Top 10 Reasons why you should Keep Your City Clean

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Would you like it if your house is filled with dirt and waste and there is bad odor all around? Would you be able to live in such a place? The answer to this question is NO. We will not be able to live in a place which is full of waste and bad odor all around. In fact, no one can live in such an untidy place. We all clean our houses, our clothes, the utensils we eat in, and most importantly ourselves and that to everyday. Why do we do that? We do that, so that we can maintain our hygiene and stay healthy and fit. When we cannot stay in a house which is not clean, then how can we stay in a city which is not clean and tidy. It is our duty to keep our city clean, not only for us, but also for the people visiting our city and for also for the future generations.

There can be many ways in which we can keep our city clean. They include throwing garbage and waste in dustbins and not on the road, if we see any plastic material being thrown on the road, we should pick it up and should throw it in the dustbin and should not feel ashamed of it, we should teach others to do the same, we should use public toilets and should not piss on the road, we should not write on the historical buildings and monuments, we should throw our household waste in the locality dustbins and not outside our house and most importantly we should aware people about the advantages of keeping our city clean and should promote campaigns and activities on this issue.

These are the ways in which we can keep our city clean. But many people must be thinking, that why we should do so. There are many advantages for keeping our city clean and green. This article consists of the top 10 reasons that why should you keep your city clean.


TO promote tourism

This is a fact that tourism increases economy of the country. Now, tourists are only attracted to those cities which are beautifully carved and are rich in historical architecture. If we keep our city dirty and if the heaps of garbage are all around, this will give a bad impact of our culture and lifestyle and thus tourists will not visit our city. This will also affect the economic activities. Thus, we should keep our city clean as it will attract more and more tourists and thus will increase our state’s economy.


for better health

We all know that following good hygiene will help us stay healthy and fit and thus will provide us with a longer life. Heaps of garbage and wastes will give rise to insects, mosquitoes and flies which in turn will lead to diseases like chicken pox, jaundice, malaria and many more which are caused by unhygienic conditions. Thus, we should prevent the accumulation of wastes and keep our city clean which in turn will prevent diseases from spreading and we will thus stay healthy and fit.


preserving environment

Throwing waste products such as plastic cans, wrappers and many more things in the parks, gardens and other places can degrade the environment. These plastic things do not decompose and will lead to degradation of the soil and thus our environment. Thus, we should avoid throwing waste products in the public places and should use dustbins if we want to save our environment and preserve it.


for future generations

We as present generations have availability of everything in hand. But, if we keep using everything in such large quantities and thus keep destroying natural reserves and monuments and historical buildings and natural landscapes, etc, then our future generations will never have any idea about our history, our culture and they will also be devoid of our natural scenery. We cannot act selfish and should also think about our future generations. Throwing waste products here and there destroy our environment and our monuments. Thus, we should keep our city clean, so that our future generations can also have access to all of these.



We all know that establishment of multinational companies in a city not only leads to economic growth of the city but is also beneficial in many other aspects. It lowers the taxes, lowers the productions costs which in turn will reduce the prices of consumer goods, local labor can be trained with more elegant techniques which will help them in the long run and many more benefits are provided by the multinational companies. Keeping our city clean will help to attract multinational companies to our city and thus we can all take advantage of all these benefits which are provided by MNC’s.


more employment

As stated above, that keeping our city clean will attract more MNC’s, so it is very much clear that with the establishment of more and more multinational companies, there will be all the more employment opportunities. If more people are employed, this will reduce the rate of poverty and will increase the rate of literacy and will thus lead to the growth of the city both economically and socially. Thus, we should keep our city clean.


to hold best position in the ranking of the cities

If we want our city to be best in all spheres, whether it is more employment opportunities, increased literacy rate, decreased poverty rate, lower rate of taxes, better education facilities, better health facilities and much more things, then we should keep our city clean and green. Our city can only hold the top position in the ranking of the cities if it shows tremendous growth economically, socially and industrially. To achieve this, we have to take an initiative and should plant trees, avoid throwing waste and create awareness among people about the benefits of having a clean city and thus keep our city clean.


imparts good qualities among individuals

If we will keep our city clean, it will impart a civic sense in us which will help us in the long run to achieve something big in life. It will teach us to keep our surroundings clean which can also help us to impress our boss as we will keep our workplace clean and tidy. It thus not only modifies our character for the good but also imparts good qualities in us such as it makes us responsible, hygienic, kind, humble and most importantly imparts leadership qualities in us which will help us to achieve great success in life.


preserving monuments

Writing useless things on the walls of the monuments, throwing garbage and waste in historical places and not using pissing at our heritage places not only destroys the monuments and historic buildings but at the same time destroys our culture. These historic buildings represent our culture and damaging these means we are destroying our culture. We should thus keep our city clean as it will help preserve our heritage and our culture.


more space will be available

We all know that heap of garbage and waste product that is accumulated on the roadside occupies a lot of space and thus prevents people from utilizing that space for something constructive. This space which is being covered with garbage can be used for parking or for construction purposes. But since, people throw waste over that place, that place remains idle and thus becomes home of all the flies, mosquitoes and various others insects which only bring diseases with them. The place is thus not utilized or used for any fruitful work and becomes a wasteland. Thus if we want our city to have more space for parking, wider and clean roads and many more advantages of more availability of space, we should keep our city clean and should preach the same to others.


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