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Some people, they just dream of success, power, luxury and respect and then there are others who work hard to make all their dreams come true. Dreaming big is not at all a crime but aiming low is, if you are not the one working hard for your dreams then who else will. No matter what your academic score is or how many medals you have if you are not in possession of certain skills then you might as well be disappointed when you face the reality of life. Some of you must have studied real hard, completed your syllabus, nailed the exam, scored high but the moment you step out of your beautiful dreaming zone you get to know that your “GPA” is actually of no relevance because you realize the truth that almost every other person outside has academically excelled.

So, what now? What you should do? Can you ever gain a competitive edge over others? Well yes, here we have a solution to all your problems; you don’t have to lose hope or be a pessimist. Always remember, it’s never too late to learn something new. If you think you already have lost the battle, then of course you have but it’s only because you thought so and not at all because you don’t have it in you. All you need in life to become a great success story is positive attitude and the must have skills mentioned below –

 10. Adaptability –


The ability to adapt yourself to the ever changing environment can help you reach the pinnacle. Adaptability has now become even more important than ever because things are now changing at much higher pace and the ones who are not flexible enough becomes obsolete. There is a most popular saying by Charles Darwin which goes like, “Its not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Change is the only thing that remains constant and there is no need to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what you don’t have, it’s time you take a step towards change.

9. Innovative Thinking –


Innovation is simply the generation of new ideas that are creative and was not earlier thought of. With growing competition people have started looking for difference and all the successful entrepreneurs may not have university degrees but what they have is better than the rest. They have the power to create and to think beyond imagination, they have the will to follow their heart and guts to risk everything for what they believe in. If you imagine and have ideas on which people laugh, you are almost there for what they think is impossible is your way to success, you may not be able to make it happen but we promise it would definitely be worth a try.

 8. Convincing Power –


In life whether you are on top or on bottom you need to be convincing about your ideas, your perspective and moreover your viewpoint. Encouraging others to adopt your views when they totally have a different stand on the same thing is quite a task to accomplish. For making them believe in you, first you have be sure about your perspective and then have to look at the situation from the other end of the line in order to consider their viewpoint. When you want to persuade someone, you have to pay attention on how the person is reacting to your information. Never defy others opinion, be sensible and polite when you know that it’s you who want them to be convinced.

7. Personal Branding –


To build a personal brand from scratch is a difficult and crucial process, but once you have branded your personality the world will always remember you as an individual. Your brand is what people say about you when you are not around and therefore you have to develop a personality that speaks for you even when words doesn’t spell out of your mouth. Nowadays, it’s all about having skills that can make your presence felt. Social networks are playing a very important role in the recruitment process and therefore, you have to be careful about the information you display publicly on your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. Be confident, decently dressed and positive, and there you are, half your brand has already been built.

 6. Computer Operating Skills –


Computer operating skills are considered an asset in the modern era and why wouldn’t it be, we are living in the age of computers. To keep abreast of the time, everybody should have computer knowledge if they don’t want to loose hope in their careers. By computer knowledge and skills we mean knowing the basics of operating system, Tally and MS-Office esp. PowerPoint and Excel. No matter what your educational background is if you do not possess computer operating skills then sadly you would just be a part of the crowd that spends half the time of their life browsing or chatting. It’s high time that you open that spreadsheet program on your PC called Microsoft Office Excel and start working on it, if at all you think you already know enough then install Excel 2013 and think again.

 5. Problem-Solving Ability –


Problem solving is an essential skill and it can make a huge difference in your career. Problems can be big or small, difficult or easy but regardless of the type of problem it is important to focus on the solution. It’s a proven fact by the neuroscientists that if you focus on the problem then your brain will not be able to find solutions for the simple reason that you have blocked your brain with negativity. Have an open mind and consider all possible solution without getting scared so that you can employ unique ideas to reach at a fresh solution. Never let negative emotions rule your mind when you are solving a problem and when you do that it’s important that you keep things simple and less complicated.

4. Decision-Making Skills –


Tell me about one person who doesn’t regret the decision s/he has made and I will tell you about the one who is being dishonest. Come on, we all make some bad decisions in life which we regret later but that is a part of life, after all, a man is defined by the choices he make. Many times we have to decide on the most beneficial course of action from a list of alternatives for making a right decision. To avoid decision – making is very easy but to make your own decision and then to accept its consequences is a sign of a good leader. It’s important to inculcate good decision-making skills so that there are less regrets and more confidence. Understanding of the situation, knowing the exact consequences and having the required knowledge can help you take an informed decision which is not taken on impulse.

 3. Analytical skills –


Complications have become an inevitable part of our life, every day we have to deal with some or the other problem and therefore effective analytical skills are important so that the complex situations don’t snatch away our peace of mind. Analytical skills help us view a problem from several angles so that we can break it down into smaller parts. Each and every competitive exam tests the ability of a person to analyse data, articulate and respond with consistency and for anyone who is looking forward to build a career par excellence, then importance of analytical skills cannot be overstated. If you have a dream to work in companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple or JP Morgan then from now on spend some hours of your life everyday developing this skill.

 2. Time Management –


Effective time management starts with a commitment to change and is also important in many other aspects of life. It many seem to be an easy skill to acquire but trust me it’s the hardest to implement. The key to time management is planning and organising, if you don’t have an organised plan then you are clearly wasting your time. Sometimes you may feel that you don’t get time to do what you want and you end up taking stress which ruins everything up. The basic thing you have to keep in mind to beat the time is stop wasting it. Focus on your priorities and don’t give much weightage to the non-productive tasks. Remember, that it’s impossible to get everything done so stay calm and disciplined for “You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

 1. Communication Skills –


Communication is an important facet of life and no real and effective work could ever be carried out without communication skills. The ability to speak effectively, listen patiently and write appropriately is the most important of all skills. Therefore, you should focus every ounce of your energy in improving the way you communicate. Being able to communicate properly can help you acquire many other skills like presentation, expression and confidence. Communication is an intangible asset and is a key instrument in building relationship with your colleagues and employers. It’s important to note that even when you don’t speak you tell a great deal about your personality to others through your body language and dressing style so now we hope that you develop these skills and succeed in life.


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