Top 10 Reasons to Travel Alone

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Make your foot follow the Einstein’s rule of every action giving an equal and opposite reaction and walk all the way to cover every inch from a footpath in Hollywood to the highest cliff of the sky-kissing sky crappers in New York.  The road is doing the talking and nothing but the musical waves one creates with their own hands can emerge out as to be the best travelling concert . To be alone while to travel is one and the same thing when compared with bliss that would force one to the ultimate safari of new shop presenting a dogmatic view of one’s thoughts to let prevail the succulence in air around you. There are some things that a company  can’t provide you and various reasons to glare the world alone .

 10. Cheaper

Believe it or not but when the insect of travelling bites you it comes with the side effects of diseases like capital factor and surely in every scientific, logical, rational or practical way travelling alone is far more cheaper than when you have got someone to accompany. You have  got all the money in the world to spend it upon yourself. And no compromises regarding that makes the tour even more interesting because you are in no position to give second thoughts to spend any bucks anywhere and roam freely. Accommodations and restaurants feel homely.

9.Time for yourself

The moribund lifestyle back at your original routine would never had allowed you to introspect the happiness that lies beneath your heart and there’s where  travelling alone comes to your rescue. Without any distractions to your views and ways you may all day long  roam and enjoy the charismatic time you took out for yourself. This period of time would let you explore a new ‘you’ within you which was asleep, entangled with the  unavoidable companies . Indulge yourself to rethink the ‘you’. This precious time will make you wonder about all the people who are related  to you in a way or other .

8. A non-judgmental life

It is time to live  a life of relief and experience how it feels like not being judged each time you put yourself forward to do it. Do whatever you want and set the mind free from what the person next to you would think and portray of you when he sees you doing what you wish to do . Now you won’t have to be hesitant and nothing will make the tasks mundane since all the time in the world is already set up for you to grab. No suggestions , no restrictions , no listening to unwanted views is what a tour with solitude will gift you and this would  undoubtedly be unforgettable. If you want to have an experience of bungee jumping then have it , if killing time with shots favors you then nothing is going to cease you .It is all about your interest and things you do without anyone judging you or tagging you.

7.No solitude

Even though  you are travelling alone but you aren’t alone . Solo travelling is emollient and incredible to hang on with. You can always interact with the people you like and hung up with them anytime sooner or later. It is the great you with you which never leaves you alone and takes you to places you have never been before. Disconnect with everyone else and give in to yourself and see the magic that unfolds. Let the technology leave you alone and turn comes for the nature and laudable scenes out there to sooth you and mesmerize you with its aura. These times will prove to be the best time you had had.

6.Test your extents

Go as risky as you ever wanted to be and try the scariest sport you could . It is time to challenge yourself and test the extents that you think you can go . This trip would give you the answers for all your questions such as  ” what would happen if I may put myself into a problem?” or ” what will I do if an impossible situation arises?”  All the fears and insecurities would vanish the moment you try to face them and enjoy tackling them rather making up in the mind that you need to resolve them. The adventure ahead of these fears will discover the incredulous you and puke out the courageous blood . The flow and strength of energy that would prevail then is what you might have never felt before.

5. Freedom

The quintessential freedom one gets from travelling alone is incomparable . To travel alone will lead you to places as soon as they strike your mind. You are free to change your mind from a sudden desert trip to a waterfall and this is what freedom blue ribbons you with.  These thoughts just remain dark horses for a while  but with the pinch of freedom they turn to realities. Doesn’t matters whether you are changing your mind the very next second you halted to a decision.  The taste of the fresh air tastes different when you travel alone and since then nothing feels  hectic or mind boggling.

4.  Experience  new places

There still are various adventures waiting out there to seeing to your visit . An experience is a thing which when gained for oneself and alone adds new colors to the palette . A sense to mix those colors and invent new ones which are the teachings that we always awaited for. One can literally go to places he ever wanted to visit and shock oneself . You would definitely say to yourself that ” where was I before or was I wasting my time to not to come to this place and pay a visit” . The why-the-hell-did-I-not-come-here-expression will encourage you more to see what you haven’t till date. There is too much to flow with in this day and age. In lure of this who  knows that you might  become Vasco De Gama and find a new place .

3. Become who you are

Since now when you have so much to pile up and be afresh , you can become what you always wanted to be . Recreate yourself just to add the brand new dictum to your communication which would reflect the awesome time you had being alone .

2.Morale booster

Sole tour is one or more of an encouragement source. A fully  fledged wave of morale booster is being built inside you . Now suddenly you start to feel that if can travel alone then I can  do everything . Now there would be no place for fears and insecurities to grow.

1. Meeting people

This surely deserves number one position because being a human if you are not social then you are lagging behind in a way or other. Solo travelling will reward you with such interactions that might even change your life. The tour will compel you to reach out to new personalities and gain something from them .  To socialize you can pick any one to grab a chat with and the profound results will leave you stunned and you will feel happy about it. Most importantly such lonely trips gives us an opportunity to meet the locals of a place we are visiting and this feels just right .Connecting with  people on the way to your destination can lend immeasurable benefits.



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