longer shelf life helps this to be stored for a considerable period. What is more astonishing is that it can be consumed alone and still can provide the right amount of nutrients required by the body.  Abundant in vitamins, proteins and minerals, organic brown rice provides essential fatty acids apart from dietary fibres. Though uncommon, normal brown rice is known to contain traces of arsenic. Hence, the healthier option would be to consume organic brown rice.


It is rightly said ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ But, the current situation has worsened so much that consuming normal apples would urge one to meet a doctor. The reason for this is the presence of pesticides and other toxic elements. A simple solution in the form of organic apples would help resolve the issue by providing one with all the essential nutrients. With different insecticides being sprayed on apples, it becomes almost impossible to consume apples. If it is a normal apple, it is wise to peel off the skin before consumption. Else, switch to organic apples wherein nutritive value of the skin also can be restored.


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