Top 10 Reasons To Quit Facebook today

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Facebook started in 2004, and became available worldwide in 2005. Its founder was Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook became a huge sensation. Today it has many millions of daily users. It has developed over a period of time and gained a lot of popularity. At present it is the greatest social networking site. Its various features, Messaging, Like, comment, post, poke, chat, made it more popular. Today, it is a trend among all age groups and all professions. Everyone has a Facebook profile. But like it is said “every good thing has an end”, so has Facebook. Today, it can’t really be seen as a Social Utility for many reasons. It is trapped in many vices. It is full of flaws. The kind of attention it gained is now losing grip. People are getting disconnected to Facebook for many reasons. Though there are still many people who like to sit over Facebook. And there are millions who enjoy Facebook on a daily basis. It is now available on phones, laptops, tablets, in different browsers, and versions and therefore attracts a great number of users. It is an excellent tool to connect socially. With its enhanced features like video calling and Timeline it has gained even more attention. But there are various things that can provoke people to quit it. If a thought is given, Facebook is not really a great thing to put one’s time in.

Below are Ten Reasons To Quit Facebook –

10.  Controversies


Facebook takes a lot of time of a person’s life and has become a significant part of the world. Though it is connecting the world, making people bond all over the world, exposing people to various cultures, giving them a platform to express freely and has proved to be a great social web. It has not been rid of controversies. There are countries that have entirely banned Facebook. In India too, there are many colleges and organizations that have imposed a ban on Facebook. It is not always because of its unrefined content, but also because it distracts people from work. But whatever be the reasons, Facebook has always been into controversies. Its privacy setting has been debated. Also, there have been many instances where, posts and comments upon famous personalities have given sparks to huge controversies. Also, it has often been used as a tool to criticize the new generation, its trends and how it has been leading to the degradation of culture etc. With all these reasons of controversies that have never left Facebook, quitting Facebook is not a bad idea.

9. Boring


First started in 2004, Facebook gradually gained millions of users. Its features were a complete revolution to the world. It was a brand new idea, a completely new trend, with a great social networking platform, freedom and expressions. But now, it has become a common thing. Everyone is aware of it. Everyone has an account. Its features are well known to all. In short, we have had enough of Facebook. It has hardly anything new or great to offer. Facebook has become boring, naïve, and almost ridiculous.

8. Monotonous


Facebook has now become monotonous. Opening your account, scrolling the home page, chatting with friends, posting, sharing and commenting. This is all it has to offer. This has made it greatly monotonous. There is nothing new to explore or do on Facebook. This way, it is also making the life of its users a monotonous and restricted one. People are trapped in these trivialities of the world on Facebook and are ignoring the superior things to do and getting involved in playing a greater role in society.

7. Anti social elements

anti social elements

Facebook is leading to many anti social things. Like, it is making people lazy and useless. Facebook addicts hardly enjoy doing anything else. Especially young kids, who must go out and play, enjoy and celebrate their childhood, stick to Facebook, chatting with their friends and living in that confined social circle. This is also exposing them to the vulgarities present on Facebook. Other than this, it is leading to a lot of obsession to bad things. Facebook has its share of inevitable drawbacks, but the users, especially students are ignorant of them. They enjoy Facebooking more than anything. While there is a lot of good material on the internet that they completely ignore. They also fail to read, explore, learn and develop, all the time they spend on Facebook. These are the various ways in which Facebook is leading to anti socialism among its users.

6. Creeps and Fake account

creeps and fake accounts

A major source of annoyance on Facebook is the large number of creeps and fake accounts. The creeps flood your message box with their intolerable messages. They are complete strangers, but trouble you with friend requests. There are technical methods to avoid them, though these methods are not totally effective. Other than these creeps, the large number of fake accounts on Facebook is another problem. These accounts are mostly into vulgar posts, comments, unnecessary poking, etc. They are particularly dirtying the environment on Facebook.

5. Hampers concentration

hampered concentration

A major drawback of Facebook is that it hampers a person’s concentration power. Since Facebook is highly engaging and addictive, it compels one to keep updates of his account all the time. This leads to a constant urge for Facebook, leading to failure of concentration in other tasks that are certainly more important and sensible. This is mainly common with students. They are unable to concentrate on studies, since Facebook is so much engrossing that they can highly get off their laptops, phones and tablets.

4. Privacy


Facebook’s privacy policy keeps changing. Earlier it was much safer than what it is today. Now things are much more public. Even if one is not comfortable sharing certain pictures, or posts, or event, or any information of their life, with others, the privacy policy of Facebook deprives them of this comfort.  The Timeline system has brought the system of cover picture that is public. Also, it has made sharing anyone’s posts or pictures easy. With the changes in Facebook’s style and policies, now there are numerous posts that are vulgar or negative.

3. Confessions


A new trend on Facebook is the confession system. Under this system, people are free to post anything they have to say, with anonymity. But the problem with this whole phenomenon is that it is becoming too bizarre. There are pages like, CCD confessions, Metro Confessions, Online confessions, Dating confessions, Sex confessions etc. These pages are insignificant. These are lame. Moreover pages like Sex confessions are extremely offensive. No one keeps a check over such pages. And every one, of every age group is free to access these pages. Also, these pages are now so popular that every college, school and institute has its own confession page. But these pages have become a platform for bitching, fights and cheapness. Therefore, the whole idea of confessions on Facebook is against its function of being a social utility. And thus provoking people to quit Facebook, for they have to come across this nonsense every time they log in.

2. Misogyny


Today we are all talking of feminism all around the country. We participate in various protests, movements and forums, but at the end of the day we all stick to Facebook. Facebook is today where there is a flood of misogynist views. Pages and groups are widely posting anti feminist posts. Women are being commercialized; indecent jokes, pictures and videos are posted. Many pages itself are against women. There are not one or two but many people who like and comment upon such posts and pictures and countless pages that promote this. Quitting Facebook is a good idea, as a protest to this miserable practice.

1. Addictive


 Facebook is inevitably addictive. For all those who have a good social connect, cannot escape the addiction of Facebook. And this is not restricted to any particular age group, but all age groups equally. From school kids, to college goers, to working people, housewives and oldies, today everyone has a Facebook account, and in all these ages there are Facebook addicts. This addiction is highly dangerous. It keeps one away from all other productive works. It leads to lack of concentration, reduces motivation and makes one lazy. A Facebook addict’s life is restricted to the social circle online, and he/she is subservient to logging in, logging out continuously all day long.


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