Top 10 School Experience We All Have

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Our school life is the best part of our childhood. The friends we make in school are the friends for life time. There are many school experiences that we all have. Some experiences we cherish and some experiences we don’t want to remember, but we laugh at all of them now whether good or bad. School experiences will always make us grow into a better person, no matter good or bad. School experiences are not only limited to teachers in school but are also related to parents and friends. There are some common experiences we all have. Let’s see what are some of the top 10 school experiences that we all have.

10. Getting late for school:

We all have got late for school once in our school time. Getting late for school is one of the most common school experience we all have. We are all threatened to go back home. Some of us must have got saved, but some may have a bad day. Now we have a choice either to learn from that experience or to continue to do that. Either we can learn to get at school at the proper time or to continue to come late as this may seem fun for some.

9. Standing out for punishment:

There are various punishments that are very common. Among all of them the one most common punishment that teachers give is to make the students stand out. Standing out of class is the experience we all have. While standing out we show as if we are not given a punishment, but are standing for some work. That is something we all must have done while our punishment.

8. Parent teacher meeting:

The most horrific experience, we all fear from in our childhood in the experience of the parent teacher meeting. This is the time when the two parties which we never want to meet meets. The toppers of the class are always in peace as they enjoy it, but the common average students, like all of us fear this moment and pray that it should come once a year or never. We always keep silent when the great day of parent teacher meet comes and have crossed fingers.

7. Caught up talking:

We enjoy talking to our friends. We talk anything and everything. Usually teachers and parents have complained that our talks never stop. So we also have a habit of talking in class. It is very difficult for the monitor to control talks of the class. He /she ends up talking himself/herself. So usually we all have this experience of getting caught up while talking in class. Teachers might also wonder what we used to talk about as it was unstoppable.

6. Caught up sleeping:

We can manage to attend lectures but in a whole day it is very hard to attend all of them so attentively. Also, there are some lectures that are so boring that we sleep in class itself. So we all have this experience of sleeping in class itself. And the most embarrassing is when teachers catch us seeing sleeping in class. Though we laugh at ourselves and other friends also laugh with us because they know why we sleep.

5. Bunking the class:

We all bunk classes and this is the most common of all the experiences. We sleep in class when the lecture gets boring, but when it comes to the extend that it becomes unbearable then we bunk classes. We feel that we are free spirits and class is a bondage ad bunking is the only way we can get rid of the bondage. So bunking is the coolest thing ever that we all must have done in our school time. The most important experience comes when we are caught bunking the class. If not, then our mission is said to be successful.

4. Facing the principal:

The most horrific time comes when we have to face our principle for what we have done. We see our principle as the most dangerous person on the planet after our dad. We may or may not have done anything wrong, but facing the principle is always the most horrific thing that we all ignore. When we see our principle coming we may run backwards.

3. Uniform error:

We all have made errors in wearing our uniform or not keeping them in a good state. We are all be scolded for that once in our school time. Dirty shoes, pants and skirt are the most common scolding we all get. Whether we keep them tidy or not we all love our uniforms. And scolding that we get for our uniform is the most common scolding that one must have got once in his or her school time.

2. Caught up eating in class:

There are times when we just couldn’t resist the food that our mom has kept in tiffin or other persons mom has kept in tiffin. This encourages us to open the tiffin in the class itself and so we are tempted to open the tiffin in the class itself and eat. When the teacher also gets to know through the fragrance we might get caught once in our school time.

1.Random selection of teacher:

When we are lost in thinking about some more interesting thing than our class lecture we may suddenly be selected by our school teacher to read or answer something and we couldn’t say a word as we know nothing about it. So this is the experience we all have in our school life.


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