Top 10 Qualities Kids Must have

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Every parent in the world wants their kid to be perfect. They want to give him the best of education and teach him all the values and make him a good Human. But what are these basic qualities? The basic qualities remain the same but their importance may differ from one parent. Like in Islamic countries, children are mostly encouraged to learn honesty and tolerance at home. Other qualities included perseverance, leadership and imagination. Hence, we cannot specify the best among these values. But surely there would be some morals which most of the parents would agree on, and would want to instill their kids with. Here are about 10 such values, with reasons as to why they should be taught.



Being Honest is the base of all qualities. Honesty is the best policy; this is one the first quotes which is drilled into every kids head. The kid must understand what this means and also the importance of being truthful. The kid learns from the Parents and a parent should make sure not to lie to anybody in front of the kid, especially at an early age. Many a times, Parents who want to avoid certain calls, make others lie about them not being at home and hence not take the call. At a young age, the kid would learn this habit. Being honest and accepting one’s fault, keeps one at a peaceful state of mind. Honesty not just with others, but most importantly to oneself. Honesty also includes being sincere and doing one’s work with full caliber. Honesty helps to gain respect in the society.



The next quality is Trust; to be able to trust people and also not to break the trust people have instilled in them. If a child cannot trust, then the kid will have a lot of issues in building a relationship, in talking to people easily and in moving forward in life. Hence the kid needs to trust people. By fulfilling her basic needs, giving her food when she is hungry, taking care of her, and paying attention to her developments like praising her scribbling or telling her how good her building block is we can try and get the child to trust us. If parents understand the kid, then the kid starts to believe you hence trust begins to develop. Breaking the trust is another thing they should take care of. They should be taught the importance of Trust and how one should refrain from breaking it and how once broken, it cannot be gained again.



Good things come to those who wait. This quality of Patience helps a kid to wait for their turn, not to cause unnecessary stress to themselves and to enjoy the present moments. Also, while doing any specific work, if we are patient then the foundation is stronger leading to better results. Once we develop patience and are in need or want of nothing, we find ourselves with everything and lack nothing. This comes though, not overnight and is best if taught at an early age. Patience is probably the biggest lesson for man to learn because with infinite patience, we are infinitely merciful and accepting and forgiving.



Respecting elders is another important quality. This needs to be worked upon over a period of time. Even when the kid is small, the kid needs to be told that his parents are elder to him and they need to be given respect. Then slowly, they need to be told that not just parents but others of younger or equal age are to be respected too. And Respect begets Respect. This leads to one being looked upon in the society. People want to be friends with such people. Hence, Respect has to be taught.



Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you. This is a very famous quote and kids should be made to understand its meaning. They should know how to behave with others and what to say to others while having a normal conversation or even when they are fighting. This quality is called Empathy. They should know to what extent they can get rude to and what all they can say. They should be taught that they should do things which they can tolerate themselves. Explain to him how his actions affect others and what would be the consequences. If he bites his brother, explain that it hurts. If you see another child with a skinned knee, talk about how it must sting. You need to pay respect to his feelings and attention to his needs so that he learns the same.



One of the most important characteristics is Benevolence. It is the desire to help others, do charitable deeds or an act of kindness. This should be inculcated in all kids as in today’s world most people are selfish. The nicest feeling in the world is to do a good deed anonymously-and have somebody find out. So teaching kids has to begin at home, by the parents at an early age. If you help your kid and his friends to clean up the room, if your partner helps you carry stuff from the market, if you try and help the less fortunate, then the kid automatically learns to help others and be kind. Helping others is not just charity or a good deed but it also provides immense satisfaction.



Being Self Reliant or Independent is the need of the hour these days. You cannot depend on others to do your work. Making the kid do little stuff on his own, like putting butter on his toast or keeping things back into place, can help the parents impart this quality. It gives them confidence and makes them autonomous. Being self reliant, helps them take their decisions, plan what they want in life and somehow get a feeling that they control their destiny.



After being self reliant,one must be taught being Responsible and taking the responsibilities of others. Responsibility is a major quality to be taught. Making commitments, and following up is the basis of being responsible. When the kid starts to play with his ball and while leaving the park expects you to get the ball back, it’s time for him to become responsible. A kid needs to be taught that responsibility accompanies every relation and position. A kid needs to be taught at an early stage that few things are his responsibility like cleaning some toys after his play, or maybe cleaning the table after meals. His To-Do list has to increases with age. This way he learns to do his bit and also learns that his responsibilities will increase further.



Assertiveness is another quality which is required by any kid these days. It is the ability to put forward one’s thoughts truthfully and with confidence. A kid needs to listen to its parents and understand what they say is for their best. But also, at the same time, they need to be programmed with the ability to speak up if they are not comfortable with something or if something is not according to their liking. When the kid is young and demands to play with a toy which the other kid is not ready to share then, the kid and his anger needs to be calmed down but the parents should also make sure that they tell the kid that they understand his anger. They should instill in the kid the habit of speaking up if they wish so without disrespecting anybody.



Another quality which is important is to be Happy with what one has and be Satisfied. A kid should not be always looking at what others have and what he himself does not. Parents need to make him realize that his belongings, maybe his toys are not less than others. A kid needs to learn to stay happy and enjoy the present with whatever one has. He should be able to take things lightly and have a good sense of humour.

Moral Values as such should be taught. These include basic values like sincerity, efficient, care for others, being understanding, obedient etc. He needs to be told to be dedicated to his work and give his best everywhere. Being able to work hard and to be efficient, to stay away from any fraud, all these need to be instilled too. These need to be inculcated in the kids over a period of time with the basic qualities.


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