Top 10 Qualities of Best Friends

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Rightly called, man is a social animal. I cannot even imagine a person travelling a lonely road all throughout his life towards the very end. After all, you need someone to walk along, someone to guide and someone to support you through the ups and downs of this journey. Friends are people in your life who make your life beautiful and worth living. A best friend, however, is just next to a soul mate. He or she will be with you when you rise, when you fall, and when you want to rise again. All of us make good friends in school, some of them we call as our best friends. Then most often, life takes a turn and you people end up in different colleges, struggling to make a career of your dreams. Friendship may or may not give in, but you definitely come across newer people, make newer friends and perhaps they also become your new best friends. Best friends may change over time but the qualities that make them stand out and take over that important post in your life are more or less the same. Given below are 10 qualities best friends possess or must possess, which ultimately leads them being called the ‘best’ of all:

10. They do what interests you; they are fun to be with!!

they are fun to be with

One of the most probable reasons you guys became best friends was perhaps your inclination towards common things. If your best friends are a fun to be with, then definitely yours and theirs perception of fun is similar. Lots of giggles and moments of fun have gradually strengthened the bond that you have with them. You guys definitely have a good chemistry and a level of comfort with each other. Among best friends, there is no peer pressure. What exists is the mutual humour that cannot keep you away from sharing laughs every time you meet.

9. They are not just attentive to your words but your expressions:

they are attentive

Damn! They know you so well that you cannot keep anything to yourself. They are aware of the slightest of your face twitches, the changed expressions that sometimes even your mom fails to interpret. And, best friends surely are the best listeners as far as listening to you is concerned. They would listen to you, with patience, until you pour your heart out. This does not mean they would pressure you to say things out, but once you need them to listen, they will lend all ears.

8. Expect honesty and straightforwardness from them:

honesty and straightforwardness

If your best friends consider you their best friend too, then believe me they would never lie to you or pretend things. They would be comfortable placing the truth right in your front, no matter how hard it is. They will place genuine opinions before you and will tell you straight when they find you wrong. Don’t expect them to say anything bad behind your back, you simply have to trust them.

7. You have got someone who will protect you throughout:


As long as they are in your life, you do not need to panic. They will protect you from all evils. Consciously, or unconsciously, if you are doing something wrong, your best friends would act like the dragging force. When someone says bad things to you in class, you just have to sit calmly and they will be the ones to fight for you. They may behave badly with you himself, but they will never let others do that. This is because best friends are protective and are truly your best well wishers.

6. Generosity is their way:


A friend in need is truly the friend in deed. Best friends are not just helpful, they will steer you throughout the task, whenever you need guidance. They will be happy to share their sweets, chocolates, gifts, notes, books, clothes, accessories with you. Being the best friends of yours, they would never say no. They will be generous with gifts and more importantly, they will be generous in love. All they would want is to see you happy. Just like a mother, they would sacrifice their wishes for it, if they have to.

5. They bring out the best in you:

they bring out best in you

Best friends are ones who can see both your potentials as well as your shortcomings. Sometimes, they know better what you are best at. They would always motivate you to perform better, whether it is studies or sports or any crucial stage of your life. They would never be jealous, if you are good. In fact they are going to be the happiest people of your college if you succeed. They will let you feel inspired enough to realize your dreams. They shall cheer for you when you have a match, whistle when you shoot and also boast among others that you, (the talented one), are their bestie.

4. They care and they show:

they care and they show

Yes, best friends care. Best friends love. And not just you, the whole world will know that they care for you. If you are sick, a best friend would take you to a doctor. If you are sad, a best friend would pour out his pot of advices. They will be worried throughout your tense moments and they will do everything like a mother for you. They will get your favorite dish from market, watch your favorite movie along, hug you, scold you, and hug you again! Best friends would let everyone, in school or college, know that they care for you and messing with you should never be an option for the rest.

3. Treasure them; they are worth your trust! :


A person who is not trustworthy can never be your friend. Everyone in this world has painful secrets which he/she cannot share with every other person. You too must be having your share of secrets and experiences that perhaps you cannot even share with your family. Best friends are exclusively meant for this purpose. They would not spread your secrets, they would not cheat you and they would not mislead you. You trust them and they respect it. Best friends never break your trust. That is why, they are so precious.

2. They will never let you feel alone! :

they will never let you feel alone

When the most dreadful of times has struck you, one person who will stand tall by your side is your BFF. You had a bad day, you left home, or you had a breakup, best friends would never let you feel lonely despite of such circumstances. They know it when you need them the most, and they also know that none apart from them can handle you better. Pulling you out of gloom, they revitalize you with positivity. In all those crucial moments when all you need is a shoulder to cry on or a hand to pat your back, just look up and you will find your best friends there.

1. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY:

they will love you unconditionally

You guys are best friends, doesn’t mean you will not be fighting. There may be times when you upset each other or a misunderstanding crops up, still your best friends would never stop loving you. Even if you behaved like a jerk with them, they will forget it as soon as you hug them back. Their love is unconditional and forever. Petty things don’t matter to them. All they knows is, you are an amazing person and they love you. And once you guys realize it, things will fall in place eventually, no matter how big the fight was. Fortunate are those who are blessed to have  best friends like that. You fight and they love, you hurt and they caress, you shout and they utter ‘sorry’, you sulk and they make up, you say ‘it’s ok’ and they cherish, you laugh and they laugh back, you smile and they hug! And that is the very moment you realize, life could not be better.


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