Top 10 Richest Sportsmen of 2013

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As sports fanatics, we adore and worship so many of our sporting idols just because they perform some amazing feats in their respective sport fields. Ever pressed the pause button to stop and think how much they must be earning in return? One will be dumbstruck how a certain sporting career can pay you big dividends! It is a known fact that athletes never earned so much as they ear now 35-40 years ago. Times have changed and so has the amounts on those cheques. If you are a big football star, then you can be assured of earning lots of cash annually. Such are the times we live in. Even more surprising is the fact that you are paid the maximum if you are a golfer! If you wish to know why read on. Forbes released its annual calculation of the World’s Richest Sportsmen as of June 2013. Here is a little sneak peek into how much these players earn and how:

10. $41.3m-Lionel Messi:

lionel messi

Lionel Messi is the world’s third highest paid footballer, earning $41m per year. This little magician has proven to be a real live-wire for his current Spanish club Barcelona. Messi was ranked as the 10th highest paid athlete as per the June 2013 Forbes list. Of his total income, 50% comes from endorsements itself. Messi, of late, has won several awards in football that have put the scales of earning big in his favor. His current club, Barcelona, offered him a contract till 2018 where he will be paid $20 million annually. Messi is extremely important to this Spanish club as he has turned out to be a genuine match winner for them.

9. $44m-Cristiano Ronaldo:


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular footballers in today’s generation and there is no doubt why he features on the Forbes top 10 richest sportsmen as of 2013. Placed at no.9, Ronaldo earns a mammoth $44m. He currently plays for one of the richest clubs in the world, Real Madrid from whom he is paid $23m. The remaining $21m forms his incomes from endorsements. The Portuguese football star has played for Manchester United in the past and has stated he is happy with his career at Madrid. Ronaldo and Messi are always in the heat of being the best player in world football and have even vied for various awards too.

8. $47.2m-David Beckham:

david beckham

David Beckham is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most famous footballers, with a reputation that spreads worldwide. And thus, it is no surprise one finds him on the Forbes richest sportsmen list where he is placed at no.8. David Beckham’s earnings are $47m as of June 2013. Unlike Messi and Ronaldo, Beckham earns a bit from his club while he earns a major chunk from endorsements. That’s right, Forbes research claims Ronaldo earns $42m from endorsements of the $47m that he earns. Beckham’s football career, however, has come to an end given the fact that he s almost 38. However, his endorsement earnings are too high to give him the life he needs now.

7. $48.7m-Phil Mickelson:

THE TOUR Championship presented by Coca-Cola - Round One

Phil Mickelson continues to carve himself in the history books of World Golf while he also continues to earn huge chunks of money through this quiet sport. Placed 7th on the Forbes list of richest sportsmen, Mickelson earns a total of $49m. Like Beckham, Mickelson’s earnings from endorsements are more at $44m. Some of these endorsement partners are Barclays, Rolex and Callaway. Recently he lost the US open which ironically saved him $400,000 in taxes. Mickelson is currently married and is the father of 3 children. He graduated as a Bachelor in Arts/ Science from the Arizona State University. At 43, He continues to be the second richest golfer right behind Tiger Woods.

6. $49m-Aaron Rodgers:

aaron rodgers

American football can be crazy fun and cash rich as well. A popular name in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers has a total income of $49m that places him at no.6 of the top 10 richest sportsmen on 2013 as per Forbes. He earns $43 million from the games he plays and $6m from the endorsements he is associated with. He was voted NFL’s best player for two consecutive seasons. He became the richest NFL player when he signed a $110m five-year deal. Quite interestingly, he is a college dropout who took to giving everything he could to this exciting sport. The 29 year football star currently lives in the United States as he continues to play in the NFL.

5. $51m-Drew Brees:


Drew Brees is the highest paid American footballer before Aaron Rodgers. Brees earns a total of $51m and is placed at no.5 in the Forbes top 10 richest sportsmen. His sporting earnings make up $40m of his total earnings while he earns $10m from endorsements. He graduated from Purdue University in Arts and Science. At present, he is married and lives with his wife and 3 kids in New Orleans. Brees is amongst the most popular NFL names to ever play the sport. During his career, he has been linked with endorsements like Wrangler, Procter and Gamble and Nike. He also started a chartity foundation of his own that contributes to social causes. In July 2012, he signed a 5-year, $100m contract with the New Orleans Saints that gave him a $37m bonus.

4. $59.8m-LeBron James:

New York Knicks v Miami Heat

Who doesn’t know LeBron James in the NBA industry? Nobody. The popular, dashing basketball player is the second highest paid after Kobe Bryant. James is currently the 4th highest paid athlete in the world as per June 2013 at $60m. He earns $18 million from Basketball and $42 million from endorsements like Samsung, Nokia, Mcdonalds and Coca-Cola. He is currently married and has 2 children.

3. $62m-Kobe Bryant:

kobe bryant

Kobe Bryant is the richest basketball player just as you read this. He is a popular figure at the NBA and earns a total sum of $62m, thus placing him at no.3 in Forbes richest sportsmen on 2013. His major source of income has been endorsements like Mercedes-benz, Nike, Lenovo and Turkish Airlines where he earns $34m. On the other hand, he earns $28m from the games he plays, which is $7m more than the next highest paid basketball player. He remained the highest paid basketball player for three seasons in a row. He is currently 34 and is the father of two children.

2. $71.5m-Roger Federer:

roger federer

Roger Federer is the World’s Richest Tennis player and also one of the most popular tennis personalities to ever play the game. Federer is placed 2nd on the Forbes Richest sportsmen as he earns a humongous $71 million. He makes $65 million from endorsements like Wilson, Nike and Rolex with which he has signed long-term deals. Federer currently has 10 different sponsors that pay him $40million annually, including the long-time endorsements above. Federer recently signed a 5-year deal with the brand Moet and Chandon in 2012 too. He earned $14 million in six matches during an exhibition South America tour that actually propagated his huge annual income. Otherwise, Federer earns just $6.5 million from his bout of matches.

1. $78.1m-Tiger Woods:


Tiger Wood’s registered himself on surveys and records as the world’s richest sportsman as of June 2013 according to the Forbes list of Richest Sportsmen. Tiger earns a total of $78 million, out of which $65 million comes from endorsements itself. Tiger Woods sits on top of the golfing rankings, thus making his prize money doubled. Also, he wins bonuses from endorsements like Nike and Rolex each time he wins a tournament.  He is a college dropout who has gone on to earn millions for himself, thus carving together an inspiring story. Tiger has won plenty of golf championships in his career that has been filled with ups down. Extra-marital affairs threatened to ruin his career in recent times, but the last 12 months have seen his golfing career stabilize just like the old days.

So there it is. Top 10 richest sportsmen in the world as of 2013! If you’re good at a sport, then keep playing it. You know there is every chance of you getting your name in there.


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