Top 10 Signs to know if She is Flirting

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Beautiful woman with heavenly smile and pure eyes, who is sitting across the table, is continuously staring at you. First question that pops inside a man’s mind is, “Is she flirting?” which is of course followed by thousands of other questions concerns her interest in you.
Well guys, I am here to help. I am going to lay few secrets about women off the table. Let me first make it clear that there is no direct answer to the question “Is she flirting?” Women are different individuals who have their very own unique style of attracting you, and driving you totally crazy. That’s exactly like we men do. However, when it comes to women flirting, there are several signs that you better not brush off as a casual approach. The secret of decoding the mystery of a woman’s interest lies in these signs.
You might be thinking which signs I am talking about. Here is the answer to that question.
1) She’s chatting with friends but maintains a sneaky glance on you

Well here I am to introduce to you the oldest and probably the most certain thing called the “Burger Principle.” here is how it rolls. Think about going out with a friend to a popular burger joint and see your friend eating that delicious burger. In spite of trying hard not eat it, just by watching your friend eat that delicious burger makes you want to eat it too. Right? This “principle” can be applied to flirting too.

Yes it is true. At times you will see beautiful woman flirting with your friend just to try and get your attention. However she will make sure that you see it and will direct most of her energy towards you. Apart from this every time you look you, the girl sitting at the other side of the table appears to be glancing at you only to look away when you notice.
i am not a fan of this sign but for some people this trick becomes the game play card. Chances are, your luck is in!
2) She keeps walking by you

If it seems like she is continuously walking by you with no apparent reason of why she is there, chances are that she is there for you. This way she is trying hard to get your attention with this obvious sign that she is flirting and it is definitely your turn to say something endearing. Perhaps by walking past repeatedly out of her way, she’s telling you that she wants your attention, but she being a girl is making you work for it.

3) She tries to draw your attention to her lips

For every man out there, a woman’s lip is undoubtedly the most seductive part of her face, and woman is fully aware of it. Women try to flirt by drawing your attention towards her lips. it is considered a definite sign of her flirting with you, if she is looking at you and applying lip gloss, or is running her finger across her lip in a classy manner, or she is using straw in her drink to line her lips. There is a huge amount of flirtatious energy tied in a woman’s lips, for a woman her lips are as a flirting tool that is both effective and potent. So man, keep an eye on woman’s luscious lips and chances are you will soon be dating her.

4) It’s all in her smile

Simple yet effective sign is in a woman’s smile. When she catches you looking at her and smiles, there are good chances that she feels flattered by your attention and is taking it positively. Smiling doesn’t mean you will be going out on a date right away, but yes it sure is a good start .

5) Hair play

A woman’s hair is considered as a versatile weapon for her to flirt with you. When she is thriving to get her attention, she may let her luscious hair cascade in front of her pure eyes or may simply twirl her hair. If the girl you are eyeing runs her fingers through her hair often, it may be considered as a sign of flirting as a women does that often only when she is interested in you or is feeling shy.

6) Ask questions

Girls often seek for subtle ways to flirt with men. For instance, asking question about past times and hobbies can definitely leads to an invitation to sharing mutual interests. If trying to impress, guys keep in mind that an intimate chat night by the beach is more preferable to go carting or bungee jumping.

7 ) Try to compliment you

If a girl pays you compliments, it is generally considered as a good sign. Look out for compliments concerning the way you look. If she compliments you looks or your style chances are that she is interested in you. But keep in mind girls love to feel special and if you are looking impress don’t hesitate in repaying the gesture. Who knows you might get into a relationship!
8) Making an effort to touch you

We men always dream of being touched in a lift by some raven beauty we don’t know- but the bitter reality is that for most of us this will simply remain a dream. But this does not mean that a raven beauty will never touch you. Woman often is tactile in showing her interest. She wouldn’t be all over you but might touch your arm or perhaps allowing her knee to touch against yours- subtle, but a good sign.

9) Enter your personal space

Personal space is the space where others are not allowed. By definition, personal place is a place too close to you. Woman enters this space by brushing past you with a smile on her face. This is a sure sign that she is flirting and is definitely inviting a response from you. The caliber of her invasion into your personal space will give you clues regarding your response.

10) She approaches to talk

Her direct approaching is the strongest flirting card from her side that needs to genius to decode it. Directly walking to you and talk allows her to play with her hair, maintain eye contact, and to touch you among other familiar flirting techniques. If she comes over to talk to you, this is definitely the first step to the process called flirting and dating.


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