Top 10 Reasons Why you Should follow your Dreams

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Have you ever dreamt of something which is amusing or something which seems to be a mere impossibility to you ? Well, yes all of us do. We all dream about certain things which might transform our life. Well being frank enough I do dream to become the owner of KFC someday (so that I can have chicken for free!!) But what makes most of us wonder is do dreams turn into reality?  Some people say dreams are nothing but a mere world of fascination and imagination, which is very different from the so called “real world”. Well had it been so, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam would have never been the president of India, Shahrukh Khan would have never become a superstar and Sachin Tendulkar would be never titled as the  ‘Master Blaster’. They followed their dreams to become what they are today and hence all of us should do the same. You never know you might end up turning your dreams into reality. So here we have top ten reasons why should we follow our dreams and what difference does it make to our lives.



What defines an individual is the way he thinks, acts and behaves in the society. Our dreams are also a part of our thought process and hence it shapes our personality reflecting the kind of person we tend to be. We show others that we have meaning, purpose and direction in life. We choose things accordingly in life. For e.g. – a person who is a passionate music lover would be more inclined towards people of his kind. Our interests, likes and dislikes characterize the kind of dreams we pursue and hence identify us as an individual. Hence it’s worth chasing your dreams to put forward an image of yourself before others and give meaning to your life.



A dream is strong enough to define you as an individual. From the psychological perspective if we look at things we realize that each one of us have an ideal-self within us. Now the point is, what do you mean by ideal self and how does it influence our life? Ideal self is nothing but the kind of person we actually want to be. There is a basic difference between the true self and the ideal self. Following our dreams will make us the kind of individual we cherish to be thereby proving our potentialities to the world around us.


feeling of joy

It’s easier to dream but pretty difficult to accomplish those dreams. But the ecstatic feeling that one gets after fulfilling them cannot be expressed in words. That feeling of joy and happiness is equivalent to a thousand glorious victories. One feels that one’s sole purpose of living is fulfilled. Thus to enjoy the “wow” moment of life, one should work towards transforming dreams into reality and ultimately you will realize that happiness walks into your life.



Well, to do something really big, we need both courage and potential. And as far as our dreams are concerned, most of us set up quite high standards in comparison to our true self. There is a sea change in one’s confidence level if you turn your dreams into reality on the basis of your caliber and potential. It not only reflects how talented you are but also encourages you to take up challenges ahead in life with confidence. Overall it makes a positive impact on your personality.



Human life is full of complexities and we are surrounded by both negative and positive elements. Following your dream makes you more goal oriented kind of person. At the same time it also distracts you from the negative events in life. You become more focused and there is a constructive utilization of the mental framework. The mind works in one particular direction and its main aim is to accomplish the dream. Also it changes the way you look at things and you are able to distinguish between good and bad. And once you become focused towards something, it’s not difficult to achieve it.


being remembered

Once you accomplish your dream people recognize you and you set an example for others. People get influenced from you, because everybody dares to dream but few dare to achieve it. And fulfilling a dream is not a cake walk. It needs focus, determination, hard work and required potential. Being remembered for doing something extraordinary is like a dream come true. Most of us would aspire to be such a person and following your dreams can make you one of a kind.


one chance

‘Make hay while the sun shines’. Opportunity knocks at the door only once and only those who grab it are able to cherish their dreams. We cannot take everything in life for granted. To achieve your dreams you need to strike when the iron is hot. This makes you a more disciplined and organized person. All successful people have this quality in them. There is a sense of maturity and you learn to value opportunities.



Once you become self dependent, you don’t need to rely on others for your needs. Each one of us wants to attain a position in life where you don’t need to be dependent on anyone. All of us want to live an ideal life by proving that we have got something in us. It’s a natural feeling of proving one’s worth which every individual inherits within oneself. Transforming your dreams into reality not only makes you confident but also one self dependant person.


right track

Quite often it happens, with most of us that despite of knowing what our dreams are, we are unable to pursue, what we actually want to do because of some or the other kind of pressure. Only if you choose the right path you’ll be able to accomplish your mission or else your entire life you’ll keep regretting, blaming your wrong decisions and misfortunes. Thus another important reason why you should follow your dreams is because it teaches you to choose the right path in life and enables you to take correct decisions in different situations.


self fulfillment

Well last but not the least, the most important reason why one should follow one’s dreams is, it gives you a feeling of self satisfaction which is very important. Though human nature is such that they are never satisfied but there is one concept of basic satisfaction which is very necessary or else, frustration and irritation might dominate over you. One doesn’t have a peaceful life and you keep cribbing about something or the other. Once you are self satisfied, you know that you have done your share of hard work and you ultimately you get the desired output. Thus chase your dreams until and unless you make them come true and make the world believe that dreams are not just a mere world of fascination and imagination but they are a part of our real world which can be accomplished by the right people in the right time. And dreaming is not a sin, it paves way to your aspirations, gives you a direction in life and once you accomplish them you end up being a self satisfied person.

All successful people could become successful only because they had a dream which they wanted to fulfill. “They can who feel they can”. Yes, it’s true. Only if you feel that you can do it you’ll be able to do it. It doesn’t matter whether people around you believe in you or not, what matters is whether you believe in yourself. And if yes then forget the world, get started and follow your dreams!!


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