Top 10 Reasons to Learn Cooking Today

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Whether you are a foodie or an extremely diet conscious folk, learning cooking would surely bring on enormous benefits to you apart from just feeding yourself. Cooking is not just an art; it is a beautiful combination of science and art! The science behind it helps you stay healthy while the art involved tingle your taste buds to satisfaction.

Cooking is not only a survival essence but it has several other perks to offer. No matter how much you diet, at the end of month you end up gaining some weight! The moment your cook asks for a week leave you almost jump off your couch! You find it easy to dial home delivery than to get up cook. Then it’s surely time for you to learn cooking today. Here are top 10 reasons to elucidate why you should learn cooking, today!

10. Boosts your Confidence

If you cook, no matter how often or rare, you must have felt that sense of accomplishment you experience when someone appreciates your skill. Cooking is believed to be rewarding. And absolutely the rewards do boost confidence level. The beautiful aroma whiffing off to you while you cook, the fruitful result after long hours of efforts and experiments, all of them boost up your confidence.


9. Cooking is a Stress Buster

Amidst the hectic lifestyle, cooking serves like a stress buster. It is kind of escapism as you really find yourself indulge while cooking. (Sorry , if I offend the housewives with my statement, for whom this might be the most monotonous job ever) But if you try your hand at it seldom, than surely it is an enjoyable job. The entire process is quite involving and time consuming as it involves lots of preparation and efforts. Chopping, customizing your ingredients, keeping everything ready before turning on the burner, all these seems a lot to do and hence is enough to occupy your mind, leaving no room for stress.


8. Cooking is so much Fun!

The day you take up your first cooking lesson you will experience the fun associated with it. The entire process of customizing your spices, chopping the vegetables to the shape you want and frying it in your favourite cooking oil adds on to zeal and zest for the fruitful result. Once you learn the basics of it all you would want, to do it more and more! Cooking is actually a versatile and free domain, you will find out recipes and innovations while heading on to perfection. Your mistakes, accomplishment, experiments would bring on several rewarding and fun moments to offer.


7. Easy yet effective way to Impress Someone

You must have heard an old saying, ’the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach’. This was an old belief that the woman who are capable of cooking tasty foods garner lots of love and affection from there partner. Being a woman this option may seem to be easiest to lure your man. But to add-on to your amaze, if you are a male then this option equally fits in. If you are capable of cooking some tasty stuff then it can bring lots of popularity to you. Helping your girlfriend/wife/mother by going off the track really sounds a nice way to impress the said ladies. Hence it wouldn’t be wrong to state that cooking is an effective way to impress the opposite sex.


6. You can customize your food according to yourself!

None of us are alike in respect of features or nature likewise our tastes are also different. Some prefer hot beverages and some cold, some like it salty and others may prefer plain, some like it spicy and others may not. Rather than repeatedly explaining your preferences to others, cooking yourself sounds a wise idea.  This way you will be able to customize your food with the ingredients you like it, making it exactly the way  you want it to be, rewarding your taste buds with exotic self made creation.


5. Fosters your creativity

Once you get to know the basics of cooking and you get familiar with the effect, taste and use of spices available, the real race to perfection start. Cooking arena is full of scopes to embrace the challenges and discover recipes of your own in the form of vivid flavors, ingredients, recipes, techniques, spices etc. Being successful in combining the flavors, recipes and ingredients to create an exotic delicacy of your own would offer you an immense opportunity to learn from your every past experience and make your future experience better. Soon you will reach a stage of perfection in which you will be able to figure out a better recipe from the book you are reading, by substituting the ingredients with more suitable one. To experience the immense joy of experiments and bring out the creative genius within you by learning to cook should be considered today!


 4. Helps you to Tackle Budget imbalance!

You don’t even realize the large number of bucks you are spending on junkies to fuel yourself up and to shatter your fitness plan. While eating outside you are not only paying for the food you ordered but there are several associated costs, likes taxes, parking charge, tip etc. think of the saving you will accumulate by putting a stop to frequent restaurant visits/home delivery. Cooking for yourself is quite cheaper than eating out. Hence it would help you saving a significant amount of money every month, tackling your budget imbalance.


3. Cooking is a Survival essence

The day we discovered fire, cooking too became an essential survival essence. We need air to breathe; water to drink and food to eat hence Air, Water and Food are the three basic necessities for survival. And cooking indirectly fulfils one of them making itself an essential survival skill. However this is mostly overlooked as a survival, it is disappointing that many of us spend our entire life depending upon others to cook for us. In spite of being an essence of survival it is seen as a source of pleasure hence neglected. Cooking is a key player in our growth as it is the major nutrition supplier. Doing something for the growth and evolution of your own is more than a reason to start learning it today itself!


2. Helps you to Stay Healthy

Whether it is a quality restaurant or a packaged food from a big brand, the hygiene you expect and the composition of ingredient you want is impossible to achieve, outside. The best way to reward you with purely hygienic edible is to prepare it yourself. Apart from this cooking for yourself would help you all the more in sticking to your diet plan for fitness or medical issues, preventing you from the extra calories you put on by eating junkies. Thus learning cooking today will enhance your efforts towards improving your health.

 1. An add on to your Independence

You are capable of managing your entire world, right from office to household you handle everything, still when your cook is on leave you have to pick up the phone to order for home delivery or pickup the car keys to visit drive through! How about cooking your own meal, at least once a weak!  Enjoying the delicacies prepared by you would not only fuel you up but will also empower you by adding on to your confidence thus making you independent in complete sense.


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