Top 10 Reasons Why Learning English is Must

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The universal language, English is indeed the most prevalent language in the world. Looking at its largest number of speakers, it is acknowledged as the primary language, internationally. English has become the chief language today, for the global trade, social media networks and websites, science and research centers, educational institutions and for maximum number of immigrants and travelers all over the world.
In today’s modern era of higher learning and overweening ambitions, when everyone is shooting for a booming and fruitful career, the English language has occupied a more significant position among all the languages of the world. This is due to the fact that it is the globally accepted language and extremely useful for a professional in dealing with the international clients.
English language is rapidly spreading worldwide for several crucial purposes and there are multiple reasons why one must learn English. So, here are the top 10 most important ones.

English is the only language dominating the International business and political structure throughout the world. Most of the countries in the world, despite having their own languages recognize English as a major language for communication. It is the globally accepted language that can be regarded as an important medium of information either it be business, academics, science and research, transportation, politics or entertainment.

The media today uses English language as a medium for a large number of films and entertainment programs. It is one of the good reasons for learning English that, majority of world’s top movies and entertainment shows are being produced in English. Even various movies produced in different languages are being watched all over the world with English subtitles. Apart from the world of media, English is also primarily being used in publishing books and magazines. Several captivating and highly informative books, today are published in English.

There are a huge number of universities, colleges and research institutions all over the world that use English as a means of teaching and performing researches. It is easier for professors, teachers or educationists well versed with the language to participate in forums and discussions, English language being the means of scientific and educational discourse. It is well known that English is the language of science as 90% of the scientific journals are written in English and one must cognize it in order to excel in science and day-to-day technology.

Access to Internet provides an instant way of gathering any kind of information on various topics and there is an ultimate need of being familiar with the English language in order to access that information over the web. Today, approximately 55% of all the written content on the internet is in English. Therefore, if you know English then you can have a much better and faster approach to the subject matter available on the web. Moreover, we can notice the rise in use of the language by the internet users with the growing popularity of the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The English language helps in understanding various emerging as well as the most ancient cultures of the world. English language itself determines the culture and civilization of the place of its origination and of the places where it is spoken. Thus we can say that this language provides an insight into the niceties of the lives the people in the world. English being a globally accepted language holds a special significance in writing up of books that describe various shades of different civilizations. Also, when most people are familiar with the language then there is more opportunity for everyone to express their own culture to the world.

English is the most widespread language in all parts of the world. And, this is the reason why it is used very commonly by the travelers and tourists. Local people of most of the countries use English to communicate with their visitors. If you can proficiently communicate in English then it becomes quiet easier for you to enquire about accommodations, rents or food, anywhere you go. There is a better opportunity for you to explore more freely about the places you travel and you need not be entirely dependent on some guide who can convey to you in your native language.

In the present economy, statistics show that an average of 22 out of 30 companies say that English is of great essence for a business to thrive and for an economy’s growth. This is because it provides much wider ways, not only to trade effectively in the international market but also to express and discuss business issues efficiently. Most of the memos, transactions, business emails, reports and documents are written in English. Moreover, nowadays when there is a rapidly spreading trend of outsourcing or overseas jobs then aspirants adept in the language can make money by participating in the business deals taking place in the western countries.

For anyone desiring to have access to the computer applications, it is a must to learn English as almost all the computer software programs and applications are created using the English language. If one wants to hone his/her computer knowledge then he/she must be skilled enough in English for understanding the terminology and commands that are written in English. The bulk of computer’s applications and all knowledge is in English and can be easily incorporated by learning English.

One of the most important benefit of learning English is its use in every single professional arena. It is the widely accepted language that must be known to anyone aiming for a bright career and a progressive professional background. Employers in the corporate world, educational institutes and in the fashion or film industries seek for applicants having good command over English. The candidates knowing english are preferred mainly for the jobs in translation, travel, international business and for other exciting and creative positions.

At most of the places, in social parties, family gatherings and official meetings, English speakers are highly regarded and coveted. The people who are good and fluent at speaking English, doubtlessly surpass the others. Appropriate knowledge of English has become a status symbol apart from being simply a useful secondary language in almost all the countries of the world. Adept English speakers in all such social circles are highly admired and looked upon with respect as it is really good as well as important to know this internationally used language.


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