Top 10 Secrets You Should always Keep to Yourself

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We all have secrets; as a matter of fact they have us. There is a reason why are they called secrets and you should stick to its literal meaning. What makes us blurt out our secrets to our friends? It is true they are our closest buddies and have a right to know but some things are better when kept to yourself. You can tell your mom about your ATM pin but not to your friend. You can share your crushes names with your friends but not with your parents. Sometimes we keep the secrets for our privacy, while others we like to keep the peace. We hold onto our secrets to keep others happy, safe set in their perspective of the world and us. We realize that disclosure would lead to a cumbersome and tedious task and is not worth the risk. You don’t want to feel ashamed or embarrassed just because your tongue slipped. Moreover there is the fear of not getting accepted socially. So before you go and take off the needs to be purged, weigh the consequences. Whom are you confiding them to? Are they that trustworthy? Would they accept it and react in a way as you expect? Anyways don’t tell the following secrets to anyone. Keep them to yourself because you are better off with them.

10. Lifestyle choices


You wouldn’t want your parents getting to know about your animal costumes tucked somewhere in your room and blabbering about this to your friends. We imagine some are realistic and some are way too fantasized. It matters to you if you miss your favorite cartoon show or forget to bring those comics. But it won’t be a serious issue for our friends and family. They would argue about us being grown up.  It’s important that we keep comfortable and confident about what we do and also with a secret part of ourselves. The way we choose to live is our private concern unless we don’t hurt anyone. There are some situations where revealing part of your lifestyle will do more harm than good.

9. Can’t do something others can


Why express your inability? True that sometimes we need to be honest in our resumes and with our closest friends but what about honesty with ourselves? The things which can’t be done at one point of our lives can be mastered with practice. So practice, practice at home. But don’t just go and establish your incompetence. Of course this is not a point of feeling low about yourself but thinking intelligently. What harm can it do if you hide a little secret about you not able to juggle? Nothing. What will you gain? That depends on the person you are confiding it to. You may get tutorials or end up being a laughing stock of the group.

8. Diary


Don’t even mention if you keep a diary. Your friends are the worst when it comes to extracting secrets about your wild fantasies and class crushes. Your mother will not take your permission to enter your room and rummage for a diary or some secret memo. You may keep your secrets in there but it needs to be a secret too. Your diary may spill out ugly truths about your dearest friend or tell your mom about your love life. If you want the world be in peace and harmony, better shut your mouth about it.

7. Fear


If something scares you, resist it, make an excuse. But don’t commit the mistake of telling it to a friend howsoever close s/he may be. Fears are something natural and mandatory to live with. Without fears we would be choked in a sea of self-satisfaction with nothing to worry about and the world would be a chaotic place. Unless you don’t want to be haunted by your friends dressed in white, you would not dare to tell them your fear of ghosts or other animals.

6. Wealth


You might be wearing a Lacoste wrist watch or donning ray ban shades, it’s best if you keep the secrets of your family wealth to yourself. You don’t want to be the one giving treats to your friends every now and then. Nor will you want to seek unwanted attention from strangers. What if you get robbed on the street or burglars get in your house. You have an expensive smartphone and flash it around in your circle. It feels good to have repute in your group but it is not wise to make others aware of your wealth. Money can corrupt friends and relatives. Millions of people around the world dream of making lots of money. If you have it, feel good, don’t go and brag about it. People are going to be jealous then they will be around you all day.

5. Embarrassing moments


We have all had them at some or other point of our lives. They may be light embarrassment like wetting your sheets or crippling like a post of an indecent picture of you online. If you have suffered this kind of monstrous humiliation in your past, nobody should get a whiff of it. The idea of it and its visualization will blow your cool image and your friends will kill themselves with laughter. They might never look at you in the same light again. You already lost your pride once over the ill-fated incident, there’s no need to relieve the experience.

4. Address


Your personal space on the web might be less secure than you think. These days we are giving away our email addresses to most of the search engines for their full array of their services. Be it your email address or your home address; keep it to yourself unless you have your boss coming up for dinner. Make sure your address is not circulated unnecessarily or anybody could rob your house. Use caution when using social media. It’s good to connect with people, but keep your private information with you.

3. Dirt on your buds


Never dish the dirt about your buddies. What constitutes dirt? Well think of it in this way, you don’t want to spoil your relationship with your friends. It’s a common observation that gossip forms the building block of the society groups but never be a loud-mouth. Sometimes secrets constitute of your friend’s messed-up relationship or your best friend’s breakup. They confided it in you for you can keep it a secret. Cover for your friends and cover for yourselves.

2. Who you are in love with


Crushes are called crushes because they can hit you hard. It might be embarrassing for you to tell your friends about your secret crushes. They may even make fun of you two and you will be helpless about it. You will fall in love one day or the other. You may even fall out of it. Would you really want your friends to know of it all? Some secrets are so close to your heart that you may be too vulnerable after sharing it with someone, unless that someone is your crush. You don’t want your parents to know about your love when you are in your twenties or still in school. They will pester you until you forget him/her. If you keep photographs of your secret love in your purse, keep that far away from the reach of your parents. You don’t want to be caught red-handed.

1. Password/pin


A big no-no! This one secret is the most obvious and important one to be kept with yourself. You don’t want any spying eyes on your account or someone checking the messages of your girlfriend/boyfriend. People can hack into your account or phone or anything. Secret passwords are one of the most basic methods to augment internet security. If you have a large number of passwords to remember, don’t write them down somewhere they can be found.  Encrypt your passwords on your computer. Of course, never tell your pin or passwords to anyone. You will no longer have the control over the scope of your password knowledge.


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